Geopolitics, Turkish weapons to Syria, IS attacks another Saudi mosque and more: Links 1 on May 29 – 2015

1. Sarah Haider: Islam and the Necessity of Liberal Critique (AHA Conference 2015)

2. Islamic State Group Claims Suicide Bombing of Shiite Mosque in Eastern Saudi Arabia

(Article and pictures here)

(Interestingly, in the video of the attack at the link above from inside the mosque, the muslims do not chant ‘ali ali ackbar’. I guess they only do that when they are the ones who specifically set off the bombs. But when another flavor of mustard attacks them, it doesn’t seem like allah is all that great just at that moment. More video below)

3. Landlord tells tenant to remove Israeli flag

A Jewish resident of Vienna’s second district was ordered to remove an Israeli flag that was shown inside the window of his apartment, or face eviction, according to Austrian media reports.

A neighbour complained that the flag “hurt his feelings”, according to reports. The apartment is in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt 2nd district, a traditional Jewish neighbourhood, where every day Jews in traditional garb are seen on the streets.

The landlord told the primary resident to remove the offending flag, which had been placed in the window by a sub-tenant.  When the sub-tenant refused, the landlord threatened “Either remove the flag, or leave the apartment.”

Subsequently, in addition to ordering the removal of the flag, the primary tenant decreed that the mezuzah — an important Jewish symbol placed on doorposts — also had to be removed.

(For those who still trumpet the canard that criticizing Israel is not antisemitic, a mezuzah is not connected to Israel in any way. It is a token some Jewish people put outside their front door and has no political meaning whatsoever. Being told to remove it, is antisemitic period)

4. This is a complicated article about how certain weapons shipments are finding their way to anti American terrorist groups from a US port which seems to have been approved without vetting by the Obama admin. It may need reading more than once.

5. ‘The virgins were taken to a room with 40 men. They lined us up and pointed who they wanted’: Yazidi girl, 17, made pregnant by ISIS fighter reveals her nine-month ordeal as a jihadi sex slave

(I wonder why the media is so concerned about this and not the estimated 1 million girls who have been made into sex slaves in the UK?)


6. Hundreds expected outside Phoenix mosque at Mohammed cartoon contest

(Videos at site on this planned event for this afternoon. If anyone knows of a site that will live stream this event, which should be at around 9:00 ET today, or 6:00 local Az. time, please post it in the comments ASAP. Other links on this will be posted shortly including a dhimmi interview by Anderson Cooper here. Lastly, Turkish news has made a major bust of Turkish intel services sending weapons which Erdogan denied including video etc. This is quite a serious thing and a translation of the article is on the way. Meanwhile the video of the weapons containers being opened by Turkish customs, I think, is here along with the article in Turkish.)

Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, Shabnam A., Andrea Shea King, and many more who took the time and made the effort to send in these important news links.

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8 Replies to “Geopolitics, Turkish weapons to Syria, IS attacks another Saudi mosque and more: Links 1 on May 29 – 2015”

  1. 1. Sarah Haider presents her argument to the Socialists before her of one that is ‘coming out:’ that the Homosexuals’ freedom to pick-up a baby and indulge in sexual metamorphosis should be matched to the solidarity and struggle of Muslims who are closet-atheists.

    We keep getting this Kinsey Report of cultural-Marxist relativism that heterosexuality is equal and opposite to homosexuality, two ends of the spectrum of all that humanity can be. Shades of Gay. (Yet Muslims have sex with animals to dominate, Socialists to relate… where’s their recognition-chart of slightly or strongly born that way?).

    The people less-conscious are made equal to those more-conscious. To push this deception past the brain, is to present a golden rule from pre-school that no one should feel excluded.

    So, we have to examine what this club for ex-Muslim atheists is, for they are not freed former Muslims, but the Kinsey Scale invert of the other. Black is white and white black. The perfect equal and opposite of the imprinted Muslim: Kuffar, in every sense of the word.

    • It is to do the right thing, in the wrong way. To become a prideful new identity born out of resentment, right before the violator’s very eyes. You have made them and yourself into god.

      Muslims are more upset if you insult Muhammad than Allah because it was Muhammad made them. Monkey do, monkey copy. His rules and conduct created fear to conform or rebel and do the exact opposite. Hell if you submitted your confession three times and became his simpering murdering minion, or hell if you ran into the very antitheses of fellow-shippers serving your rage as peacemakers. Pederasts or paedophiles, the only awakened sense of life they have left through role-playing a demoralized meaningless existence on earth.

      Why can’t we be allowed to unshackle them and set them free?

      Because over the last decade in the West Socialists have made the light of life a Hate Crime.

      • It is to do the right thing, in the wrong way. To become a prideful new identity born out of resentment, right before the violator’s very eyes. You have made them and yourself into god.
        And here I just saw apples and oranges…

        • Always willing to help Yucki,

          For example, a drunken single mother comers home from a party and finds her six year old son has been sitting on the bottom of the stairs all night. Shame starts to fill her, so she shouts at the child who in turn breaks out into tears. Satisfied she has regained the upper hand through seeing the fear and upset in the quivering boy, she sends him back to bed for being so naughty.

          The heart of the bitch just passed into the child who hated her. He will now spend a lifetime justifying it, from the best conformist of Mr Nice Guy, or dress-up to out-do moma by becoming her; either way she won’t hit him any more and he can become proud of his position of being the forever- liberal or an entirely new creation of Mankind.

          This is how Islam has spread across the world, by fear and intimidation, and the implant of a cowardice that is covered with the brittle veneer of Holiness. Death to the unbeliever is an imperative therefore, if their charade is to be maintained. All Rationalists are their target.

          Other believers who also swallowed their own happy pills will be subjugated and milked if found to be with a similar upset of fatherlessness to cry out for an Abba Father, (those with a higher chance of conversion from mild to hot curry); and shot if it was the Moma-father that fixed them, (as was in the little boy on the stairs).

          And it bring us to Jesus, this virtual reality guide to show you how it’s done, that espoused: “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

          The point of entry of intimidation, cannot get in.

          Now billions of children of course are stuffed, as they cannot understand how fear is not the path to wisdom when all others demand you follow this gateway to a new painless unconsciousness. It is the role of the parents to protect them, but the Religion or the State believes it is their right to condition them into their own conditioning of what is upset-full and what is not, to master the walk around eggshells, to speak politically correctly, where the most sensitive and disturbed become the influential priests and politicians.

          It is to do the right thing, in the wrong way.

          In resisting evil the child pushes back – the right idea but the wrong method – because in dealing with aggression she becomes passive-aggressive, a pacifist, and enforces her will on her pre-schooled children just as much as the Musselma on her madrassa schooled.

          To become a prideful new identity born out of resentment, right before the violator’s very eyes. You have made them and yourself into god.

          The intimidator has won. They have planted their seed. Now if they say “boo” you will either run or fight, sulk or shout, but either way they can predict your every move without you ever knowing it, and you will compensate with pride in the new robes of saintly godliness and preferential status, and the rulers of their kingdoms shall laugh.

  2. 4/ This could be our worst nightmare.

    Big UAE money holds a 35-year lease on container shipping facilities at Port Canaveral, Florida. Yes, that’s our own Cape Canaveral, home to NASA.

    In fact that’s the operational core – the beating heart – of our most critical security facilities infrastructure. There’s a vast array of top secret everything: Trident subs, ballistic missile operations, spy satellites, and connected to just about everything we know or have everywhere.

    Here’s a picture: Map of North Merritt Island, Florida showing the proximity of Port Canaveral, Florida to US Navy Trident submarine base, USAF Canaveral Air Force Station and NASA Kennedy Space Center

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