The inevitable results of leftist and islamic utopias: The geopolitics of horror and suffering. Links 3 on July 29 – 2015

1. Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos

(And those of us who survive to be grandparents, might, someday if our children allow us, in the quiet of night, when there are no strangers around, tell our descendants of how once, there was a constitution, and that constitution allowed you to say anything you want, and if you got in trouble for saying some things people didn’t like, the truth was the absolute defense and all you needed. And then came Obama…)

A temporary restraining order has been issued preventing an anti-abortion group from releasing any video of leaders of a California company that provides fetal tissue to researchers. The group is the same one that previously released three covertly shot videos of a Planned Parenthood leader discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research.

The Los Angeles Superior Court order issued Tuesday prohibits the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video of three high-ranking StemExpress officials taken at a restaurant in May. It appears to be the first legal action prohibiting the release of a video from the organization.

The Center for Medical Progress has released three surreptitiously recorded videos to date that have riled anti-abortion activists. The Senate is expected to vote before its August recess on a Republican effort to bar federal aid to Planned Parenthood in the aftermath of the videos’ release.

In a statement Wednesday, center leader David Daleiden said StemExpress was using “meritless litigation” to cover up an “illegal baby parts trade.”

(And they shall present the narrative. And it will be obeyed)

2. Ezra Levant: Thousands will die as Obama continues to throw our allies to the wolves in Kurdistan

3. Britain’s borders trampled underfoot: Calls to send in the army as hundreds of migrants storm fences around Calais Channel Tunnel entrance for THIRD night running – desperate to clamber on trains bound for Kent, whatever the cost

Hundreds of migrants laid siege to the Channel Tunnel for the third night running last night, as they stormed fences and desperately tried to clamber on trains bound for Kent.

Senior MPs, backed by hauliers, said the British Army should be sent in to restore order because the French authorities had ‘lost control’ as the Calais illegal immigrant crisis escalated dramatically.

It comes as one migrant – a Sudanese man in his 20s or early 30s – slipped as he tried to get underneath a train inside the high-security zone surrounding the undersea link in the early hours of yesterday morning when 1,500 attempted to get across.

On Monday night, more than 2,000 illegal immigrants tried to break through the Tunnel entrance, prompting an urgent security review which saw more than 120 police officers drafted in to secure the terminals.

(Video at site)

4. So, who exactly is the highly overpaid JV team in the Middle East?

5. The state of health care in the socialist utopia of Venezuela

(As borders do not mean anything to Boko Haram, one had better stop letting them use them for tactical advantage)

Multinational troops fighting Boko Haram in West Africa will be able to pursue the militants across borders, Nigeria’s presidential spokesman says.

Garba Shehu told the BBC this was there was now trust between those contributing troops since the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in May.

He was speaking ahead of the Nigerian leader’s visit to Cameroon.

A boosted force with 8,700 troops from Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria is to become fully operational next month.

Thank you M., Richard, Buck, Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan and many more. And in fact there are many more interesting links worthy of the attention of those who would follow the geopolitics of WW III as they unfold.

Earlier today I was giving some thought to the current crisis, the UN attempt to slow down, stop or move the assets gained through Western industrialization due to alleged man-caused global warming, the next UN crisis of Tidal lock, when no doubt they will claim that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down and the, ‘soon to be created UN Panel on Global Rotational Crisis’, will say that only the enslaving of Europe and North America and all of their wealth;s redistribution can stop it, and then I realized that, OH MY GOD! I have not yet finished with my preparations for a recent UN crisis that really will would have been a world ender if there was any truth to it at all. Better run and check every device in your home right away! Better late than never right?

Meanwhile, Dr. Ben Carson does a slam dunk on the Planned Parenthood govt, funding

And lastly, for your general amusement, a small part of a Mozart opera where a tard breaks down, has a glass of wine and a laugh with a kafir slave who is trying to escape. More on this here at GoV where the clip is explained.

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  1. I remember when we had a constitution, one that protect the rights of everyone, then the left started to use our laws against us and we quickly developed a double standard in the law and eventually the law shifted from individual rights (which guaranteed freedom) to group rights (which guarantee tyranny).

  2. The signs from around the world are violence and blood in every nation as the useful idiots continue to live in the fantasy world that doesn’t have evil and all people are more interested in helping others rather then enriching themselves.

    On the Fox News show Americas News Room they have just reported that the FBI and announced the 48th ISIS related arrest this year.

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