Three attacks so far and more: Links 1 on June 26 – 2015

1. RT video on attack in France

2. Here is more from the SUN on the man who seems to be a muslim, who murdered a man who was trying to recover a stolen cell phone which the muslim had in his possession, who subsequently:

Wednesday afternoon, patrol officers in Ottawa’s Lowertown area had contact with a man they say tried to run down two bike cops near the intersection of Rideau St. and King Edward Ave. at approximately 4 p.m.

One officer was struck and suffered minor injuries. A police cruiser began a pursuit of the vehicle, which was abandoned on Wiggins Private in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood. Cops apprehended the vehicle’s passenger, but the suspect driver remained at large.

A search by patrol officers and a police dog weren’t able to locate the fleeing driver.

A few hours later, residents in the Range Rd. and Mann Ave. area reported seeing a suspicious man.

He was seen going into the water near Strathcona Park and trying to swim across the river.

3. Russia has rehearsed an invasion of SCANDINAVIA which, if carried out, would prevent NATO from reinforcing the Baltic states, claims US security report 

(A dress rehearsal for a catastrophe?)

A mock invasion of Sweden and Norway has been carried out by 33,000 Russian troops, a US security think tank has claimed.

Tens of thousands of soldiers rehearsed a military takeover of Swedish and Norwegian territory near the Baltic Sea in March, security expert Edward Lucas said in a report for the US-based Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA).

The exercise also simulated the invasion of other areas including the Danish island of Bornholm, Finland’s Swedish-speaking Åland islands, and northern Norway, according to the report, The Coming Storm.

Invasion: Zubr-class hovercraft, deploying marines during Zapad-09 in Mordovia during Russia's rehearsals for occupying part of the Baltic states

An Islamic court has sentenced nine people to death for insulting the Prophet Muhammad in the northern Nigerian city of Kano.

The accused, who were all Muslims, had pleaded guilty, the head of Kano’s religious police, Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, told the BBC.

The trial was speedily done in secret after a section of the court was burnt down by angry protesters last month.

The alleged offence was committed last month at a religious gathering in honour of Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse, the Senegalese founder of the Tijaniya sect, which has a large following across West Africa.
The nine, eight man and a woman, were reported to have said that "Niasse was bigger than Prophet Muhammad", triggering unrest.
The venue was burnt to the ground by an angry mob and the nine were arrested,

(Outlined portion ours. Ed)

(I guess the BBC is officially islamic now as they insist on referring to the founder of islam and its avatar as, “The Prophet Mohamed” which is neither accurate nor necessary for non believers.)

5. Richmond Hill high school teacher under investigation for alleged Islamophobic tweets

(So to be clear, a teacher in Ontario is under criminal investigation by the police, because he finds something which should be offensive to every liberal, offensive and said so nicely. However no muslims are under investigation for offending all of us who find that face cover offensive or the doctrine that the face cloth is an unabashed uniform for. In fact, if one was to strip away the veneer of religion from islam, the stuff they preach and teach in mosques would never be allowed in Canada, rightly or wrongly)

TORONTO – A Richmond Hill, Ont., teacher is being investigated for a series of alleged tweets with Islamophobic themes, the York Region District School Board confirmed.

A now-deleted Twitter account used a photo that appears to be of a teacher at a Richmond Hill high school.

The school board said it was made aware of the tweets Thursday and the teacher was told about the investigation, which is also looking into whether the account was hacked by an impersonator.

Licinio Miguelo, a board spokesperson, said impersonations on social media are rare but they have happened.

(Neither this article nor the one on the SUN seem to offer comments. How very interesting, not to mention consistent with the fascist policies being made by groups like the OSCE and the Union of Journalists and other journalist Alinsky modeled orgs.)

6. Spain takes attack on Spanish hotel in Tunisia seriously

7. Suicide bomb rips through Kuwaiti mosque after Friday prayers killing at least 25 worshippers as ISIS claims responsibility


At least 25 worshippers have been killed today after an Islamic State suicide bomber struck at a packed Kuwaiti mosque after Friday prayers.

Shocking photos show dozens of dead and wounded Muslims who were all observing the holy month of Ramadan in the Al-Imam al-Sadeq Shiite mosque in Kuwait City.

Witnesses said worshippers were standing shoulder-to-shoulder in group prayer when the bomb ripped through the building.

8. At a beach in Tunisia:

Thank you Richard, Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Grace, CB Sashenka,

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  1. I don’t know if the Russia operation was 1) routine training, 2)rattling the saber at NATO, or 3) practice for a scheduled attack. It was one of the three, when thinking about this 1) take Putins past actions into consideration and look for a pattern, 2) remember Putin wants to rebuild the Russian Empire.

  2. ‘These attacks can happen anywhere,’ David Cameron warns after terror in Tunisia, France and Kuwait

    David Cameron has warned that the terrorist attacks that killed dozens of people in Tunisia, France and Kuwait today “can happen anywhere”.

    Speaking at the end of a European Council summit in Brussels, the Prime Minister urged the world to pull together to fight the “evil of terrorism”.

    “This is a threat that faces all of us. These events have taken place today in Tunisia and in France but they can happen anywhere,” he added.

    “We have got to do all we can to help. That means co-operating on counter-terrorism, building our capacity on counter-terrorism, it means dealing with the threat at source whether that is Isil (Isis) in Syria and Iraq, or whether it is other extremist groups around the world.

    “Perhaps more important than anything is this poisonous, radical narrative that is turning so many young minds. We have to combat it with everything we have.”

    Mr Cameron said he had spoken to French president Francois Hollande to offer his support following the attack in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier and would also speak to the Tunisian government in the wake of shootings at two hotels.

    A man was decapitated today in France and his head displayed on a fence surrounded by Isis flags by an attacker who attempted to blow up the Air Products factory.

    In Tunisia, at least 27 people were killed when two gunmen opened fire at a beach resort in Sousse. British and German tourists were believed to be among the dead.

    Isis claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Shia mosque in Kuwait that killed at least 13 people and al-Shabaab extremists also stormed a military base in Somalia.

    Mr Cameron announced an emergency meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee this afternoon to discuss Britain’s response and how it can further co-operation with other countries.

    He said that the West must stop “the poisoning of young minds” by Isis and other extremists.

    “The people who do these things, they sometimes claim they do it in the name of Islam,” the Prime Minister added.

    “They don’t. Islam is a religion of peace. They do it in the name of a twisted and perverted ideology that we have to confront with everything that we have.

    “We must stop the poisoning of these young minds in our country, in other European countries, and around the world.”

  3. For every Muslim barbaric assault on non-Muslims, I always keep at the back of my mind Don Laird’s solution for having this dangerously backward gang-culture growing in our midst – and I pointed out to him that Socialism is the other evil, that for the last fifty years all politicians have greedily embraced like pigs in a trough. You cannot defeat one surrendering ideology without defeating the submissive other, because they both unite and rally against every free individual who is not bound by race, color, sexuality or religion.

    I imagine his anguish for the innocent single-parented young girls – the products of deliberate government social-deconstruction – seduced and passed around by Islam’s finest. Hate Crimes and Blasphemy standing shoulder to shoulder to shut out The Light.

    “Hello there…….its me again………Don Laird….

    Just a question,

    For all those who post additional material yet say nothing about the road that must be traveled to solve the Muslim problem.

    For all those who post pensive, mildly philosophical musing, by-products of trepidation and cowardice, yet say nothing about the road that must be traveled to solve the Muslim problem.

    For all those who chaff and quiver at direct language in assessing the Muslim and what it needs to neutralize it yet say nothing about the road that must be traveled to solve the Muslim problem.

    For all those ersatz academics who offer well thumbed tomes historical and cry See!! See!! See!! Its Happened before!!!…yet say nothing about the road that must be traveled to solve the Muslim problem.

    For all those who chirp in on blog threads with hot winded condemnation of the Muslim and its stock in trade; mass-murder…..yet say nothing about the road that must be traveled to solve the Muslim problem.

    To all of those who recoil in horror at the sight of blood yet watch everything around them slowly destroyed by the Muslim yet say nothing about the road that must be traveled to solve the Muslim problem.

    Let me ask you this……and I am talking to all of you who read this……

    Would John III Sobieski and his Polish Hussars have won the day if they were numbered by the gutless and cowardly?………by the faint of heart who are loathe to use the word “deportation” or “kill”

    Would the Crusaders have won the day if behind those red crosses were the yellow hearts that abound across Europe and North America today…… the faint of heart who are loathe to use the word deportation or kill?

    This same question can be asked of all those who sit and quiver the moment someone points out the painfully obvious………that to rid ourselves of the Muslim problem, sleeves will have to be rolled up, blood will and must be shed, mosques deconstructed and the Muslim removed from our midst, in their entirety.

    There is a reason Enoch Powell turned his back on his people when they approached him to once again rise and lead them; he knew them for who they were, he knew them for who you are……..gutless, dithering cowards, wrapped in the robes of the ersatz academic pacifist, gutless dithering cowards……..each and every one…….Enoch Powell simply refused to be betrayed twice.

    In closing, to the readers…….get used to the sight of blood, lots of it…… will be yours and that of those women and children you abandoned, your women and children…….spilled by those whose boots you lick, spilled by those from which you now beg for mercy……spilled by the Muslim.

    Perhaps you may find this provocative, perhaps you may be “offended” by the smite to your ego, perhaps it offends your delicate pacifist sensibilities…….perhaps, but in any case, in seeking your answer to what your future will be like living life under the boot-heel of the Muslim and who put his its filthy boot-heel on the neck of you and every one of your countrymen……..go look in the mirror.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada”

    Unfortunately, when you tell a person they are a beast, constantly drumming into them that they are only a mere race, color, sexuality or religion to celebrate as if were their identity, and then systematically marginalize them as the historically privileged so now they must be The Least Preferential, (as Chairman Mao turned on the educated classes), we cannot be surprised when they pick up arms and agree they are Aryan, White, Straight and Christian and slaughter every passive-appeaser, (by default through silence supported the regime), who is not. If you tell someone to go to the back of the queue because they are scum because there are too many of them in their own country, anything they do will be morally superior to that mantle. They will make the Rwandan slaughter look like a brawl. When the Socialists openly removed meritocracy, where President Clinton revealed ‘character doesn’t count’ and Obama announced “you didn’t make that,” they removed justice. And without justice the people will perish. Which, is what the Communist change-agents wanted all along – and then to blame it all on a certain autonomous religious group once again.

    • The solution of the Marxist is going to be a temporary one just as the solution for Fascism was a temporary one. The two malignant version of Marxism (socialism is also malignant but takes a much longer time to metastasize) have been defeated many times throughout history but always find a way of returning to haunt us.
      The invention of the nuclear bomb prevented a major war around 1960 or so and allowed Marxism in its many forms to gain massive power in the free nations, so much power that we are rapidly losing or freedom. The time is rapidly approaching if it hasn’t been passed where they peaceful solution is removed from the table and the only answer is a non peaceful one.

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