The left and islam continues to wage war on secularism, reason and history itself: Links 2 on May 16 – 2015

1. Gates of Vienna has posted an article explaining who the nun was who testified yesterday before congress on the victims of the Islamic State. Stunning how she was denied a visa to the US on the basis that she might try and become an illegal immigrant. She would be the only illegal that the Obama admin didn’t want if she did.

2. Three arrests for terrorism in Poland

The Internal Security Agency (ABW) was entrusted with the probe, and unofficially, the Polish Press Agency has been informed that the suspects are Chechens who were allegedly funding operations by the Islamic State.

MP Marek Biernacki, head of the parliamentary committee for the special services, has described the ABW’s action as a success.

He noted that the threat of the Islamic State is due to be discussed as the next session of the committee.

3. This article on the bombs in Thailand seems to deal with the issue much more honestly than the one in the previous post. It admits that its likely muslims who wish to create islamic states in three provinces of majority Buddhist Thailand.

4. Blast in Gaza ‘Training Camp’ Wounds at Least 50

At least 50 Palestinian Arabs were wounded in a blast that occurred Thursday inside a training camp for terrorists in Gaza, Hamas officials, medics and witnesses said, according to AFP. […] The health ministry spokesman in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qudra, said the blast wounded 50 people, five of them in a serious condition, and including children. […] A doctor in the enclave, Baker Abu Safia of Al-Awda Hospital, said 30 wounded people were brought to his establishment, most of them women and children.

(Good thing islam is so peaceful or imagine what could have happened)

5. Italy: Muslims disrupt Catholic procession with insults and threats

(This may require a moment’s reflection. In Italy, the home of the Vatican, a Catholic procession was disrupted by muslims. Meanwhile, if a Muslim arse-lifting event was disrupted by Catholics Obama would weigh in himself, not to mention everyone else in the media in the formerly free West)

On Sunday morning, a group of young Muslim immigrants interrupted a Catholic procession in honor of the Virgin Mary with verbal insults, shouting, and threats as the group passed in front of the Islamic Cultural Center in Conselice, a small town in lower Romagna.

In predominantly Catholic Italy, the month of May is dedicated to the traditional processions carrying a statue or image of the Madonna, usually accompanied by the singing of hymns and praying of the rosary.

The Marian procession is a tradition in Conselice, and every year, the faithful gather at the Piazza Foresti and then proceed along a number of streets including the Via Dante Alighieri, which also passes in front of the Islamic Cultural Center. On Sunday, after the 9:30 a.m. Mass, a group of 100 faithful, including several small children preparing to receive their first Holy Communion, began the procession as usual.

6. Israel offers choice to African immigrants: Plane ticket or prison

(Anyone who objects to this policy in Israel or anywhere in the West today should be prepared to offer an address where they themselves live and be prepared to take a few of these illegals to their own home and pay for their medical and food costs etc. from their own incomes)

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 14 (UPI) — The Israeli government appears to be serious about sending perhaps more than 50,000 African refugees out of the country.

The immigrants have largely come from Sudan and Eritrea over the last 10 years, but the Israeli government is now taking action to ship them out, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Israeli officials will soon send letters to the immigrants offering a choice: $3,500 plus a one-way ticket to another destination, or stay and live behind bars. The immigrants have 30 days to make up their mind.

7. Engineer sped train up before curve instead of slowed down

(According to locomotive engineers who called in to Mark Levin on Wed. the track could have handled the 110 MPH speed as well. What caused it to crash was the deliberate pulling of the emergency brake 5 seconds before it went into the curve)

8. English report on advances by Hizballah and Syrian forces against Islamic State and related forces.

9. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have been turning away migrant boats

(There are dozens of muslim countries. How many muslim refugees have any of them taken? The article explains that the only people who have offered any food or physical relief are the Thais who are a Buddhist people and nation. This needs to be made clear)

10. Syria conflict: IS advances on ancient ruins of Palmyra

The jihadists seized buildings on the eastern edge of the adjacent city of Tadmur on Thursday, but their push was reportedly halted by the Syrian army.

Syria’s antiquities chief warned that if IS seizes the Unesco World Heritage site it will destroy everything there.

The group has ransacked and demolished several ancient sites in Iraq.

Palmyra has already suffered some damage during the four-year civil war.

Thank you GoV., Wrath of Khan, M., Tundra T., and all and much more to come.


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19 Replies to “The left and islam continues to wage war on secularism, reason and history itself: Links 2 on May 16 – 2015”

  1. Eeyore,

    you wrote: “She would be the only illegal that the Obama admin didn’t want if she did.”

    You really ought to try to get your facts straight. Obama came into office in 2009, and deportation of illegal immigrants has steadily increased during his administration. The facts are here:

    Furthermore, the American Right is not really opposed to illegal immigration at all. They like it, because more undocumented immigrants mean more undocumented workers that you don’t have to pay, and which have no workers rights and can thus be abused as much as one wants.

    It’s the same as in Europe. Conservative elites in every nation lie to their audience, saying that their opposed to illegal immigration, but secretly support it, because it lets them live off the fat of the land while natives flounder. It’s the same in the United States.

    • Thank you. I think there is more than a little truth in what you say. But it still seems a very political move to block that nun Vs. Obama policies on mass immigration from Islamic countries and Mexico.

      • “…I think there is more than a little truth in what you say…”

        I think there is less than a little truth in what he says, and much much much more than a little propaganda.

        As to ‘getting facts straight’: VladTepes is actually one of the blogs that does get its facts straight.

        • …and I think there is more than a little crap, etc.
          And that Eeyore just didn’t feel like eviscerating honoring this visitor with one of his elegant, graceful essays.

          Citing The New Republic. Used to be a decent rag, well-written essays for home-schooling. Owners changed, turned into something to fuel trolls.

          • The business men who want illegal immigrants normally vote Dem, the right wants to protect the US and the US workers, the left are the ones who want more people who will vote for them.

    • Your claim that there are more deportations under the Obama admin has been fully debunked… The FACT is that the method of counting deportations has changed under the Obama admin hence, upping the numbers.
      Used to be that when aliens were turned back at the border they weren’t counted as deportations. Now they are. That is how this admin has inflated the numbers.
      Do some research other than being spoon fed by the NR…

  2. Re: Sister Diana Momeka at Congressional Hearing
    Congress is a gathering of important people, who singly can do nothing, together can decide that nothing can be done !

  3. 9/ Give them food and water and emergency medical treatment and tow all the boats back to point of origin. Then round up the people smugglers and shoot them.

    Since Saudi Arabia is about to be in charge of human rights on all our behalf, it could get a head start by bribing Bangladesh to take the Rohingya back, since Bangladesh is where they belong. Then the Saudis could turn their attention to the Mediterranean crisis, opening their own borders to the North African invaders, perhaps building some new cities for them on all that Red Sea coast.

  4. #7 I work right next to that line (literally across the street from my office), and those trains really do haul serious ass, even thru the station. The emergency brake might be indicative of him panicking and trying to dump speed before the turn. Its not quite like the brakes in a car. At the risk of mansplaining from what I’ve seen the braking is actually quite gradual. Even coming into the station the brakes are working at their limits to get the train slowed down. Each time one pulls in the air fills with smoke and the smell of burning brakes. At the end of the day my car is always covered in brake dust.

    • I want to know the speed that the curve was graded for, the 50 MPH was the speed limit the law set, what did the civil engineers have the curve graded for?

      • That would be interesting to know. Probably the NTSB would have the information. A rough calculation is easy enough if you know the minimum radius of the curved track and the % slope provided for the turn. Old R/R maps would show some of that information if one was to search. A super rough estimate could assume that the 50 MPH that was set results in 1/4 the max allowed acceleration (centripetal force, if you will) that could cause derailment. Solving for 4x the allowed acceleration would give an absolute maximum speed of 100 MPH, which doesn’t seem too far off from the actual speed.

        The NTSB should be easily able to simulate the accident using modeling to more accurately deduce how the train would actually behave. Question is would we ever hear about the results?

  5. 10/ I guess we write that one off too.

    Closer to home, perhaps it is time to consider relocating not only the British Museum but the great libraries, say to Australia.

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