Barometer post on islam in the West: Changing for the better? Links 1 on June 11 – 2015

1. Ottawa cabbies gone wild.

(The first story shows a next-level racist rant by an Ottawa cabbie who was asked to move his car for an ambulance.)

Question: If you were his lawyer, which of the following reasons would you offer to get him off:

1. This was not a racist rant, he was just singing a popular rap tune and was overheard by people he hadn’t noticed were there.

2. This was a performance art piece showing how white people normally behave, teaching us all the evils of the pale man.

3. None of the above. As an immigrant who is not white, he will never be convicted of anything remotely connected to racism anyway, so no need for any kind of excuse beyond, hadn’t had a coffee in over 90 minutes.

When you watch the video for the second time, and you know you will, its like watching a car accident, you can’t turn it off, imagine he was a white guy in the UK. We all know he would be crossing the road to Chapters to get Martha Stuart’s book on better cells and jailhouse living by now. Another question would be how many years would he get under those circumstances.

1b. City of Ottawa charges crabby cabbie

(The next time this cabbie watches this video, perhaps it will dawn on him that this is why people use UBER)

A cabbie caught on video berating a bylaw officer has been charged with being boorish in front of his passenger.

The video posted on YouTube last week shows a taxi driver, appearing to be in the Byward Market, castigating a bylaw officer after the officer asked to see the cabbie’s driver and taxi licences

“Buddy, call police before I give you anything, how’s that?” the cabbie tells the officer.

2. U.K. man gets 16 years in prison for ‘systemically’ raping victim he forced into becoming his second wife

(It seems that in the UK you can get 7 years for bigamy alone. I guess if its a muslim that doesn’t count?)

A U.K. man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for forced marriage and “systemically” raping his victim — a historic first in the country that recently made forced marriage a crime.

Referred to simply as a “business man” from Cardiff in the U.K. press, the offender can’t be identified in order to protect his 25-year-old victim. He coerced her into marriage after he raped her and later filmed her in the shower, threatening to post the video on the internet.

The woman was first attacked when she arrived at the man’s Cardiff home for a supposed social gathering. She was later bound, gagged and raped — a crime the man used to blackmail her into becoming his second wife.

(I suspect ‘second wife’ is enough to be confident it was a muslim. The behaviour in question pretty much guarantees is wasn’t a Mormon)

3. Report: Orange Employee Provided French Terror Group With Potential Hit List

(Was Orange not the company that recently managed a large scale boycott of Israel?)

An Islamist Orange employee provided a terrorist group in France with a list of names, addresses and cellular and landline telephone numbers of personalities, including prominent French politicians such as Nicolas Sarkozy and Roselyne Bachelot, French Newspaper Le Figaro reported on Monday.

The revelation that the Orange employee dubbed “Dawoud” provided the leader of Forsane Alizza with the list of potential targets came as members of the group were put on trial after being arrested in 2012. […] Another target list compiled by the Islamists contained the names of ten Jewish stores, five of which belonged to the Hyper Cacher chain. The group had also obtained an English-language manual on how to build a nuclear bomb, according to the British Telegraph. 

4. Dutch embassies ‘prepared’ for Wilders’ Mohammed cartoon broadcasts

(What a shame that decades of neglect, hubris and leftism have put us in the position where maintaining the most fundamental aspects of the Enlightenment is so dangerous on a global scale. Geert Wilders and a handful of others are true champions for standing up for them)

Senior foreign ministry officials have briefed Dutch embassies around the world to cope with any fall-out from Geert Wilders’ planned broadcast of anti-Mohammed cartoons. The aim is to prevent ‘violent protests in Islamic countries which could put Dutch lives at risk or damage Dutch business interests’, the Volkskrant reports on Thursday.

A ‘cable’ with instructions was sent to 140 diplomatic missions earlier this month, sources told the paper. Ambassadors have been asked to emphasis that the decision to show the cartoons on television is not that of the government, but of an MP making use of his right to freedom of expression. Such a briefing is standard procedure, the paper says.

5. Montreal, Quebec launch anti-radicalization centre to combat extremism

(video of people speaking, yet saying nothing at link)

Now the centre has a specific director who will fight jihadist ideology: Herman Okomba-Deparice.

He has spent the past decade working in the Montreal police department as a specialist in cultural relations, and most recently in dealing with radicalized groups.

The centre is meant to prevent and detect violence and to help the radicalized person reintegrate into society. The situations reported would not necessarily become criminal matters.

“It’s really to support those who are worried, parents, family members friends,” said Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Minister Kathleen Weil.

(As this center will be forced to avoid the real issue by decree, it won’t be long till it is an actual vector of jihad, or is abandoned altogether as a bad job)

6. FSA downs MIG Jet over Syria

7. Greece gets wake-up call: coming week could seal its fate

BRUSSELS (AP) — International creditors sent Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras home from a summit Thursday with a clear message: swiftly tone down your demands in the bailout talks over the next week or face financial ruin.

(Financial ruin will come to all who stay in the EU and use the Euro. It was never meant to be good for nations. It was meant to destroy them and create a USSR West)


Thank you Grace, Oz-Rita, M., Richard and all who sent in materials. Quite a bit more to post already today. Stay tuned.

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  1. 7 – The big problem is the ruin won’t be confined to the EU, granted that is where the major damage will occur but the worlds economy is so integrated the disaster will spread all around the world. How far the various nations depend on 1) are they using the euro, 2) what does their government do? This will depend on how firm their socialist beliefs are. (We can take it as a given that Obama will do the wrong thing).

  2. 1. “Question: If you were his lawyer…”

    What did he do wrong apart from obstructing an ambulance? I’ve looked at the video and valued his opinions without agreeing to or being offended by his ignorance. He’s in his car and being harangued, and he may have just been taking a pee. And whatever his umbrage – of his finest race, religion, and culture in the world being tested – he still can call you whatever he likes. Because if you believe he can’t, then you will allow others speak for you: and that is called Socialism.

    So the question should be made clearer; “If you were his Human Rights Lawyer…”

    • Socialism is based on greed. It says “he has more than I have — take it from him and give it to me.” And what does Donohue mean by “manipulating the system?” Learning a skill and selling it for a livelihood? Saving a little out of each salary for times of unemployment? Not squandering your money? Earning a little interest or some dividends — is that manipulating the system? Maybe I’ve missed something.

  3. I was asking the question in the context of the new communist laws on speech and thought crimes laws, as filtered through race identity politics of course.

  4. 1b. City of Ottawa charges crabby cabbie

    Hanif Patni, president of Coventry Connections, confirmed the cabbie works for Blueline, which is the fleet owned by Coventry.

    “It is amazing somebody like that, in his position, would act like that,” Patni said of the cabbie.

    Hmmmmm…..Hanif……muzlim name?
    If so, he’s not amazed at all……..

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