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  1. It is not “Hindu zealots” who illegitimately occupy swaths of India…

    Mumbai bomber Yakub Memon hanged after long battle for mercy (CNN, July 30, 2015)

    “The man considered to be the mastermind behind coordinated bomb attacks in Mumbai in 1993 that left 257 people dead has been executed.

    Yakub Memon was hanged at a prison in the western state of Maharashtra at around 6.30 a.m. local time, Indian Home Ministry spokesman Kuldeep Dhatwalia told CNN Thursday.

    In the hours before the execution was carried out, a group of prominent lawyers contacted India’s chief justice to seek a postponement of Memon’s hanging for two weeks — the last in a long succession of appeals for mercy.

    In an unprecedented move, the Supreme Court held a special early-morning session to discuss the request before rejecting it, Dhatwalia said.

    Memom died on his 53rd birthday.

    He was originally sentenced to death in 2007 as a key conspirator behind 12 blasts that ripped through several hotels, marketplaces and buildings in Mumbai on March 12, 1993.

    According to the Indian prosecution team, those assaults were ordered by the local underworld in revenge for the demolition of a 16th century mosque in northern India by Hindu zealots.

    The mosque’s destruction triggered a wave of religious violence that left hundreds dead.

    Meanwhile, Amnesty International has condemned India’s use of the death penalty as a symbol of its resolve to tackle crime….”

  2. Group sues Fla. gun shop that declared ‘Muslim Free Zone’

    The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday against a gun shop whose owner declared it a “Muslim-free zone” earlier this month.

    Andy Hallinan drew national media attention when he announced that he would “not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots” at his Florida Gun Supply in Inverness.

    He made the declaration that he had “a moral and legal responsibility” to take action days after a Muslim-American man went on a shooting rampage at two Chattanooga, Tenn. military facilities by a gunman that left four Marines and one Navy sailor dead.

    In the lawsuit, CAIR-FL asks the court to grant an injunction against the gun shop, prohibiting it from discriminating against Muslims or instituting any policies or practices that discriminate or segregate people on the basis of religion.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations has launched a federal lawsuit against a Florida gun store owner who declared his shooting range a “Muslim-free zone.”

    “We just can’t let segregation rear its ugly head in Florida again,” Hassan Shibly, the group’s chief executive director, said Wednesday.

    “This is part of Islamophobia that we need to challenge.”

    The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale, argues that Florida Gun Supply is violating the public accommodations law with the restriction.

    […]These bigoted declarations are no different than the ‘whites only’ signs posted in businesses during a period of our nation’s history that we had hoped was over

  3. Fourth video on Planned Parenthood released

    Opponents of Planned Parenthood on Thursday released the fourth in their series of undercover videos against the organization, this time with recordings of a doctor discussing how to avoid the perception of “selling fetal parts across states.”

    The tape release follows action by a California judge to ban the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any more video of its conversations with a separate tissue procurement company in that state — the first legal response to the extensive sting operation, The Associated Press reports.

    CMP in a statement said it will “contest all attempts from Planned Parenthood and their allies to silence our First Amendment rights and suppress investigative journalism.”

    The new video shows a discussion between a person it identifies as Savita Ginde, medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and people posing as tissue buyers. Ginde says she wants to avoid the appearance of impropriety and says that a potential contract on fetal tissue after an abortion should be displayed in the “research vein” rather than a “business venture.”

    “Because if you have someone in a really anti state that’s going to be doing this for you, they’re probably going to get caught,” the doctor says, according to the tape. She also says that she has already talked with the organization’s lawyer about how avoid that situation.

    “We talked to him in the beginning, you know. We were like, ‘We don’t want to get called on, you know, selling fetal parts across states,” Ginde says on the tape.

    The video as posted makes clear that Ginde was concerned with the perception of impropriety.

    The Center says the videos show that the organization has been trying to make money by selling fetal tissue and organs from abortions.

    Vicki Cowart, the president of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, said that the accusations made in connection to the video are false. Planned Parenthood has said that the videos have been heavily edited and don’t include important context. The organization maintains that it has done nothing illegal and pays for only the cost of handling and shipping fetal tissue donated with the patient’s consent.

    “PPRM determined we would not enter into a contract proposed by [the fake company,] Biomax because they did not meet our legal and ethical standards, and our legal counsel provided line items edits to their proposed contract where we again clarified that we would strictly adhere to laws,” Cowart said. “Our staff asked probing questions about their process and consistently insisted that any agreement be reviewed by our legal counsel.”

  4. BREITBART – Camille Paglia: ‘I Don’t See Hillary as Even Getting as Far as the Debates!’

    […]Oh, I don’t see Hillary as even getting as far as the debates! If things continue to trend downward for her, in terms of her favorability and the increasing scandals, then the Democratic establishment will have to take action to avoid a sure GOP win. Hillary has way too much baggage for a general election–that should have been obvious from the start. If Vice-President Biden jumps in, that would change everything. I don’t think Hillary wants to be defeated, so what I’ve been predicting all along is that there will be a “health crisis,” and she will withdraw. Right now, her campaign is trying to change the headlines by releasing some new policy statement every day, but it’s not going to change the looming investigations into her conduct as Secretary of State. And of course the GOP is holding back its real anti-Hillary ammunition until she’s the nominee. Then we’ll all be plunged backward into the endless nightmare of the Clinton years–it will be pure hell![…]

    • Given what I think is going to happen before the election I don’t see Biden standing a chance, in fact it my guess is right only a Democrat that has opposed Obama from day 1 stands a chance.

    • You can get an open source pdf file creator program and print to it, then save the pdf file and save disk space.

    • Thank-you, Richard, for the many happy hours to come. De Tocqueville will drown election campaign chatter. I downloaded both volumes as html and they consume negligible space.

      The real MB hogs are my maps. Not only is my collection extensive, but enhanced color and other adjustments increase file size exponentially. I duplicate originals, chop, splice and annotate. Then comes filing and creating thumbnails…that can always be perfected.

      Fiddling the frills, the process rather than the content of the collection is what’s satisfying. The internet is a wondrous gift to responsible humanity. Sometimes I say a little prayer of thanks, like grace before or after a meal.

      • The tech at the library turned onto PDF creator, I think they have changed their name to PDF Forge, you can print any document to them and it will turn it into a pdf file, the new ones can be edited and comments added. I know how limited disk space feels, although I am going to have to save up for a new computer after I get the truck back, the DVD burner quit and since the computer is 4 to 6 years old it is probably time to get a new one. Then keep using both until this one decides not to work.

        • I don’t print anything. I can’t use printers because of my limited manual dexterity.
          I need help doing sufficient “Activities of Daily Living” – certain basics – that I’m reluctant to add to the list.
          When I’m absolutely forced to upgrade computer system, I’ll see what’s available. It gets complicated.

          • When something’s absolutely essential, the library prints it – and charges $1/page[!!].

            Mostly I just back everything to a big fat external HD plus a few memory cards and flash drives for security redundancy.

            (*u*) ~ remember the olden days ~ when there were just floppies? ~

    • I just ate I don’t think I will watch the video.

      although I do want copies out there in case some judge orders them pulled

  5. NYT – U.S.-Trained Anti-ISIS Commander Kidnapped in Syria

    BAGHDAD — The commander of a group of Syrian fighters trained by the United States has been kidnapped by Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, his group said in a statement Thursday.

    The commander, Nadeem Hassan, and seven of his fighters were taken by the Nusra Front, a rival of the Islamic State in Syria, as they were returning from a meeting in Turkey.

    A contingent of 54 fighters from Mr. Hassan’s group, known as Division 30, are the only ones who have graduated from a Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State in Syria. One the fighters taken with Mr. Hassan was his deputy, Farhan Al-Jasem, who commands the fighters who graduated from the American training program.

    The Telegraph – Al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria capture leader of US-trained rebel group in blow to West

    Nusra Front accused of abducting head of Division 30 and several other fighters, who made up the team trained and equipped by the US

    Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists kidnapped the commanders of a US-trained rebel faction operating in northern Syria on Wednesday, sources said, in another blow for the Pentagon’s train-and-equip program for Syrian rebels.

    A statement issued Wednesday by the Division 30 Infantry group accused the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, of taking the Division’s commander, Colonel Nadim Al-Hassan, and his companions in the northern countryside of Aleppo province.

    “[The Division] demands that the brothers in the Nusra Front release the colonel… and his companions with the utmost speed so as to preserve the blood of the Muslims and… so as not to weaken the frontlines with side disputes between the brothers of one side,” said the statement, which was released on Division 30’s official page on social media.

  6. Data in Clinton’s ‘secret’ emails came from 5 intelligence agencies

    Revelations put Clinton in crosshairs of broadening inquiry into whether she mishandled classified information

    Officials reviewed five classified emails and determined they included information from five intelligence agencies

    State Department officials warned there could be hundreds of classified emails

    […]Intelligence officials who reviewed the five classified emails determined that they included information from five separate intelligence agencies, said a congressional official with knowledge of the matter.

    The Benghazi email made public contained information from the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a spy agency that maps and tracks satellite imagery, according to the official, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter.

    The other four classified emails contained information from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA, the official said.

    The Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General did not respond to questions about the matter. The five agencies either referred questions about it to the inspector general’s office or declined to comment.

    The intelligence community inspector general only looked at a sample of 40 emails, even though a total of 30,000 emails were turned over to the State Department by Clinton.[…]

    more on the page :

  7. SAUDI ARABIA – Dh1.5 million offer for ‘miracle’ sheep

    Sheep was born with Mohammed written on its body

    A Saudi farmer was offered SR1.5 million (Dh1.5 million) to sell his sheep which was born with the name Mohammed written on its body.

    Mohammed bin Yehya Al Addawi said he had rejected the offer on the grounds his sheep was born as a ‘heavenly miracle’.

    A YouTube video published in Sada newspaper showed the white-and-black baby sheep had the name Mohammed in Arabic on its left side.

    “As you see, my sheep has the name Mohammed on its side in very clear letters…many people come to see it and all of them admire the way the word is written,” he told the paper in his village in the Southern province of Jazan.

  8. DAILY MAIL – Now it’s batons and teargas in battle of Calais: French police finally take action in chaotic port as migrants continue to try and storm the Channel Tunnel for a fourth night

    French police have resorted to using tear gas and batons in a bid to try and control the ongoing situation in Calais
    Witnesses have described clash of police and migrants as like a mini football riot as chaos continues to worsen
    Up to 4,000 migrants have attempted to try and flee northern France for Britain since Sunday, it has been revealed

    Migrants in northern France continue attempts to cross Channel

  9. QUEBEC – Anti isis coalition meeting – Canada to contribute up to $8.3M to Iraq in fight against ISIS

    Canada will contribute up to $8.3 million to Iraqi authorities for defence programs and non-lethal equipment in the fight against the Islamic State, Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson announced Thursday at an anti-ISIS coalition meeting in Quebec City.

    “Canada and our coalition partners are making a tangible difference in the fight against ISIS, while providing humanitarian aid to those who need it the most,” the minister said.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development said in a news release that $3.2 million will be used to improve humanitarian aid in Syria and $1 million would go towards strengthening border security to stop the flow of foreign ISIS recruits. Another $2 million will go towards helping Iraqi authorities in their fight against the terrorist group.

    The rest of the money will be used to help curb funding to ISIS and to help prevent the group’s expansion into Lebanon, the release said.

    Officials from 20 countries involved in the fight against the Islamic State gathered in Quebec City on Thursday. For the second time since June, the officials discussed behind closed doors how the fight against the terrorist organization can be improved.

    The conference included retired U.S. general John Allen, who was appointed by President Barack Obama to co-ordinate international effort against ISIS and Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister Ibrahim al-Jafaari. Thursday’s meeting, held at the Château Frontenac, also included representatives from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

    Canada joined the global campaign against ISIS in August 2014, pledging up to six CF-18 fighter aircraft and 69 military personnel to train Iraqi authorities.

    Since January 2014, DFAIT said Canada has contributed more than $800 million to the fight against ISIS but as the terrorist group’s threat continues to spread, Nicholson said additional measures had to be taken.

    “We will not stand idly by while ISIS and its affiliates continue their murderous rampage in an attempt to wreak havoc across the region, spawn splinter cells from North Africa to South Asia, and prey on youngsters in the West,” Nicholson said.

    In March, Parliament passed a motion renewing extending Canada’s temporary mission to fight ISIS by a year. The motion also expanded Canada’s role in the fight to include airstrikes against members of the terrorist group in Syria.

    CBC – Radio-Canada International – Anti-Islamic State meeting in Quebec City

    On this page :


    CTV News Channel: Anti-ISIS coalition in Quebec

    • Rob Nicholson Minister of Foreign Affairs says Canada has an important role and is pleased with the progress, ‘left feeling optimistic.’

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