Islamic scriptural justification for slavery and more terror and islamic crime gangs in Europe: Links 3 on May 28 – 2015

1. A funeral was held for two brothers, both MAFIA dons, organized crime kingpins in Berlin. Video below seems to have subtle clues as to the ideology that may have motivated much of their activity.

Translation by Carpe Diem from PI-News

The brothers Aziz and Ahmad A., both underworld bosses of Berlin, had a deadly car accident on the highway the penultimate weekend. Last Friday, there was their funeral celebration at Berlin’s  Sehitlik Mosque. 3000 guests attended the event for the Lebanese citizens who were well-known for prostitution, drug trafficking, racketeering and extortion, serious violence and arms trade. Germany in 2015.

2. Lebanese man held for possession of large quantity of ammonium nitrate in Cypress with Canadian passport.

(There was no indication that he owned or supplied a large farm)

Cypriot authorities detained a Lebanese national on Thursday after finding in his possession a large quantity of ammonium nitrate fertilizer which, police said could case widespread damage if used in an explosive mixture.

A public prosecutor, asking for court proceedings to be held in camera, said the case raised questions of state security.

Police said they had discovered two tonnes of ammonium nitrate at premises used by the 26-year-old in the coastal town of Larnaca on Wednesday night.

Ammonium nitrate is a fertilizer but in large quantities can be mixed with other substances to make a powerful explos

Video in Greek, I think. If anyone understands it and believes it is worth translating for titles and willing to do it, please contact me by leaving a note in the comments under this post)

3. This is an open threat page froAnsar Al Islam Bangladesh detailing who they plan to attack next.

(This is well worth the read. It does beg the question. Will our governments allow the intended targets to fight back or will it label all who do as radical extremists and hold them up as an example to the muslim community of how ‘reasonable and fair’ said government is?)

The rest is at the link

The rest is at the link

4. DC Metro Bans Issue-Oriented Ads After Geller Pushes for Muhammad Cartoon Ad

Geller was trying to submit the winner of her now-infamous Muhammad cartoon contest––which depicts a cartoonist drawing Muhammad, Muhammad saying “You can’t draw me!”, and the cartoonist saying “That’s why I draw you”––to the DC Metro to run ads.

Geller told The Washington Post earlier today she submitted it and included the caption “Support Free Speech.” She said that if there was any sort of ban on the ad, she would challenge it in court.

Well, WMATA took a different angle by banning all issue ads entirely. And there are a few important details here, including the fact that this may not be a good financial move for them:

(Now of course it will all boil down to what is, and what is not an issue. It isn’t difficult to imagine a muslim group cleverly wording a bus advert to be permissible while any attempt to raise awareness of who that group is and what they really want, will not)

5. Here are a couple of gems from Islamic texts on black people. From Al-Tabiri: Volume 2 II Page 21:


And from Page 11 and 12 the same volume:


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Carpe Diem, Tommy Robinson’s twitter feed and all of you for taking the time to read, comment and send iinks. More to come shortly.

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