More slaves in England, a police stand off in Toronto, murder for cell phone in London and much more: Links 2 on June 20 – 2015

1. Oldham Man Iqbal Ali Kept ‘Harem’ of Sex Slaves and Subjected Them to 14-Year Ordeal

A man who kept a harem of sex slaves in Oldham, Greater Manchester, subjecting them to rape and torture over a 14-year period, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.


Iqbal Ali, 33, kept four women as his slaves, often subjecting them to brutal punishments such as beatings and public humiliation if they disobeyed his rules.


The Daily Mailreports that he kept two of his victims at his home where he monitored their every move and made them wear recording devices so he could hear them at all times. He forced one of the women, who worked as a teaching assistant, to burn her hands on a hob as a punishment and choked her with a belt until she fell unconscious.


A second woman, with whom he had a son, had to stand partially naked in a window with the word “slut” written across her chest after Ali accused her of flirting with other men.

2. Suspect at large in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) who seems to be connected in some way to a honour killing or Islamic terror.

The video at this link is one of the longest news videos I have seen where no one knows anything and no information is transmitted at all.

3. Yemen: Houthi attended Mosque hit despite calls for Ramadan truce *GRAPHIC*

4. WhupTdu made a worthy observation about the attack in Austria today. If memory serves, there was a similar dearth of witness accounts in Glasgow where the garbage truck crashed into several people.

5. Indigenous Slovaks protest the replacement of their laws, customs and people with islam and theirs.

Bratislava Slovakia (Start at 1:00 min on video immediately below)

6. Police are searching for the man who murdered a Calgary man who was tracking down his cell phone

CBC link  IF Press

An arrest warrant has been issued for Muhab Sultanaly Sultan, 23, of Calgary on a charge of second-degree murder, police said Friday evening.

Sultan is accused of shooting Jeremy Cook, 18, of London. Cook’s body was found at 5:20 a.m. on June 14 behind a plaza at the corner of Highbury Avenue and Huron Street.

The teen’s death was front page news across Canada and sparked a debate about the dangers of using apps to track down lost or stolen cellphones.

Police say Cook had left his cellphone in a cab last weekend. He used a device to track the phone and went with a relative to a parking lot on Highbury Avenue.

(Yes, the app that let him find his phone killed him, the car that ran over those people in Austria was the real issue, the knife the same man used to stab random Austrians was guilty of attempted murder and the gun the psycho mass-murderer used to kill all those black Christians in South Carolina, these are the problems. We need more car knife gun and app controls)

7. Roadside Bomb Kills at Least 12 Civilians in Afghanistan

(Whats that old saying? Every time a bomb goes off a jihadi gets his horns?)

8. Computer generated voice video on the Bosnian who drove into a crowd and started stabbing people.

(A few interesting things about this video. At least it says he stabbed people, while the NYT managed to avoid that unpleasant detail. Also it seems that the authorities are able to get his confidential medical records based on what they say about him, before they can even get his name. Much like the attacks before Christmas all over Europe by various muslims all of whom were mentally ill in exactly the same way, right after an Islamic State video came out telling muslims to do exactly what they did. Also how this voice says ‘knife’ as “ke nif e”)

Thank you Buck, M., Carpe Diem, Wrath of Khan, Richard and more.

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