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  1. ISIS teens execute 25 soldiers in Syria’s Palmyra

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on Saturday released a grisly video showing 25 Syrian government soldiers being executed by teenagers in the ancient amphitheater in the city of Palmyra.

    The video documented an execution that reportedly happened shortly after the group captured the city on May 21.

    The 10-minute clip, which begins with a recitation of the Quran, then cuts to shots of the conflict, and then chained-together soldiers being led out of a cell onto a courtyard.

    The captives are then transported by a convoy of pickup trucks to the site of the Palmyra ruins, where they are made to kneel in a line in the amphitheater.

    As the death sentence is read out, a crowd of a couple of hundred – including small children – can be seen on the wings of the amphitheater.

    The camera then zooms in on the soldiers, some of whom appear to have been beaten. They are then executed by pistol fire, and their bloodied corpses are shown lying on the ground

    The video is the latest in a series of gruesome executions released by the group.

    ISIS have also begun destroying some of the ancient relics from the site, although the video released Saturday could suggest that the militants wish to keep some of the ruins intact as a convenient place to carry out executions.

    HD video on this page :

    low resolution :

  2. Iraqi jets drop leaflets over Mosul promising to recapture city

    Iraqi jets dropped leaflets over Mosul telling residents that Islamic State fighters would soon be driven from the northern city, saying details of the operation would be broadcast on a new radio station.

    The city has been under Islamic State control since the Islamist militants took over in June last year, sweeping through most of Iraq’s Sunni Muslim provinces towards Baghdad.

    The Shia-led government has promised a military offensive to retake Mosul but progress has been slow, in part because of Islamic State gains elsewhere. In May, they drove the army out of the city of Ramadi, capital of the western province of Anbar.

    “The solution, with God’s help, is close,” said the leaflets, which were issued in the name of the Iraqi army and were dropped over Mosul on Friday. “Your armed forces are at the gate, cooperate with them.”

    Despite that promise, there has been no sign of an imminent military operation against Islamic State in Mosul.

    The leaflets also promised a new radio station, Mosul FM, would start broadcasting soon and urged residents to carry a small radio with them at all times to receive instructions about the battle for Mosul.

    Mosul residents contacted by telephone said Islamic State fighters were deployed in the areas of the city where the leaflets were dropped, telling passers-by to stay away.

    • Well, I used to march at summer camp, re-playing famous Haganah operations. We carried sticks instead of guns and girls wore culottes.

      But the unarmed martial arts training was actually pretty decent. I found that out after I started formal Tai Kwon Do in college.

  3. Salafist Leader: Sousse Tourists Brought Disease to Tunisia

    A Tunisian Salafist leader has claimed that foreign holidaymakers spread ‘disease’ across Tunisia and blamed ‘sinful’ tourists for the recent onslaught of extremist attacks.

    Preacher Adel Almi made the sickening comments just days after 38 holidaymakers were brutally gunned down by terrorist Seifeddine Regzui as they sunbathed on a Sousse beach.

    Speaking exlcusively to Tunisia Live, the Islamist hardliner shamelessly slammed the country’s tourism industry and said that the ‘doomed’ sector was responsible for spreading ‘alcohol, pre-marital relations, profanities’ across Tunisian society.

    “We cannot accept these vices as Tunisia is a home for all of us and if a sinful deed happens here, whether by tourists or Tunisians , all other Tunisians will become infected by societal and intellectual diseases.” he said.

    The tourism sector makes up seven per cent of the Tunisian economy and up to two million Tunisians depend on the struggling industry to stay alive.

    Sickeningly Almi, who heads the radical ‘Zitouna’ party, also believes that tourists themselves are to blame for violent attacks such as the one carried out by Rezgui last week.

    “These sinful diseases will lead to radical and violent reactions, he said.

    “The moderate and well-balanced Muslim Tunisian will loath the tourists’ immoral deeds and may choose to fight them intellectually.

    “But for vulnerable and highly zealous Tunisian, their reaction will be unpredictable and they could be used by ISIS.

    “Under Ben Ali’s regime,tourism helped the government to earn millions, but it resulted in many moral losses as Tunisians copied the tourists’ conduct and behaviour.

    “Tourists have stripped Tunisians of their dignity by treating them as their servants and paying them little money.” he added.

    Almi rose to prominance in 2012 when he attempted to mount a campaign aimed at naming shaming non-fasters during Ramadan by covertly photographing citizens and posting their pictures on social media.

    He has since founded the Salafist-leaning ‘Zitouna’ party which aims to enforce conservative Islamist doctrine into every day Tunisian life.

    Meanwhile Almi has also hit out at government security procedures designed to curb terrorism in the wake of last week’s attacks.

    “They are irrational and moronic measures, he told Tunisia Live.

    “It is unrealistic to put security officers on the beach to protect every tourist. It is also very insulting to see pictures of police officers with a bunch of bikini–wearing tourists. he added.

    “The state should abide by its Constitution which states that The Tunisian government’s religion is Islam. Thus, it should respect Tunisians’ religion in terms of law enforcement.”

    Worryingly the hardline extremist also spoke of the possibility of a ‘civil war’ between Islamists and secular Tunisians.

    “I don’t accept using terrorist attacks or threats to strike Islam, Islamist groups, associations or political parties, he said.

    “Some politicians, mainly old regime figures are pushing us towards a civil war, right now there is an institutionalised hatred for religion and religiosity in this country.

    “But in my view Tunisia is a Muslim country and it will remain so.” he added.

    Tunisian authorities are today continuing to question seven men and one woman in connection with last Friday’s attack.

    A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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