VIDEO: Arab settler stabbed a young woman israeli woman with a screwdriver (or knife)

Original translation by Oz-Rita with much thanks

From the Jewish Defense League in France

On June 6, a young Israeli girl is stabbed in the back by a young Arab-apparently motivated by the islamist cause.

Below is a video taken at the scene of the attack as the young woman is waiting for rescue.

The attack took place in the middle of the afternoon in the town of Ramel in the South East of Tel Aviv. The young woman said before help arrived that she was having more and more trouble breathing.

The terrorist was “neutralized” as he was trying to flee by three bullets in the legs.

We regret that he was not killed.

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10 Replies to “VIDEO: Arab settler stabbed a young woman israeli woman with a screwdriver (or knife)”

  1. Gaza and the West Bank should be turned in to car parks. I’d start with a creeping barrage and I would expel all Muslim Palestinians from inside Israel asap.

    There is no cohabitation with those Muslim sub-humans!

  2. During WWII some of the men who were serving in what turned into the Special Forces did their best to get their hands on long heavy screw drivers to make into knifes to use to take out a sentry by stabbing them in the heart.

    • OMG….I always thought the screw driver being “less lethal” than a knife, thanks for the information, Richard, and welcome back – although my computer/internet connection are preventing me atm to post a lot, my non-negotiable daily reading of VladTepes (it’s called addiction) showed you as “missing in action” for a while.

      • On the way back from the VA my transmission went out, it will take me two months to get the money to buy another one and then another month to get the money to pay for the work. That is a long time to be without a vehicle.

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