Ezra on the pope, muslims order cops around and more: Links 2 on June 21 – 2015

1. Anjem Choudary manages to bully a British police officer into removing a charity bracelet claiming it was a breach of non-partizan ethics for police.

(Actually its worse than that. Anjem is claiming that supporting British soldiers is partizan which it is not)

2. In May 2014 this Irish Pastor predicted his own incarceration for speech and thought crimes

3. This set of observations by Ezra Levant of the pope is doubly chilling in the context of the last few videos in Stephen Coughlin’s Red Pill series on various clergy of various churches and how they have been infiltrated by Marxists.

4. Islamic State crisis: ‘Mines planted in Syria’s Palmyra’

Islamic State (IS) militants have planted landmines and explosives around the ancient Palmyra ruins, according to a group that monitors the war in Syria.

Activists said it was unclear whether IS had laid the bombs to destroy the ruins or make the site secure from Syrian government forces.

IS fighters seized the city, which is one of the most important historic sites in the Middle East, in May.

Government forces are reported to be planning a bid to recapture the site.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, and all. There is more material in the daily reader links posts as well.

The world is full of little committees and organizations and boards which make decisions that set limits on your freedom. Initially of course, for your own good. But like all levers of power, made for the taking by people who do not perceive the public good the way we do. The OCSE in Europe is one of those groups. Tomorrow I hope to publish excerpts of a meeting where what constitutes ‘hate speech’ was to be defined legally for us all. Yes, none of us have even heard of this group but this committee of leftists and muslims actually agreed with each other that yes, something true can also be hate speech. This will take some time to edit as its hours long and mostly tedious to the point of requiring danger pay if there was any pay in it at all, but do it we shall and present it we will. Something to dread for the morrow.


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10 Replies to “Ezra on the pope, muslims order cops around and more: Links 2 on June 21 – 2015”

    • This intimidation to remove our liberties is soooo Britain First.

      “Britain First south east activists carried out an anti-Halal operation in the historic market town of Dartford at the weekend.
      Our activists stood directly outside restaurants in Dartford that sold Halal without telling their customers.
      Establishments that sold Halal were told they had a week to switch to non-Halal otherwise our activists would be back to deter customers.” Source: email from Britain First.

      Protest, and demand a halal sticker in the window. Protest and demand slaughter houses obey the laws on humane slaughter. If muslims want to fart over a dead corpse that’s their right. But don’t ever tell people what they can or cannot sell. Freedom of speech is a freedom of trade or else it’s fascism.

  1. I really feel angry about this Choudry fella. How come the British policeman lets him rant on the usual muzzie rubbish in front of him? The policeman should have whipped out his whistle and blown hard in the ignorant muzzie’s face, and then whipped out his handcuffs and arrested this low-life for “Public Disorder”.
    Choudry rants on about the number of people killed in Iraq (I didn’t listen to the whole video, as his face makes me want to puke), what about the 26,166 deadly terror attacks that have been carried out by muzzies since 9/11? Islam, the Death Cult, has got to be banned in Europe right now. Send them all back to the hell-hole they came from.

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