First we have to unravel the leftist-islamic modus. Then we have to restart reason: Links 1 on July 8 – 2015

1. White house explains why there are only 60 people being trained to fight the Islamic State

(When you add in this, and this, its tempting to suspect there may be something a trifle dishonest about that explanation)

2. Israel arrests muslim exorcist who wanted to rob a ‘treasure’ from an archeological site

(Perhaps this is what they mean by ‘barbarism Vs. civilization’?)

A Palestinian father from Jerusalem, claiming to be an exorcist, was arrested early Wednesday morning – along with four of his children and a family friend – for illegally entering and digging in a cave from the Second Temple period near the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus.

According to the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Unit for the Prevention of Antiquities Robbery, the unidentified father, from east Jerusalem’s Isawiya neighborhood, told his brood that a demon residing in the cave kept a buried treasure there that he wanted to procure.


3. Russia set to ban Soros ‘charity’ that promotes democratization and accountable governments. 

(Does anyone believe that is what it does?)

4. ISIS supporter releases guide on establishing ‘Muslim gangs’, how to spread hate among Islamic communities, stop them integrating with non-Muslims, and using charities as fronts to raise cash 

(In other words, do what mohamed and koran says)

Jihadi supporters have been circulating a radical guidebook on social media, providing deadly instructions on how to create a active terror cell.

The shocking handbook, which has not been named by the MailOnline, worryingly contains a chapter by chapter guide to financing ‘Muslim gangs’ and obtaining weapons in the UK.

The book appears to be targeting a British audience, with harrowing references to a number of Britain’s worst terror cases.

Behind the cover of a charitable organisation raising awareness of Islamic teachings, gang members are urged to draw in recruits covertly off the streets.

Terrifyingly detailed bombmaking instructions are laid out in another chapter, complete with basic diagrams for making a bomb out of a fizzy drink can.

(Is this why Coke released a no-name version of its drink?)5. When one reads this article about France, one may get the impression that we aren’t being told everything that goes on there which is newsworthy.

7. ‘Greece is on the edge of catastrophe. There will be riots and chaos’: French central bank boss warns of dire consequences if the country does not make a deal this week 

(In Greece of course, “riots and chaos” are covered on the Weather Channel. Someone paying taxes is on the front page)

8. Isis Blows Up Another Ancient Church in Iraq, 4 Children Killed Accidentally

The Islamic State, or ISIS, has blown up on Monday an historic Christian church in Mosul known as the Mother of Aid.

Saeed Mamuzini, media officer of the Mosul branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party(PDK), told Rudaw the jihadists also killed four children who were near the church at the time of its destruction.

Mamuzin said the church was located in central of Mosul dates back to thousands of years.

(One can only imagine the amount of sacrifice and planing that not destroying a building for literally thousands of years has taken. The number of developments decided against, the materials not looted. This shows the enmity of islam to civilization, to cooperation, to history itself. A darkness that eclipses even the Nazis. If memory serves, even the Soviet communists kept the ballet and most structures of historical and artistic significance)

9. Detained ISIL militants released by court

A group of 12 individuals who have ties to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and who were detained while entering Turkey from Syria have been released by a court, despite the fact that officials knew of the individuals’ connection to the militant group, one of the detainees told a daily on Tuesday.

The group was detained on June 26 at the Çobanbey border outpost in Kilis province and has since been released by the Kilis Criminal Court of Peace.

C.A., one of the 12 released by the Kilis court, spoke to the BirGün daily on Tuesday and said that they had fought in the ranks of ISIL for nine months.

C.A. also said he and others in the group, which included three women and five children, were interrogated by a prosecutor and officials from the National Intelligence Organization (M?T) after their detention at the border.

According to C.A., although he repeatedly denied that he had joined ISIL’s ranks during his initial questioning, the prosecutor and the other officials interrogating him already knew of their link to ISIL.


Thank you Richard, Buck, M., and all who sent in materials. More to come.


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14 Replies to “First we have to unravel the leftist-islamic modus. Then we have to restart reason: Links 1 on July 8 – 2015”

  1. 60 seems enough to fight a JV team. This might explain why Obama said it would take years to defeat ISIL and that we can’t defeat them with guns. Imagine if Obama were president when Japan attack Pearl harbor or when Hitlers forces were running accross Europe. We would never have dropped those bombs on Japan or defeated the Germans. Obama has already thrown up the white flag of surrender. He doesn’t really want to defeat ISIS. Afterall ISIS really is all about Islam and Obamas not willing to accept this.

    • Obama knows ISIS is about Islam, he doesn’t want the rest of us to know this. His early religious training was Islam and he acts like Islam is still his religion.

    • @yucki – can you see the finger held by the Arab? I saw a picture once, which did not seem satirical – nor doctored – where Obama had this gesture – I just read it is “classical for IS thugs” signifying “one allah and his earth”.

      As to the troubling question “should the Jewish community leave France”? I love France still enough to HOPE that they will not (“a country who loses its Jews goes down” or words to that effect I once heard and agreed with from my admittedly meagre knowledge of history) – but if I was Jewish? I dont know if I would stay.

      I fully admire and support that brave young group, The Jewish Defense League, who fight back, without gloves, and for that are, of course, defamed as extreeeeeeme rrrrrrrrright wing and worse by the “authorities”.

      On the 5th anniversary of the death of this young Parisia Jew, tortured for 3 weeks and then murdered, they went to the quartier (one of the many no-go zones and very dangerous, not even the police goes there) where some of his torturers and murderers still live, and put posters all around, declaring “WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU”.

      But yes, I dont know if this France (as it has become) DESERVES its Jews.

        • P GELLER – Obama Makes Islamic State Finger Salute to African Leaders

          The meaning of the ISIS hand sign

          When ISIS militants hold up a single index finger on their hand, they are alluding to the tawhid, the belief in the oneness of Allah and a key component of the Muslim religion. The tawhid comprises the first half of the shahada, which is an affirmation of faith, one of the five pillars of Islam, and a component of daily prayers: “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

          It is no surprise, then, that the shahada features prominently in ISIS’ public image. The group’s black flag bears the vow’s words in white Arabic script (as does Hamas’ and even Saudi Arabia’s). And Muslims have long associated a single index finger with the shahada in a variety of contexts, ranging from daily prayers to conversions.

          But for ISIS, the symbol is more sinister than a mere declaration of monotheistic beliefs. As Salafi jihadists, members of the group adhere to a fundamentalist interpretation of tawhid that rejects non-fundamentalist regimes as idolatrous. In other words, the concept of tawhid is central to ISIS’ violent and uncompromising posture toward its opponents, both in the Middle East and in the West.

          When ISIS militants display the sign, to one another or to a photographer, they are actively reaffirming their dedication to that ideology, whose underlying principle demands the destruction of the West. If rank-and-file soldiers are aware of the precise theological implications of their sign — and it would be no surprise if they are — that would be a sobering comment on their deep-seated opposition to pluralism.

      • Something I hadn’t given much thought –
        Most Jews in France today are from North Africa. Their experience is very different from those Europeans I knew [of blessed memory] who survived concentration camp.*

        ALL of those wanted to leave the Continent. Most waited as DPs alongside other refugees for news of disappeared relatives. It was a place of universal anguish. But those from the camps knew they would never be secure where the Jew was always regarded as not-quite-human.

        The North African Jews may be something like the Israelis who were forced out of the Arab world. With the exception of a thin, cosmopolitan elite, they were so Arab and so alien I couldn’t begin to give them advice on anything whatsoever.

        One thing I do know. They were dangerous. They really wanted to kill other Arabs. They were kept out of power in Israel for good reasons, though they made marvelous secret agents.

        After a couple generations as an underclass, they’re hitting their stride and holding top Cabinet positions. They’re the pride and joy of the young nation. And they’re a much more formidable bunch than the current Anglo-American establishment the West likes to kick around.

        So who knows what this generation of French-Arab Jews should or shouldn’t, can or can’t do? This Elder of Zion would rather beam them up to the Temple Mount, but she’ll let the bankers – in their eternal, universal wisdom – call the shots.

        *Strange to read their voices on my screen. Never “the concentration camps,” always like “boot camp” or “summer camp” – no definite article, always collective noun.

          • Certainly does, even though it’s a little eerie that they’re Arabs too!

            Partly anyway. As always in Israel young people mix. The humongous wave of Russians, who came a generation after the Arabs, threw the mating dice again.

            But their kids prove that Arab genes are dominant. They’re darker, more slight and quick – and they can ululate! My own American-Israeli first cousin’s children have an Iraqi-Israeli father. I search in vain for familiar physical features. ’course inside we're all in there.

            • Given time the skin color will lighten, look at the blacks in the US, a very large percentage of them are very light skinned, in fact I know some whites that get darker then them when they get a suntan..

  2. Quote of the week goes to:

    “…In Greece of course, “riots and chaos” are covered on the Weather Channel. Someone paying taxes is on the front page

    Thanks for the giggle, Eeyore. I have just returned from a Greek wedding – which left Princess Diana’s wedding in the shade – the Greek mother of the bride (a primary school teacher) told me blightly that they had to take a further mortgage on their house to pay for it. I just LOVE the “insouciance” (to say the least) of Greeks. 🙂

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