Israel, Islam, leftism and more: Links 1 on June 22 – 2015

1. Terror suspect traumatised by his ankle tag ‘raised tens of thousands for killer fanatics’ 

A terror suspect who won a legal bid to take off his tag is accused of fundraising for an Islamist group that slaughtered Britons.

The row over the human rights ruling deepened last night as more details emerged of his extremist background.

Officials fear it will now be harder for police and MI5 to monitor the hate preacher, who has breached his T-Pim control order at least 11 times.

The Daily Mail revealed on Saturday how the High Court had ruled that the tag – a condition of his T-Pim – was making him delusional because he believed MI5 had put a bomb inside it.

A judge said this was a breach of Article 3 of Labour’s Human Rights Act, prohibiting torture, and that the tag must be cut off.

It means the security services will no longer automatically know when the fanatic is home.

(Those who listen to the monthly guest spots I do on the BlogTalkRadio stream, will know that one of the points I repeat till people are yawning is that the great mistake is confusing criminal justice with political/military. While this is just one of tens of thousands of examples were this mistake means the slippery slope to losing our civilization, it is a rather lucid illustration of the point)

2. NYC Policeman gets attacked by locals when trying to make an arrest

(Saul Alinsky, Obama and Eric Holder must be very satisfied with their handiwork when the public has lost this much faith in its own institutions of state)
3. Its the government of the UK’s fault three muslim women and 9 kids moved to the Islamic State and joined the jihadis. Of course. 

4. Afghanistan Multiple explosions & gunfire hit parliament, 6 Taliban gunmen killed

5. As easy as applying for a television licence: New divorce centres to take proceedings out of the courts and revolutionise how couples end their marriage

(So now the legal side of ending a marriage is as easy as the social side for muslims where all that is needed is they say, ‘I divorce you’ 3 times even by text message)

Over-the-counter divorces will be available to couples at a network of regional ‘centres’ – meaning most cases will be taken out of the courts.

The move could make the process as simple as obtaining a television licence, and the paperwork will be processed by administrative staff rather than judges – although the final decree will still have to be approved by a district judge.

Under the new system, which is likely to handle most of the 120,000 annual divorces, officials aim to process applications on the day or within 48 hours at the latest, The Times reported.

6. Very interesting panel discussion in Iran on chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”

7. Egypt Names Ambassador to Israel After Nearly 3 Years

Egypt has named a new ambassador to Israel nearly three years after it had recalled the last one at the outset of the 2012 Israeli offensive in Gaza.


A statement released Sunday said President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi named ambassador Hazem Khairat as part of a regular reshuffle of Egypt’s diplomatic corps. Khairat replaced Atef Salem Al-Ahl, who was in his post for less than a month in late 2012.

8. Islamic State latest threat confirmed by the Pentagon

In breaking news, the Pentagon has confirmed that the threat from the radical murdering Islamic terrorist group, the Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS and ISIL, in which the group has seized enough radioactive materials from captured Iraqi facilities to make and detonate dirty bombs, WND is reporting.


F. Michael Maloof of WND stated the claim was reported in ISIS’ recent English-language magazine, Dabiq. Maloof also reported that such a claim has alarmed the Australian intelligence service, which initially revealed the prospect that ISIS fighters have seized sufficient radioactive and biological materials from research centers and hospitals…, which previously were under Iraqi government control.

(WND is a source that deserves to be checked by all who read its breaking news fully before accepting as fact. But in case it is true, here it is)

9. Netanyahu calls support for flotillas ‘rape of truth’

(Video at site)

Thank you Carpe Diem, M., Wrath of Khan, Bains, Richard,

Still wiring on the OSCE video. Here is a sneak preview. An important question is asked by a person named Henrik right at where the video will start, although its an hour into the session. The answer will show everyone what a totalitarian inks ooks like when they do not yet have the power to inflict pain, death and incarceration on people.

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2 Replies to “Israel, Islam, leftism and more: Links 1 on June 22 – 2015”

  1. 2 – It has taken several generations of hard work on the part of the left to get us to this point, they have been working all this time to create a civil war in all western nations so they can take over. Now we are seeing their actions reach fruition and need to be aware of the danger and take every precaution to see that freedom survives the coming turmoil.

  2. 8 – I don’t know if the report is correct or not but but Australian intelligence is saying they do, the idea of them having a dirty bomb is scary but it isn’t and will never be a WMD, dirty bombs are terror weapons that will spread radioactive material for a couple of hundred yards radius max, and that material can be cleaned up in a few months at the longest. Despite the propaganda to the contrary Hiroshima and Nagasaki are large inhabited cities that no longer have any health problems related to radioactivity.

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