More and more people engage in the issue, and it grows in the public discourse: Links 2 for June 27 – 2015

1. Major explosion with over 200 injuries at water park in Taiwan. 

( Good chance for news from the source later today)

(Video at CNN link above)

CNN)More than 225 people were injured — about 100 of them seriously — after flammable powder apparently exploded in midair at a recreational water park in Taiwan, the East Asian nation’s official Central News Agency reported.

The flames erupted when the unknown substance blew up over a stage around 8:30 p.m. Saturday (8:30 a.m. ET) at Formosa Fun Coast, firefighters said, according to the CNA report. The park was then hosting a Color Play Asia party.

2. Amazing footage of the events in Tunisia

3. France beheading attack: Suspect sent selfie with head

Yassin Salhi, 35, reportedly sent the photo to a Canadian mobile phone number via the WhatsApp messaging service after Friday’s attack near Lyon.

His boss Herve Cornara’s head was found alongside Islamic flags.

The suspect is accused of ramming a vehicle into an area containing flammable liquids, causing a blast.

Police have so far not found any motive or possible foreign connection, prosecutors say.

(Additional source)

(No motive! No idea why he did this! Jihad flags all around must have been planted earlier by aliens I guess)

4. Other religious muslims seem to think this French jihadi was a really nice guy!

(Nothing to lose your head over though, right?)

5. Darwin (Australia) teenager arrested after allegedly compiling hit list of people he wanted to behead

A DARWIN teenager arrested by police searching for stolen goods had allegedly compiled a hit list of people he wanted to behead and is suspected of being linked to Islamic State.

The NT News reports the 16-year-old is now facing terrorism charges.

The teen, who is a ward of the state, was in an adult prison in solitary confinement on Friday, after being charged with property offences.

The Northern Territory Police Force’s Strike Force Trident raided the boy’s room at a secure government facility in Darwin. He was later charged with property offences.

It is understood that authorities suspect the youth may have communicated with ISIS through a personal communication device and had planned to behead people on the list.

6. One way to stay in shape is to go running on the beach when visiting a muslim country. Your trainer can be lethal though

7. ‘Arrest everyone practising Islam’: Anti-mosque protestors

(One cannot say there is no logic to that)

ANTI-MUSLIM protesters were the sole voices at a rally against a mosque in the Maroochydore CBD this morning.

About 150 protesters gathered outside the two-storey building at Church St, which has been approved to operate as a mosque by Sunshine Coast Council on Thursday.

No supporters of the Muslim faith attended.

It was a stark contrast to the rally last year where insults flew between anti and pro-mosque residents.


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita and all who sent in materials and comments. More to come soon. One thing is for sure. More and more people are paying attention to the issue.


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9 Replies to “More and more people engage in the issue, and it grows in the public discourse: Links 2 for June 27 – 2015”

  1. “He was a kind man”. You can tell the kind of peace loving muslims we all have in the west today! Wow! they are so caring and kind to us in the west. A man is beheaded my a savage from their religion of pieces, and the others call this murderer a very kind man. I see Eurabia is working very well for the europeans

    • The wife of the beheader in France – and a close relative of the Tunisian killer tard both said they were ‘normal muslims’.

      They’re probably right.

  2. sounds like an idiocy not intentional in Taiwan.
    calcium hypochlorite mixed with a reagent. This would cause this fire.

    There are many videos on Youtube how hypochlorite mixed with something can cause this fire. Even other pool chemicals can start the fire.

    Here is one of many examples:

  3. I’m trying to understand–there were actually armed Tunisian security personnel seeing this attack unfold, but they failed to take a shot? Is that correct?

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