Second annual spring fundraiser for VladTepesBlog

Dear readers.

For the second year in a row, and for the exact same reasons as the first one, Vlad Tepes Blog is running a brief fund raiser. The issue is simple. In the spring, work dries up a lot for me at one job, while the summer job that used to make up for it, I have neglected for years, mostly because of my personal obsession with this site, its subject matters, and related work.

This leaves me in a bit of a lurch over the summer till things pick up in the fall at job #1.

So I thought I would try something a little novel. I arranged to have a custom version of a once-famous symbol of the Spanish Reconquista, but made in sterling silver. A modified version of a cross of St. James Matamoros. St. James was a central figure in the Spanish Reconquista. The period in Spanish history where the indigenous Spanish peoples decided to fight off the yoke of oppression of the muslim invaders and reestablish their own culture, church and laws on their own lands. I tried taking pictures of them but they didn’t work out very well. A few people I mentioned it to, picked up some and perhaps they will write their own impressions of them in the comments.

In any case, I was thinking that anyone who wishes to have one, and contributes over $60.00 would get one in the mail. Please indicate, when you click the donate button, that you want one and make sure there is a note with a valid actual mailing address for small packages.

Its a pendant about an inch and a half high. The proportions are subtly different than a cross as well, looking a bit more like a dagger and it corresponds closely to the Golden Radio of Phi. 

Truly sorry to interrupt your reading pleasure to do a blog bleg. But such are the circumstances. So far at least, it is just twice and with luck will never go over once a year.

I should mention that the subject matter of this site has raised the attention of certain segments of the political left and members of the Religion of Peace and as such, while I do enjoy really superb voluntary support from net-security pros, there is a slightly higher cost to me for security and more better server resources etc. than a regular website.

Also let me take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported the work on this site from previous fund raisers, as well as unasked unexpected contributions. It is really appreciated, and needed. There is a lot of work that gets done here, not all of which is always known to this site and much of it takes a lot of equipment. Editing video for example, has a monthly rental fee on the software as well as hardware costs. So thank you for supporting us in that and of course, for your readership, and contributions in comments and links etc.

It is  a wonderful community that has built itself around this site. And I am truly honored by it.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

7 Replies to “Second annual spring fundraiser for VladTepesBlog”

  1. I bought the cross a few months ago and wear it as a necklace. Today, I’ve bought another one to use as a gift. When people ask me about the cross, I tell them that it is not primarily a Christian symbol, but a symbol AGAINST Islam.

  2. I got one too – and I just LORRRVE it! because:

    1. It looks georgeous and as discreet as you want it to look.

    2. I feel like I’m DOING something concrete for the most important cause of our times! (ie surviving and fighting the cancer of islam)

    3. It accommodates my natural cowardness:
    ie when I am among the enemy (the islamophile and sharia-complying/promoting Left) and some of them are bigger than me, I just say it’s a “cross”
    To the more open minds I explain the “dagger” aspect of it.

    4. I am such a beneficiary of the VladTepes blog (I get islamist-related news faster and more reliably here than nearly everywhere else, including in Sydney or Paris) and I’m sure Eeyore would not ask for help if they did not need it – so there is one of my main reasons for buying it. The first 3 points are just fringe benefits.

    From the department of unsolicited advice:

    If 60 $ is a lot to you, I am sure that you dont have to buy the Matamoros cross and that 5 or 10 $ donation would be appreciated too.

  3. Competition:

    I have not asked VladTepes if I could do this, so Eeyore please feel free to delete this if you think it’s a “Schnaps-Idee”:

    I offer one of the Matamoros Crosses to the poster who writes the best “advertisment” for a Fundraiser.

  4. If I weren’t here, I’d be totally consumed by the flame-throwing haters, targeting me and mine. Finding the range, faster, hotter, scoring ever more hits.
    But however charred, I’d endure long enough to slaughter the Hydra-Judas who sups at my own table.
    No. I’d self-immolate by the acid that comes from hating everybody else. Horrid, bitter person dissolving in her own bile.
    Might not even notice the cavalry – You, the Good Guys – riding flat-out to the rescue.
    Note the canary’s increasing agitation? Confusion? Hysteria manifested by wildly, gleefully mixing metaphors. Naughty babbling crimes against diction, inflicting them on those she lorrrves.
    But then, here I am. To settle down, soothed by the dulcet chant: matamorros, matamorros, matamorros…

  5. As soon as I have an extra $60, the cross will be mine. 🙂

    BTW, Vlad, it should be the “raTio” not the “raDio” of Phi. 🙂

    Funny-as-hell typo though! 😀 LOL!

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