Austria launches criminal investigation against Geert Wilders

(This from the land that gave us the little corporal who did more damage to Europe and Western civilization than Caligula, dares to try to absolve itself by taking down the man who could be the next Churchill)

From the PVV:

Exactly on the day that a poll by Dutch national public TV revealed that the Party for Freedom (PVV) has become the biggest party in Netherlands, the country’s major newspaper De Telegraaf announced that Austria is launching a criminal investigation against PVV leader Geert Wilders.


Here is the translation of the article in De Telegraaf

Austria preys on Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders is facing prosecution in Austria. The Public Prosecutor in Vienna is investigating whether the PVV leader is guilty of incitement during a speech last March.
In the Alpine state, there is a maximum sentence of two years for this offence.

Press Officer Nina Bussek of the Vienna prosecutor’s office cannot say how long the investigation will take, and whether Wilders will also be questioned by a prosecutor. “I can confirm that we are investigating following complaints against declarations he made during the event.” The [Austrian] law prohibits hurting religious feelings or inciting to violence against a religion.
On 27 March, Wilders held a long speech in the Hofburg in Vienna at the invitation of the rightwing nationalist party FPÖ. He spoke strong language about the necessity to reduce Islam.
Wilders visit was special, because Vienna is the city where, in 1683, the rise of the Ottoman Empire was halted. “Also today, we have a clear message for Islam: you will not conquer Vienna,” Wilders said.
In his speech, Wilders said that Austria had to change the present reality, “that Islamic brutality has gained a foothold in our countries. We are confronted with halal meals, with headscarves, burqas, honor killings, female genital mutilation, polygamy, mega mosques.”

“Since the darkest days of paganism many centuries ago, we have not experienced these atrocities anymore. Now they are back. Islam has brought them back,” Wilders continued. “I say: let us regain our freedoms.”
To this end, the PVV leader called for a ban on the Koran. He also said “No more mosques. Close all Islamic schools. Today! No to mullahs and imams.”
In a reaction, Wilders expressed his disappointment in Austria. “It is particularly ironic that the authorities capitulate there where a few centuries ago the West was protected against Islam. But I will continue to honor the gates of Vienna and stand upright. Speaking the truth about Islam and immigration are thus rewarded with a place on death lists and prosecution or investigation for prosecution by the Public Prosecutor in several countries. Earlier in the Netherlands and Jordan, now in the Netherlands again and in Austria. This is a major attack on freedom of speech, but no one will be able to silence me.”

Geert Wilders’ speech in Vienna on March 27, 2015

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5 Replies to “Austria launches criminal investigation against Geert Wilders”

  1. The inmates are running the asylum and are guaranteeing that there will be a major war, one that will see combat both conventional and asymmetric in all nations.

  2. This poses a very real threat to incarcerate Wilders under the Schengen / Prüm extradition which the Netherlands is most unfortunately party to. It’s not immigration …it’s the Islamic doctrine of Hijrah – an offensive invasion, which treasonous EU apparatchiks are guilty of enabling.

  3. NL Times: “Interest group Initiative of Musilm Austrians finds that Wilders has made himself guilty of sedition, denigrating religious teachings and breach of the prohibition of reviving Nazi ideology.”

    No, Mr. Wilders has made himself guilty of exposing the weak and vulnerable underbelly of The Socialist Left, ripped to shreds the ludicrous miracle-teachings of the Religious Right, and breached his own prohibition of revealing Islamic ideology.

    Should be ashamed of himself to offend so many; like a lamp on a lampstand.

    There should be an annual Jesus Award given to such as these.

  4. God bless Geert with knowledge and truth and a sharp mind and courage and protect him and others from all harm and danger and God also bless the leaders of our countries so that by their bad actions they would not cause us to lose the good gift that God has given us: democracy and liberty and free speech. God have mercy on us so that we and our descendants would not fall into the hands of Islam. John Stefan Obeda

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