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  1. Eiffel Tower suffers shutdown over pickpockets (BBC, May 22, 2015)

    “The Eiffel Tower shut down for six hours because of a staff walkout in protest against a surge in pickpocketing gangs.

    Workers say the gangs are increasingly threatening them with assault or abuse.

    The company managing the major tourist attraction “thanked the public for its understanding” and said it “regrets that visitors… are being punished”.

    About seven million people go up the tower every year. The tower reopened on Friday afternoon.

    Staff are demanding “formal guarantees” from management to stop pickpocketing gangs who target numerous tourists every day.

    The staff’s union representative, Denis Vavassori, told the AP news agency that the staff had walked out “so we could ask for a permanent police presence here”.

    The thieves “form a gang of four to five people”, and sometimes there can be about 30 of them surrounding the tower, one of the striking workers told the AFP news agency. Occasionally they even “fight among themselves”.

    Another striker said that he had been threatened while chasing away a pickpocket: “He said to me, ‘why don’t you let us work… if this continues you will have problems’.”

    A similar closure took place in April 2013 when the Louvre art gallery disappointed hundreds of tourists by closing down after staff complained of being spat at, abused and even assaulted by pickpocketing gangs.

    More police were sent to protect the museum, which is visited by 10 million tourists every year….”

    • “He said to me, ‘why don’t you let us work… if this continues you will have problems’.”

      I hear that sweet offering of a New Spring in Paris coming on, where pick-pockets stealing from kuffar… no, a more Gaelic submission is needed… getting the rightful jizya dip from thepu-kar, (those who will do anything for a kiss).

  2. Baghdad halts Ramadi refugee flow after capture by IS (BBC, May 23, 2015)

    “The authorities in Baghdad have closed a key bridge, stopping refugees fleeing the city of Ramadi from entering the Iraqi capital.

    More than 40,000 people have left Ramadi since its capture by Islamic State militants earlier this week.

    It is not clear why Bzebiz bridge was closed, though there have been concerns that militants could mingle with the displaced and infiltrate the capital.

    Bzebiz is seen as the one safe crossing to Baghdad from Anbar province.

    The United Nations World Food Program said it had begun sending food aid into the province.

    About 25,000 received emergency assistance on Thursday and supplies for another 15,000 were on their way, the WFP said….”

  3. US: Myanmar should share responsibility for Rohingya crisis

    More of the same. Associated Press. How does spew qualify as ‘news?’

    ‘After Myanmar moved from dictatorship toward democracy in 2011, newfound freedoms of expression gave voice to Buddhist extremists who spewed hatred against the religious minority and said Muslims were taking over the country. Attacks that followed left up to 280 people dead. Another 140,000 Rohingya were driven from their homes and are now living under apartheid-like conditions in crowded displacement camps.’

    • Jakarta: Most migrants ‘not Rohingya’

      SYDNEY — Indonesia has told Australia that most of the migrants stranded at sea in Southeast Asia are illegal labourers from Bangladesh, not oppressed Muslim Rohingya, according to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

      More than 3,500 migrants have swum to shore or been rescued off the coasts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh since a Thai crackdown on human-trafficking in early May threw the illicit trade into chaos.

      Speaking to The Weekend Australian newspaper, Bishop said Indonesia estimated that only 30-40% of the thousands still stranded at sea were Rohingya — an impoverished Muslim community from Myanmar’s western Rakhine state.

      “They believe there are about 7,000 people at sea [and] they think about 30 to 40% are Rohingya, the rest are Bangladeshi; and they are not, in Indonesia’s words, asylum-seekers, they are not refugees — they are illegal labourers. They’ve been promised or are seeking jobs in Malaysia,” Bishop said.

    • America will take all the poor oppressed Muslims in. Americans are much more tolerant of Muslim shenanigans than the hateful warlike Bhuddists.

    • I don’t understand. Is this tragic accident funny? Does his name attached to the most evil man in the world at the time, yet not chosen by him, make him evil?
      My sympathies to his family and all who loved him. A sad loss.

      • In the process of Islamizing Indonesia, Islam took Sumatra and Java, but was stopped at Bali. At Bali it had to go around, and had only mixed success in the eastern islands. Evidently the old gods were strong enough there. They badly let the island down with the savage and destructive attacks by other members of young Mohammed’s cult in 2002 and 2005, but it may be they still have some spirit left in them, and still recognize the old enemy.

        But we’ve been here before, and you have established that you don’t care for the darker sort of irony. Fair enough. At 21, was Mohammed – from Singapore, according to the article, i.e. not from a region of thoroughly oppressive Islamic indoctrination – responsible for his membership in the death cult? Did he have a choice?

        And yes, it’s a sad loss for his family. From their point of view, of course, his untimely death was the will of Allah. If Mohammed had been ‘radicalized,’ and had taken a hundred or two non-Muslims with him to the grave, that too would have been the will of Allah.

        • Hi Don,

          Thank you for your reason to rejoicing in a young man’s death, because he was connected by birth-ignorance to a dangerous ideology, as nothing more than two ram’s heads butting.

          However, he might have have had a career, raised a loving family, and become an ex-Muslim and a light to the world.

          You see, Islam is good. When you see Muslims defending their religion, it is of a merciful and loving one. Death, is as you explained it, the ridding of an enemy of Allah. Muhammed to them is a holy and virtuous saint. Every horrific thing done by this Pirate is rationally explained, totalled and accounted for: it was the fault of the mendacious Pagans, Christians and Jews at the time – and right up to the present day. They now own the ticking End-Of-Time Clock.

          So what we call “tacqyya” is that they were tacqyya’d from birth to schooling in the first place into believing what they are told on TV and in the media.

          This is why Socialist state-broadcasters, (what governments owns a TV corporation? ‘Come-on now), and these governments are afraid that their narrative-face slips, and are just as aggressive to stop their socialize-populations getting to the truth, so the truth is no defence to being incarcerated any more.

          So while, a person is under Islam, (like the Germans under Nazism and the Western masses under Socialism), he had the chance uncover the root of his drug of pleasure-pain, halal-haram and either become just another kiss-the-child/kill-the-child humanity or enlightened rejecter of the cult.

          What percentage of naive ignorance and unsanity he may have had at the time of his death, I don’t know. If a sold-soul member of ISIS – then a lucky-break for all of us. But he was most likely just as unsane as the neighbours who think sodomy is loving, (when every dog knows it is a form of submissive-dominance), or those who think the rich have caused our poverty, (when it is their money that fund the technology and comforts the very poor enjoy today in the West).

          Being a twat does not in anyway excuse his untimely death. To be glad, and see the fingers pointing, makes we wonder at the invasion of the body-snatchers.

        • There is nothing personal in this discussion Don – we are both making a point.

          I don’t see irony in this tragic event just because he probably, like most Muslims, carried an anti-kuffar chip on his shoulder.

          Many Blacks and females carry something similar when they feel they ought to be equal, if not superior, and the majority outside their club are doing better and so there has to be some conspiracy going on.

          Whereas just thinking you are Black, female and Muslim dims the brain. Once you discard that – you are free to achieve anything you want despite the obstacles. We got to the moon didn’t we?

          Matthew read Mark’s gospel, and though not knowing what demons Jesus faced to get the chip off his shoulder to be able to see reality ,(“the kingdom of God”), he postulated the three universal truths to set a person free:

          1. Materialism. Possession of gender, sex, race, religion, money, gluttony to name a few attachments.

          2. Welfare. To be in the pocket of your benefactor. What person accepts money from the state for screwing and having a child?

          3. Submission. To serve anyone, good or bad, is a removal of your sovereignty. Making Jesus or Muhammad one fraction better than you, is your demise and your children’s contempt.

          As most people fit one or all of these, first protect your children, then if you can your wife, and then those waiting for the confirmation that it is the world, and not they, that is mad.

          • There is an irony in that this fellow, Mohammed, the agent of a supremacist ideology/religion that succeeded in dominating the (Hindu and Buddhist, but really largely animist) belief systems of most of Indonesia – bearers and agents of which ideology continue the effort to eradicate the pre-Islamic religion of this last island hold-out even today, launching for example those horrific attacks in the previous decade – was done in (along with his own overconfidence and carelessness) by one of those very forces of nature his religion not only mocks and despises, ridicules as unworthy of veneration and powerless against the invincible might of Allah, but whose followers have slaughtered and continue to slaughter the votaries of, as part of its enduring and unalterable program to make Islam everywhere supreme.

            ‘Legend has it that each sea temple is visible from the next, forming a chain stretching around Bali’s coast.’


            As you say, we don’t know what was in Mohammed’s future or in his heart, and it is interesting what you have made of that. But my comment was not concerned with either, but only pointed to an historical irony in the unfortunate event.

            Today the sea-god appears to have reared his head. I don’t doubt it is the thrashing of a dying god, and that soon enough other victims of Islam, as you would have them, will have their way with the Balinese as they have had with the peoples of most of the rest of the archipelago. The temples will go the way of the Buddhas of Afghanistan and the Roman ruins of Palmyra.

            • Yes, this Late Mohammad, if Mohammadan in sympathies of any kind, was part of the problem because he was blind to it. However, I would rather see him live to regret it, exactly as I would anyone in a perverted lifestyle or campaigning for the diminishing-returns of collectivity. A law that prevents their promotion by government, not receiving tax-payer subsidies, and no censure of free speech is a beneficial way forward to make these parasitical cancers rot at the stump of failed ideologies.

              Only those carrying fear, guilt or resentment follow these paths of ‘no responsibility for their own actions,’ to submit so that in return they remove their pain of conscience. Each person feels Born Again with their problems nullified and cast onto their old-self, now cursing their culture, family and friends.

              The rapist will declare to a judge they are not guilty, because when in prison before the trial they became a Muslim/Transgender/Collectivist. They would never do this again they promise… unless legally permitted to. For they live under the Law.

              As you wrote, “Allah’s Will,'” to which is rejoined: “born that way,”and “the Party knows best.”

              Therefore it is to the living we write and not these walking dead.

              To expose the deliberately laid snares from paid workers into the minds of the young; those who have offices and self-aggrandizing titles who hang around like drug-pushers at university campuses to trick the bewildered who for the first time had just left home, (broken or otherwise).

  4. Turkish police injured in clashes over Morsi death sentence

    At least 11 Turkish police officers were injured in clashes with Islamist demonstrators in the Kurdish-majority southeast who were protesting the death sentence given by an Egyptian court to former president Mohamed Morsi, the provincial governor said Saturday.

    The protesters had gathered outside a mosque in the Diyarbakir province following Friday prayers and read out a statement denouncing the verdict, chanting “God is great”, [ Allah is the greatest ] an AFP photographer said.

    Police fired teargas and water cannon at protesters when they attempted to march towards Diyarbakir’s main square.

    The protesters, including members of the Islamist Huda-Par, known to be the political extension of Turkish Hezbollah, as well as members of dozens of Muslim NGO groups, responded by throwing stones, prompting clashes with club-wielding riot police.

    The Diyarbakir governor’s office said in a statement that at least 11 police officers had been hurt in the clashes and that “extensive damage” had been caused to the city.

    Around 20 people were arrested.

  5. MACEDONIA – KOSOVO Muslim Dead terrorists welcomed in Kosovo as heroes, EU’s reaction: silence

    BELGRADE – Image showing how killed terrorists in Kumanovo were welcomed in Kosovo, with honors as if they are national heroes, toured the Europe without provoking any reaction, writes “Blic”.

    Lifeless bodies of nine Albanian terrorists who were killed in Kumanovo were transported to Pristina, where they were welcomed by a large number of citizens and representatives of KLA with the flags of Albania. The bodies were returned to Kosovo after relatives of the killed terrorists organized a protest in front of the building of the Government of Kosovo demanding from Macedonia to extract the bodies of the killed. KLA association announced that the funeral of killed Albanians will be done with full military honors, after the bodies are autopsied once again in Kosovo.

    A formal welcome of the killed terrorist did not cause any reaction of the European Union nor the international community. Image that went all around the world was condemned only by the Macedonian media, reminding that 8 police officers were killed in terrorist attacks, while more than 30 were injured.

    President of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun said for “Blic” that the celebration of the figure and work of terrorists is, at the very least, inappropriate.

    “Each victim is for regret, but here we are dealing with terrorists who illegally entered the neighbouring country of Macedonia with a single purpose – to kill people. What they did is beyond every law and celebrating these people as fighters for the rights of the Albanians is both inappropriate and provocative,” said Drecun.

    He said that the move by Kosovo Albanians and the glorification of terrorists is a clear message to official Skopje about the idea of creating the Greater Albania.

    “It is high time for Skopje to consider whether it is in the interest of the citizens of Macedonia to recognize the artificial state of Kosovo or they will withdraw it after these terrorist attacks. This should be their biggest lesson learned. At the same time, Europe has to already say out loud that terrorist attacks in Kumanovo were aimed at destabilization of Macedonia,” said Drecun noting that “obviously someone in the EU has too ‘soft’ attitude” on the issue of the Greater Albania, which the Albanians make maximum use of in achieving their objectives.

  6. LEBANON – Everyone has role to play in ‘existential’ Syria battle: Nasrallah

    BEIRUT: Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has called for a popular mobilization among his party’s supporters to help solidify a win in the “existential battle” in Syria.

    “The resistance is fighting an existential battle par excellence,” Nasrallah said Friday in a private speech addressed to his party’s wounded fighters, according to As-Safir newspaper. “Had we not fought in Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, we would have fought in Baalbek, Hermel, al-Ghazieh, Sidon, Tyre, Nabatieh and other Lebanese villages, towns and cities.”

    The Hezbollah chief said the group had no choice but to seek the defeat of the “takfiri” groups in the region, or else face slaughter, shame, rape and enslavement.

    “Even if half of us are martyred in this war for the other half to live in dignity, glory and honor… this would be the best choice,” he said. “Half of us will not be martyred, God willing, but the situation requires great sacrifice because the attack is huge.”

    He said Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have resolved their internal conflicts and joined forces in the battle against Hezbollah.

    “If we were to be determined and responsible enough, we will beat them and victory will be our ally,” he said.

    He attacked pro-Western Shiite politicians, referring to them as “the Shiites of the U.S. Embassy,” and called them “traitors, collaborators and idiots,” according to the report.

    “It is the time for mobilization, and everyone can contribute, even with his voice,” he said. “Everyone who enjoys a reputation of integrity should contribute to this mobilization. The religious scholars should speak, whoever has lost a martyr should speak… even you, my wounded brothers, you have healthy tongues, so speak.”

    He said his party might soon be announcing “general popular mobilization,” revealing that there will be no geographical limitations for its military actions in the future.

    “I said before that we would be wherever we should be [in Syria], and we would not allow this plan to expand, but we were unfortunately answered by doubt, incitement and accusations of treason,” he said.

    “I say that we might fight everywhere. We will not remain silent with anyone anymore, and we have strong cards that we haven’t yet used.

    “If we keep working with this momentum, like we did in Qalamoun…, the divine promise of victory is certainly guaranteed.”

    Hezbollah and the Syrian Army have achieved a large number of field victories in the Qalamoun over the last two and a half weeks, taking more than 310 square kilometers out of the 780 square kilometers of land that had previously been controlled by jihadis.


    In a statement Saturday night, Hezbollah spokesperson Mohammad Afif said some of the above remarks attributed to party chief Hasan Nasrallah were taken out of context. The statement did not specify what parts of the text it objected to.

  7. Somali MP Yusuf Dirir killed in Mogadishu attack (BBC, May 23, 2015)

    “A Somali member of parliament has been shot dead in Mogadishu in an attack by suspected Islamist militants.

    Security officials said that Yusuf Dirir was killed when gunmen opened fire on his car.

    Three workers from the Transport Ministry also died in a separate drive-by shooting on Saturday.

    The attacks in the capital city came as a number of people were killed in clashes between al-Shabab gunmen and government troops in southern Somalia.

    Police said that Mr Dirir had been killed when gunmen in a minibus blocked his route and sprayed the car with bullets….”

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