More effects of the union of leftists and islamic groups on secular democracy: Links 3 on July 3 – 2015

1. Hillary Clinton appears to be a criminal in the old USA but a hero in the new Islamic one. (If she converts I guess)

2. Trinity Western’s loss a clear case of anti-Christian bigotry

3. HIDDEN CAMERA: Muslim Lawyer Tells Kids ‘ISIS is Just Propaganda’ and ‘Extremism Doesn’t Lead to Terrorism’

4. Denmark to reduce asylum benefits

(Sane and rational policy is so rare now its actually news)

The recently-formed Venstre government announced on Wednesday that unemployment welfare benefits that asylum seekers coming to Denmark were entitled to under the previous government will be replaced by a new – and significantly lower – so-called ‘integration benefit’.

“The government will, as promised during the election, quickly implement a new integration benefit for new arrivals, in order to make Denmark a less attractive destination while making it more attractive to work and contribute to Danish society,” a press release from the Ministry of Employment stated.

5. Valerie Jarrett Gave Benghazi Stand-Down Order

Scandal: The omnipresent power behind the throne some have called the president’s Rasputin had the power to call off three strikes against Osama bin Laden. She may have used that power again the night four Americans died in Benghazi.

The Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack on our diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, came while America failed to mount a rescue mission despite sufficient time and assets. Included in that disaster were the unaccounted whereabouts of President Obama during eight critical hours, the lack of Situation Room photos, the failure by the president to follow up with subordinates before his trip to Las Vegas and the fabricated story that the whole thing was prompted by an Internet video.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said recently on “The O’Reilly Factor” that the “biggest scandal of all” regarding that Benghazi slaughter has yet to emerge.

“I think there is a bigger story here … that will in time come out,” Krauthammer said. “The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question is: What was the president doing in those eight hours?”

 (Anyone surprised?)

An Afghan court has overturned the death sentences of four men convicted in the lynching of a woman who had been falsely accused of burning the Quran, a lawyer connected to the case and a politician said Thursday.

In a nation in which violence against women is commonplace and so-called honor killings often go unpunished, the death in March of the woman, named Farkhunda, managed to galvanize Afghanistan as no other case had.

Videos of her final moments, taken by members of the mob that surrounded her, showed Farkhunda pleading as she was kicked and stomped, and was later tied to the back of a car and dragged to the garbage-strewn banks of the Kabul River. There her attackers set fire to her body.

(Please read the following comment by a reader on this article)

Comment from Lynx

The Globe and Mail ran an article today pointing out that the death sentences of four of Farkundha’s killers have been overturned.  That’s outrageous enough (though not unexpected).  However, the real mind-blowing quote is:

“In the immediate aftermath of the killing, it was easy to find Afghan men who supported the actions of the mob, saying that the woman deserved to die if the accusation were true and that even if she were innocent, her tormentors had killed her in good faith.”

So it turns out you can kill innocent people, but if it’s done in good faith, it’s totally cool.  Thanks Islam!

7. ‘Tanya’ speaks at PEGIDA Sweden.

This was Saturday June 27th at the same event as the Dan Park speech

8. Gates of Vienna post on the current ongoing riots in The Netherlands

9. Turkey and other nations criticize China for making it more difficult for muslims to skip lunch and double down on dinner during the month of excessive murder

10. Of the 3000 people executed brutally and publicly by the Islamic State so far…

The charges that ISIS brings against those condemned to death are usually offenses against Islam. These include blasphemy, sorcery, sodomy, spying, and practicing as a Shia Muslim. The bodies of the executed are often brutally put on public display, with their purported offenses listed for everyone to read.

One expert put forth her view of why these executions are so ubiquitous and brutal:

11. GREENFIELD: Pulling Down the Slaver Flags of Islam and Africa

The return of the Confederacy was averted in the summer of 2015 when major retailers frantically scoured through their vast offerings to purge any images of a car from the Dukes of Hazzard. If not for their quick thinking, armies of men in gray might have come marching down the streets of New York and San Francisco to stop off for an Iced Mocha Frappucino ™ at a local Starbucks before restoring slavery.


History will little note nor long remember the tired wage slaves making $7.25 an hour while checking Amazon and eBay databases for tin models of an orange car with a Confederate flag on top. During this courageous defense of the homeland from the scourge of a mildly politically incorrect 80s show, Hillary Clinton committed her own unpardonable racist hate crime by saying, “All lives matter”.


The politically correct term is, “Black lives matter.”

Thank you Liberty Dk., Gates of Vienna, M., Wrath of Khan,  Yucki, Richard, Bains, Lynx and everyone who contributed materials for todays posts and comments.

Its harder and harder to find any humour in the situation the rational person finds themselves in today. But wouldn’t it be great if a few dozen nice people went to the new fence at the White House in DC and protested the new ‘Apartheid Fence’ the Obamas had installed? That would be a nice giggle at that hypocrite’s expense.


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10 Replies to “More effects of the union of leftists and islamic groups on secular democracy: Links 3 on July 3 – 2015”

  1. Syria conflict: Mosque blast ‘kills 25 al-Nusra Front rebels’ (BBC, July 4, 2015)

    “At least 25 members of Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Nusra Front, including a leader, have been killed in a blast at a mosque in north-western Idlib province, activists say. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that dozens more were injured in the city of Ariha. People had been gathering at the mosque to break their Ramadan fast at the time, the group said. The cause of the explosion is not yet known….”

  2. Dozens of Calais migrants try to storm Channel Tunnel (BBC, July 4, 2015)

    “Channel Tunnel services are disrupted after about 150 migrants tried to storm the Calais terminal overnight. Services were delayed and cancelled after migrants entered restricted areas on the French side, Eurotunnel said. Lorries are being stacked on the M20 in Kent, and parts of the road closed to traffic, as attempts are made to resume freight services. A spokesman for Eurotunnel said car and passenger services should now be back to normal.

    A spokesman for Eurotunnel said there had been “huge numbers of migrants” in and around the area on Friday night. They said: “Up to 150 migrants stormed the tunnel which caused disruption to services leading to delays and cancellations for customers. “Eurotunnel wants immediate action from authorities to protect the tunnel – not enough is being done to stop the migrants.”…”

  3. 2. The Christian religion has an aversion to sex. Both Jesus and his Mommy were virgins, and this is an essential prerequisite because it establishes categorically their statuses of purity and divinity. They are, and you’re not. A chasm that only the death of The Spotless Christ can save you.

    And today, Catholic priests and avowed monks must be celibate to define their holiness and your homage. on the Kinsey Scale of the Christlike: Virgin to Worldly. Sex the is only sense of life remaining for those going to hell. Christians live forever, so they can dispense with reproduction altogether. Anyhows, can’t you see from earthquakes and wars we are now living very close to the End Times and should gladly await The Rapture? (Give Iran the bomb).

    Thomas Aquinas: “How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God.” Replacing the emotions of earthy love for many Nuns and young girls into becoming brides of Jesus.

    “In Jewish law, sex is not considered shameful, sinful or obscene. Sex is not thought of as a necessary evil for the sole purpose of procreation. Although sexual desire comes from the yetzer ra (the evil impulse), it is no more evil than hunger or thirst, which also come from the yetzer ra. Like hunger, thirst or other basic instincts, sexual desire must be controlled and channeled, satisfied at the proper time, place and manner. But when sexual desire is satisfied between a husband and wife at the proper time, out of mutual love and desire, sex is a mitzvah.”

    Mastery of self and not to bring on the misfortune of another fatherless child is the requirement.

    So Homosexuality and their pro Gay Rights Laws stand directly outside these two ideologies. Judged into Damnation by the Christians, out-rationalized by the Jews.

    The Muslim with their four ‘whoresmen of the apocalpse’ are no such problem, for they breed spiritually disconnected latent homosexuals, very afraid first of being mounted by the big black dog and then of them.

    • As a Muslim will make another fawning Muslim, (and Christians and Jews make their infants fearful of their respective G_ds too), so will a sexually violated children violate another, the traumatized to expose their inner-worlds outwardly to traumatize others for justification. The selfish who for glory who can’t do it in their own bedrooms at home, and want to bring the whole world down with them.

      No one was to counsel the brother who inhabited the same universe.

      • The Islamicized suicide bomber, and the wimpy ‘suicide victim’ both go out to kill others. Stepping out in front of a vehicle is attempted murder of both its occupants and of other road users.

        That they are both physiologically traumatized and enraged is true… but a culture that nurtured them will flourish in its demand for appeasement of protection money that only they, the instigators, can make sure they won’t do it again to you, the normal people they hate.

        Feminized men from both sides of the camp.

    • “yetzer ra (the evil impulse)” ?
      There’s been so much junk written, you can find almost anything.

      That’s not at all what I learned. Nothing explicit, but rather from watching how people who love each other behave. I sit among women positively glowing when singing, Lecha Dodi, welcoming the Sabbath Bride. Everything sparkles, smells nice, there’s excitement in the air.

      Complemented by direct Bible study that became more adult as I did. We were created to be complete together, everything fits just right, and it’s all so nice. We’re meant to derive pleasure – as we do from eating sweet fruit – in the process of multiplying. Think, Song of Songs.

      It’s more of a blessing for man and wife to consummate the Sabbath by making love with each other than lighting candles with prayers said just so.

      (I’ve heard that boys read a Talmud tractate that teaches them something more specific about how to pleasure a woman. I know nothing more than that. But it’s written…)

  4. For a long time the Democrat Presidents have been above the law de facto, this immunity has always included their staff. It is time to remove this unconstitutional immunity from the traitors.

  5. The leftist directed war on Christianity is alive and well in the west. This war stabe rted back when I was a child and has been continuing with most Christians not fighting back because the attacks have been worded so opposing them would be an attempt to force Christianity on others. Now they feel secure enough to push their attacks under the idea that Christianity is a hateful religion.

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