Stephen Coughlin and others question the thinking of OSCE censors in Europe

While many find the war footage and torture footage of the Islamic State etc. to be frightening and of great concern, and indeed it is, these back room committees of groups of probably well meaning people who’s decisions and policies will and have come to affect us all in terms of what we are allowed to know, is the most frightening of all. When one of the censors openly admits that in France the media is made to lie to the public to protect the image of islam, this should be viewed as the totalitarian and criminal thing it is. Imagine if these people had real power. The kind that puts people in reeducation camps or tortures them into the right kind of thinking.

Here is the link to the event

and here is the link to the entire 2 hour video of the event

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15 Replies to “Stephen Coughlin and others question the thinking of OSCE censors in Europe”

    • ‘He… he… if I tell my wife about her dress sense… so the truth can be Hate Speech’

      He has described exactly what Hate Speech is: Those not liking the truth, or contrary opinion.

      Socialism: the society of the nature of the bitch.
      Islamism: the society paranoid of the nature of the bitch.

      • ‘The UN to set down a perception of a Global Narrative that sets down universal (liberal) values that no matter where you are what religion you have, you should adhere to’

        These mediocre halfwits from socialized educational institutes are the demon-pacts’ useful idiots.

      • Exactly he said he did not want the truth to be known to his wife BECAUSE she would be offended! And by his logic, the truth about the Islamic State should not be known because the IS, as well as Muslims in general, would be offended. Group rights, no matter what disgusting actions the group does, must not be offended. Got it!

    • “Earlier this year we reported on a conference hosted by a gay rights group, where two lesbian teachers from the school board described in detail how they promote homosexuality and gay ‘marriage’ to students, starting in kindergarten.

      One of these teachers even explained how she “hides” these pro-gay lessons in math class, so that when parents complain, she can claim she was simply teaching their children about “division”! (See below for links to those stories.)

      Now the school board has accused us of making “hateful” comments, issued a “cease and desist” order, and has demanded removal of all “posting and images” of the two teachers or they will sue us.

      Did you catch that? They are threatening us, to stop us from speaking and showing the truth!”

    • “The wealthy left-wing activist group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is seeking to destroy a small Jewish non-profit known as JONAH—Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing. JONAH’s offense? Referring clients with unwanted same-sex attractions (usually, but not always, Jewish) to counselors who can help them to overcome those attractions and live lives consistent with the biblical teaching of the Torah.

      The weapon being used by the SPLC is New Jersey’s unusually draconian “consumer fraud” statute, with SPLC arguing that to claim sexual orientation is changeable and that counseling can help effect such change is inherently fraudulent.”

      Socialists create the broken homes… lawyers keep the children traumatized.

      • They are pushing hard because they think there are enough people supporting them that the rest of us will do nothing.

  1. Sophist about it?! Such a chuckle that gave me! How many angels can dance on the point of a needle, or the head of a pin? Watching this panel respond is like imagining those ‘angels’ ” spin centrifugally atop the stone sharpening the scimitar.

  2. Depends on whose truths? Good heavens…then there are NO truths. This is what Coughlin described in his red pill series…moral equivalence, the bigotry of low expectations, attempts to equalize essentially intentionally weakens/negates personal foundations of truth. NUTS!

  3. It seems to me they are trying very hard to convince themselves that their intellect is right. Intelligence is also about what you see in front of you and how you assess it. These people could not assess the difference between their arse and their elbow!
    My mind boggles that in the space of a few years a man is a woman because he says he is. A woman is black even though she is white because she says she is and a group that says it is Islamic can not be because the government and media do not want it to be. FUBAR!

  4. What a bunch of imbeciles! What stupid, naive, retarded babbletwits! They must never be in charge of any public office, they cannot even be trusted with their own families. These tards are everything that’s wrong with our society today….

  5. And you linked to the whole 2 hour event.

    Are you trying to kill me?

    If I had to watch through several hours of listening to these {a long line of very eloquent and inventive expletives} I’d start bleeding from the ears, scratch my own eyes out and then stroke out…

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