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  1. Islamic State web accounts to be blocked by new police team (BBC, June 22, 2015)

    “A Europe-wide police team is being formed to track and block social media accounts linked to Islamic State (IS).

    A recent US study found there were at least 46,000 accounts on Twitter linked to the militant group, many of which help to recruit new IS members.

    The European police agency Europol will now work with unnamed social media companies to track the accounts.

    They aim to get new accounts closed down within two hours of them being set up….”

  2. Following on from David Cameron’s Gay Marriage…
    “Over-the-counter divorces will be available to couples at a network of regional ‘centres’ – meaning most cases will be taken out of the courts.
    The move could make the process as simple as obtaining a television licence, and the paperwork will be processed by administrative staff rather than judges – although the final decree will still have to be approved by a district judge.”

    Commitment? Cultural Marxist commitment.

  3. Terror suspect traumatised by his ankle tag ‘raised tens of thousands for killer fanatics’ …… “A terror suspect who won a legal bid to take off his tag is accused of fundraising for an Islamist group that slaughtered Britons.

    The row over the human rights ruling deepened last night as more details emerged of his extremist background.

    Officials fear it will now be harder for police and MI5 to monitor the hate preacher, who has breached his T-Pim control order at least 11 times.

    Read more:

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    • Nice, refreshing. Tomorrow he might be hanging from a crane in front of the building, but he seems to have struck a chord with the audience.

  4. Muslim Who Ran Over and Stabbed Austrians was Jihadist Fan

    […]Of course we don’t know at this stage know Alen Rizvanovi?’s motives, but his actions were very similar to Muslim terror attacks carried out in Israel, which also involved running people over and then getting out and stabbing them.

    A Facebook account registered to a man of the same name also living in Austria suggests that the killer was a devout Muslim.

    His favorite book appear to be Islamic texts. They include entries like Light of the Koran and the Hadiths of Mohammed.[…]

  5. Taliban suicide bomber, gunmen attack Afghan parliament

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A Taliban suicide bomber struck the entrance to the Afghan parliament on Monday and gunmen tried to storm the heavily guarded compound, setting off a gunbattle with police that left two people dead as lawmakers were meeting inside to vote on the appointment of a new defense minister.

    Afghan security forces managed to repel the attack, killing all seven gunmen and ensuring that no members of parliament were harmed. But the audacious assault came as the Taliban captured two districts in as many days in the country’s north, displaying their ability to operate on multiple fronts.

    Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said the attack began with a car bomb explosion near the entrance to parliament. Gunmen then attempted to storm the compound but were pushed back by security forces and eventually corralled into a nearby building that was under construction.

    Sediqqi later said all seven attackers were killed by police and that no members of parliament were harmed. “It is over now,” he said.

    Sediqqi said a woman and a 10-year-old girl were killed. Health Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ismail Kahousi said 31 civilians were wounded in the parliament attack, including two women and two children.[…]

    Afghanistan: See the moment bomb blast hits Afghan parliament

    • Seems like he’s calling it early. The process is easy to recognize, I just hope it’s ready by electon time.

      I can’t bear to look at anything elected-related yet.

      • The pundits are all trying to convience everyone that the primaries are over when really no one knows who is going to be chosen next year. The left keeps pushing the entry time further back now we have one full year when historically the campaigns don’t start until January of the election year.

  6. Kurds find ISIS tunnel near Turkish border

    Kurdish forces discover 400-meter-long tunnel dug by Islamic State group near Turkish border

    ISTANBUL (AP) — Kurdish forces have discovered a 400-meter (440-yard) long tunnel dug by Islamic State group militants near the Turkish border with Syria, a spokesman for the militia said Monday.

    Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG, discovered the half-completed tunnel after they captured the border town of Tal Abyad last week, spokesman Redur Khalil said. He said it wasn’t clear whether it was eventually meant to lead into Turkey as the tunnel splits into two different directions at one point.

    A tunnel linking Turkey to IS-held territory might offer some insight into the many ways in which Muslim radicals from around the world have slipped across the Turkish border to reach the fanatical group, whose territory straddles Syria and Iraq.

    The YPG captured Tal Abyad last week from IS, cutting off a vital supply line to the group’s self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa.

    The Kurdish advance prompted thousands of Syrians to flee the fighting and go across the border into Turkey, but hundreds began moving back into Syria after Turkey reopened a nearby border crossing Monday.

    Local authorities in Sanliurfa Province confirmed Monday that the official border was now reopened and that Syrians were beginning to return. The Turkish news agency DHA put the number of returnees at 500.

  7. YouTube bans Wilders’ Mohammed drawings in Turkey

    The PVV party political broadcast featuring a series of drawings of Muslim prophet Mohammed has been banned from YouTube in Turkey, according to party leader Geert Wilders.

    Wilders has used Twitter to send round a note from YouTube which states ‘we have received a legal complaint from the government about your video. We have checked the video … which can no longer be broadcast in the following territories: Turkey.’

    The note goes on to state that YouTube has to block videos in order to meet local laws and refers the PVV press department to its Help centre.

    The video should have been broadcast on Saturday but an old item was transmitted instead. Wilders at first accused the public broadcasting system of sabotaging his efforts to show the drawings. It later transpired to be human error.
    Controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammad aired on Youtube, has been blocked in Turkey upon Turkish courts request

    The video-sharing website YouTube has banned access to 12 videos that are said to insult Prophet Muhammad following a Turkish court decision on Monday, according to court officials.

    The verdict of the magistrates’ court of Golbasi in Ankara was submitted to YouTube by the local access provider in Turkey and access to the 12 videos was blocked in the country.

    Evaluating the application of the public prosecutor’s office, the magistrates’ court had decided that access to YouTube would have been completely barred had the 12 videos not been blocked.–3503


  8. Benghazi panel releases 60 emails from Clinton adviser Blumenthal

    The House Select Committee on Benghazi on Monday released roughly 60 emails that former adviser Sidney Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of State.

    In releasing those emails, Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) rejected a request from the panel’s Democrats and Blumenthal’s attorney to release a transcript of the nearly nine-hour deposition that Blumenthal gave the committee last week.

    “Releasing transcripts can impact the recollections of other witnesses, jeopardize the efficacy of the investigation, alert witnesses to lines of inquiry best not made public, and publicize personal information,” Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, wrote in a letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (Md.), the panel’s top Democrat.

    Gowdy said he would call a nonbusiness meeting of the select committee to discuss why Blumenthal’s transcript “should be treated differently from all others previously interviewed and all others to come.”

    The chairman demanded that the State Department say whether it already possessed the messages from Blumenthal, which were sent to Clinton’s personal email server while she served as the nation’s top diplomat. Clinton, a Democrat running for president, has said that she turned over all work-related emails to State before erasing the remaining personal messages from her server.
    Gowdy gave the department until the end of the day Monday to determine whether it has copies of the 60 Blumenthal emails.
    In a statement, Cummings slammed Gowdy for releasing the emails but not the deposition.

    “Before today, Chairman Gowdy had not officially released a single email from a single witness in this entire investigation, which has lasted more than a year. Now, he has apparently decided that this one witness is so critical that his emails — and his alone — must be released,” he said.

    Gowdy, however, “refuses to release Mr. Blumenthal’s deposition transcript, which includes his responses to hundreds of questions posed by Republicans about these very same emails and puts them in proper context.”

    “By the Chairman’s own admission, these emails have absolutely nothing to do with the attacks in Benghazi, and their selective release demonstrates the Select Committee’s singular focus on attacking Hillary Clinton and her bid for president,” according to Cummings.

    Blumenthal turned the messages over to the select committee on June 12.

    Last month, the State Department released nearly 300 emails from Clinton’s private email server that showed she received about 25 memos from Blumenthal regarding Libya while she was secretary of State.

    During his marathon deposition last week, Blumenthal revealed he did not actually write or vet any of the messages he sent to Clinton. The memos were authored by Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA official who was on the ground in Libya.

    The nearly 180 pages of emails released Monday stretch from February 2011 to December 2012. They cite intelligence from a number of sources, including sources inside the Libyan transitional government, about security conditions during and after the country’s civil war.

    The memos also include a number of articles written about the conflict.

    The batch of emails include one message, previously released, that blamed the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed four Americans on a “sacrilegious” Internet video depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

    Blumenthal sent another memo the next day citing “sensitive sources” that believed the attack was an act of terrorism.


    the e-mails ( PDF )

  9. NIGERIA – 30 killed at crowded mosque by 2 young female suicide bombers in northeast Nigeria

    BAUCHI, Nigeria – Two girls blew themselves up on Monday near a crowded mosque in northeast Nigeria’s biggest city, killing about 30 people, witnesses said.

    It is the fourth suicide bombing this month in Maiduguri, which is the birthplace of the Boko Haram Islamic extremist group.

    Fishmonger Idi Idrisa said one teenager exploded as she approached the mosque crowded with people from the nearby Baga Road fish market, performing afternoon prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

    The second teen appeared to run away and blew up further away, killing only herself, he said.

    Civilian defence fighter, Sama Ila Abu, said he counted at least 30 corpses as he helped to collect the dead.

    Both men said said there were many injured being sent to the hospitals.

    Boko Haram has kidnapped hundreds and hundreds of girls and women and the numbers of female suicide bombers has raised fears that it is using the captives in its campaign.

    A military bomb disposal expert has told the AP that most bombs carried by girls and women have remote detonation devices, meaning the carrier cannot control the explosion.

    Boko Haram has stepped up attacks since Nigeria’s new President Muhammadu Buhari announced the military command centre is moving from the capital Abuja to Maiduguri in Borno State.

    The attacks come as Nigeria and its neighbours are preparing to strengthen a multinational army that this year drove Boko Haram out of the towns and villages where it had set up a so-called Islamic caliphate.

    But bombings and hit-and-run attacks have continued, along with cross-border raids.

    On Thursday, a group of the extremists attacked two towns in neighbouring Niger, killing at least 40 people, the government said.

    In its first attack on Chad, suicide bombers a week ago simultaneously attacked two buildings including the national police academy in N’Djamena, the Chadian capital, killing at least 33 people.

    Female suicide bomber kills 20 in Nigeria city of Maiduguri

    Woman with casserole containing explosives purportedly walked into local bus station

    At least 20 people were killed Monday when a young female suicide bomber detonated her explosives at a bus station in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria, in an attack likely to be blamed on Boko Haram.

    The blast happened near a fish market in the Baga Road area of the city, which has been repeatedly targeted in recent weeks by shelling, bombs and suicide attacks.

    “We heard a loud explosion at about 3:50 pm (1450 GMT) while we were preparing for afternoon prayers,” said Danlami Ajaokuta, a civilian vigilante assisting the military against Boko Haram.

    “It happened right inside the motor park (bus station) attached to the fish market where laborers were sorting out rice.”

    He said that according to survivors’ accounts, a woman came into the bus station with a casserole dish, shouting out for customers.

    “People were occupied with sorting the rice. No one paid any attention.

    “Suddenly, the casserole, which obviously contained explosives, went off. She was blown to pieces… We have sorted out 20 dead bodies and 50 others that were injured.”

    Ajaokuta’s account was supported by a laborer working at the scene who survived the blast, which sent people running in all directions in fear and panic.

    “The rescue operation is still on, so the death toll may be higher at the end,” said the laborer, who asked not to be identified.

    Reports from Maiduguri indicated that the bomber was a girl aged about 17 but there was no immediate confirmation of her age.

    There were also indications of a second bombing by a girl about the same age outside the bus station but no one was hurt.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Boko Haram extremists have frequently targeted civilians at markets and bus stations during their six-year insurgency.

    The Islamist bombers have also used young women and girls as human bombs since the middle of last year, as part of a campaign of terror in the restive northeast and beyond.

    Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, has increasingly come under attack in the weeks since new President Muhammadu Buhari took office on May 29, vowing to wipe out the Islamists.

    Monday’s bombing takes the number of attacks in the city to five this month. Three have been by suicide bombers and one targeted a cattle market.

    On June 3, an improvised explosive device left outside a mechanics’ workshop on the Baga Road killed 18 while on May 30, 26 people were killed in a suicide attack at a city mosque.

    With the latest attack, some 200 people have been killed since Buhari’s inauguration, according to AFP reporting.

    Nigeria and its military coalition partners of Niger, Chad and Cameroon have claimed a series of successes against Boko Haram since February, pushing the rebels out of captured territory.

    But its return to guerrilla tactics aimed at “soft targets” is a sign that the insurgency, which has cost at least 15,000 lives, is not over, according to analysts.

    • “Is it terrorism? Please say ‘yes’?!”
      They’re desperate for a non-Moslem, white killer to label “terrorist”. They’re hankering after it.

      Meanwhile, we’re in terrible trouble because of jihadis. I think I’m going to skip fireworks on the Charles this year.

  10. Rep. Gohmert: Obama Outed Active Israeli Iranian Spy Mission

    Congressman also blasts White House for disclosing possible use of Azerbaijani airspace by Israel in Iran strike.

    United States Congressman Louie Gohmert revealed Thursday that the Obama administration had “outed” an active Israeli spy mission in Iran. Israel, he said, had infiltrated Israeli spies into mainland Iran via cargo boats.

    He dropped the bombshell in a speech at EMET’s 9th annual “Rays of Light in the Darkness” gala dinner.

    Rep. Gohmert, who is one Israel’s fiercest and truest friends on Capitol Hill, stated: “We are on the brink of disaster.”

    He listed a stream of virulently anti-Israel actions taken by President Obama which included the “outing” of the Israeli spy mission, and the Obama Administration’s disclosing of possible use of Azerbaijani airspace by Israel.

  11. Kurds ‘capture key Syrian base’ north of Raqqa from IS (BBC, June 23, 2015)

    “Kurdish forces in northern Syria say they have captured a key military base from Islamic State (IS) north of the militants’ self-declared capital of Raqqa. The Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) were backed by US-led air strikes and other rebel groups.

    It comes a week after Kurdish forces seized a Syrian border crossing with Turkey from the jihadists. The move cut off a major supply route for IS. A Kurdish forces spokesman said they had complete control of the Liwa (Brigade) 93 base, which is deep in IS-held territory.

    Redur Xelil said the YPG was now on the outskirts of Ain Issa, a town only 50km (30 miles) north of Raqqa. “They [IS] have been defeated,” he said.

    The military compound, seized by IS last year, overlooks strategic roads linking Raqqa to other IS outposts in Aleppo province to the west and Hasakah province to the east.

    Rami Abdel Rahman, a spokesman for the UK-based activist group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said IS’s lines of defence had been “pushed back to the gates of Raqqa”…”

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