Browser Hijack CORRECTION its SWEET CAPTCHA causing the problem!

(ignore the aspects of the post below describing cause. It appears to be our security feature, SWEET CAPTCHA that is infecting any site it is on!!!!)

You know that cute drag-and-drop security feature we use, or did use to authenticate users on the site when you logged in?

Well it turns out that they deliberately built in a browser hijack to monetize their plug in!

Read this article from WordPress itself!

Do no install this plugin. We thought at first out client’s site was hacked as users would see random popup and popunder ads, but as it turns out, Sweet Captcha is injecting Javascript to monetize their plugin.

There is a term for people who do this to their own clients but I wouldn’t want to wish that on their mothers. They didn’t do it.

Please IGNORE the previous analysis below on the cause of this. It was NOT the NYP links although NYP might have used Sweet Capcha 



Yesterday, I posted a link to a very good article by Phyllis Chesler which was at the New York Post. Now the following information is based on what I understand based on what I remember that this site’s superb technical help fellow told me. Any error is mine not his, and should be understood to not be placing any blame on anyone, except possibly a highly unscrupulous advertising ‘partner’ for the New York post.

As I understand it, the link as a referrer link had the ability to hijack a browser, not if you went to the lin directly at the NYP but only if you clicked it by a referrer such as this site. If you got the malware, it would give you a message telling you to call a certain phone number where they would try and talk you into giving up your CC information so they could essentially blackmail you to recover your browser.

I panicked and deleted the browser, and, without wanting to give too much technical information, left me in tech-help limbo overnight. I managed to get it all working just not with the simplest imaginable fix, but as I said to the technician from the computer company, “if you could cure cancer by putting on ruby slippers and clicking the heels three times saying ‘I want to be cured of cancer’ three times, its a very easy fix but fully impossible if you don’t know that procedure”.

At the end of the day, it seems fine now. But this should explain why there was nearly no posting overnight. I hope no one else was affected by this malware but I am assured by multiple parties that this particular hijack by AMJ Technologies doesn’t steal your card or anything, it just tries to trick you into calling them and paying them to release your system. Essentially they are kidnapping your machine except its very easy to fix it on your own if you have the solution.

So this problem, as far as has been able to be determined so far, is from an advertiser at the New York Post and is not the fault of Ms. Chesler, the NYP or this site. It is just that the referrer link can cause this hijack of your browser which feels and looks much worse than it actually is.

Thank you team of tech people who I have been working on all night for your patient help. More actual posts to follow today.




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