RCMP set to release missing Parliament Hill jihadi video sections and more: Links 3 on May 27 – 2015

1. Beau didn’t want Mutlu Kaya, 19, to sing and used gun to silence her: Cops

(While none of the articles reference specifically the Islamic prohibition on music etc. it isn’t a very big stretch to assume that her ex boyfriend who killed her, was informed by that cultural imperative in rapidly islamifying Turkey)

2. While D.C. Downplays Risk, U.S. Sees Shocking Rise in Terror Arrests This Year

The arrest of two southern California men last week who were planning to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State brings the number of U.S.-based individuals involved in international terror-related cases this year to 40.

This number highlights the metastasizing Islamic terror threat in the American homeland. At the current pace, by the end of June — halfway through 2015 — the number of cases will exceed the number from the past two years combined.

(This is still a very small number of people. In fact inconsequential really. I would bet far more people than that went to join the Nazis when Hitler made the call for expats. The real question is what is said in the majority of mosques and how many of the faithful are waiting for the signal to act at home, and subvert our culture, laws and rights in other ways)

3. Turkish opposition candidate was shot yesterday. But why in the leg?

Elif Dogan Turkmen, the main opposition deputy candidate of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), was shot in the leg during an armed assault in a restaurant in the province of Adana on Tuesday.

4. Zehaf-Bibeau named names of accomplices: Report

(Remember the missing 18 seconds of video from the Parliament Hill shooter the RCMP edited out? This allegedly contains the much wanted answers about it)

More here at Global News 

5. In Arizona, Bikers Plan Armed Protest Outside of Mosque

The rally’s organizer, Jon Ritzheimer, has called on the group to “to utilize there [sic] second amendment right at this event just incase our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack.” He warns on the event’s Facebook page that the mosque is “a known place that the 2 terrorist [sic] frequented.” The would-be ambushers of Pamela Geller’s event in Garland are said to have worshiped there.

As of Wednesday morning, 128 people had signed up to attend the Phoenix rally.

6. Adil Charkaoui: The angriest man in Montreal

‘Merchant of hate.’ ‘Charlatan.’ Leading Muslim voice? How former terror suspect Adil Charkaoui has become a go-to spokesman for his people


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