More authoritative voices in the muslim world make more direct threatening noises: Links 2 on May 19 – 2015

1. Islamic State militants measure up wounds to be inflicted in ‘eye-for-an-eye’ punishments

THESE gruesome images show how Islamic State militants use a RULER so they can deliver exact ‘eye-for-an-eye’ punishments.

2. Eric Allen Bell posted this compilation video and labelled it a ‘blooper’ reel. It is of a sort. Its actually a compilation of moments of unusual clarity and honesty by prominent muslim spokesmen and activists, and as such of unusual value. There is no error in these moments except that these thoughts are often hidden from unbelievers, so it isn’t a blooper reel as normally understood.

3. The Guardian does a charming little piece on apostates of islam in the UK and describing how dangerous it is for muslims to renounce all the things that the Guardian keeps insisting have nothing to do with islam in the first place.

4. Mohammed cartoons coming to Denmark

Next month’s political festival on the island of Bornholm has already attracted Islam critics and nationalists – now it will also include the Mohammed drawings that were the target of a shooting in the US earlier this month.

5. A number of us have been discussing why the US media is making a huge deal about a targeted assassination of one person in the Islamic State 24 hours or so before they conquered a major Iraqi city 60 miles from Baghdad and with a population of 900,000 people. The temptation to go conspiracy crazy is high I must admit, especially as probably half or more of the conspiracy theories we have heard about the Obama admin. have turned out to be exactly correct, the most recent one being proof that Sec. State Clinton knew all about the real reason for the attack in Benghazi and weapons shipments from Libya to Syria at the time when she claimed it was a Youtube movie and had the director/writer arrested. The very same clip US federal courts decided could remain online despite a law suit by an acres involved. Here is an article which discusses some of the strategic aspects of that city and its capture.

6. Islam Textbooks In Maldives Breed Hatred And Fundamentalism, Claims NGO

(So, like islamic textbooks everywhere else on this planet I guess)

Rights NGO Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) has alleged that school textbooks, sermons and other published materials on Islam in the country “breed hatred and Islamic fundamentalism”.

association minivan news (1)The report, which is the first of its kind, analysed text books used in Maldives for primary and secondary education in order to identify the prevalence of radical narratives in the mainstream academic discourse.

The report noted that the school text books cultivate anti-Semitism and xenophobia, and glorify Jihad or war against those who allegedly “obstruct” Islam.

All Maldivian students are required to take Islam as one of the four compulsory subjects, alongside Dhivehi, English and Mathematics from first grade through twelfth grade.

Islamic studies text books are prepared by specialists at the ministry of education and approved by the ministry of Islamic affairs.

(The language in the third paragraph I like. “Those who obstruct islam”, which speaks to the notion of islamic self defense. They will impose islam on us all. If we reject that imposition, then they are fighting a defensive war against us to impose it, which is their right and obligation as they invented it)

7. Obama claims his strategy fighting the Islamic State is overall a success.

(I actually agree with the President but I think its because I believe his goals are not what most Americans believe his goals are. When you factor in creating a powerful oil rich caliphate which is the size of a large European country, then it is a whopping success indeed)

8. Very interesting short video at BBC about some Afghans that want the country to be legally secular and not islamic in the wake of the mob killing of a woman who was about to blow the whistle on a corrupt muslim cleric.

9. More Countries Caught Manipulating Their Climate Data


10. Egyptian cleric speaks on the Islamic State. They may or may not be, according to him, the rightly guided true expression of islam in the world, but they are far better than the criminal shiia!

11. Top Turkish muslim cleric: We Should Not Accept Jerusalem As the Capital of Anyone but the Muslims


Thank you Draculea, M., Richard, Yucki and so many who have been sending in valuable information. Please remember to check the comments for more as not everything makes it into a post.

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