Islam: spreading the light of massive ordinance across the world: Links 3 on May 16 – 2015

1. Explosion in Gaza

2. Jordanian gynaecologist leaves cell phone in patient’s abdomen

(Not a headline you see every day. I can only imagine what a gut wrenching phone call that first one must have been)

Ramallah: A Jordanian gynaecologist is alleged to have accidentally left his cell phone in his patient’s abdomen during a Caesarian section in April this year.

Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim, 36, was admitted to a private hospital in Amman for the operation on April 24, according to the Jordanian media. During the procedure, the gynaecologist somehow misplaced his mobile phone in the woman’s abdomen.

Majeda Abdul Hamid, the patient’s mother, told the media that after Hanan gave birth to a 4.8 kilogram baby boy she was discharged from hospital, and later the family started noticing her abdomen vibrating.

3. 14 Iranian fishermen held by Somalia militants: Officials

4. NTSB: Amtrak assistant conductor heard engineer say train struck by “something”

5. Saudi Arabia prepares to hang opposition Shia cleric amid large protests

(I can see this going a long way to increase peace in the middle east. Or a middle east in pieces. Either way really.)

6. AUSTRALIA – Adelaide – More than 100 angry parents have picketed the Islamic College of South Australia, worried it is becoming too fundamental after it cut music and sport from its curriculum, described pianos as evil and stopped singing the national anthem at assemblies.

From Facebook:


(Anyone who thinks a piano is evil, hasn’t spent any time around banjos)

More here

Parents of students at The Islamic College of South Australia call for government intervention

FEDERAL Education Minister Christopher Pyne has warned of the potential radicalisation of Muslim students in Islamic schools, following another parent protest against management of the Islamic College of SA.

Parents rallying outside the school yesterday demanded the resignation of its board and called for State Government intervention.

They claim a hardline school board has introduced a stricter form of Islam, including more segregation of male and female students, while firing experienced staff and lowering education standards.

Mr Pyne has written to the school and state Education Minister Susan Close about the allegations against the school.

7. (It looks like Sweden does turn down some Bangladeshi asylum seekers)

Sweden slammed for denying visa to murdered blogger

Stockholm: A free speech group launched a blistering attack on Sweden on Wednesday after it denied a travel visa to a secular Bangladeshi blogger who was then hacked to death by suspected Islamists.

(Islamists is PC for ‘practicing muslim’)

8. Italy: Girl, 12, beaten by classmate, for wearing crucifix – update

(ANSA) Terni, May 15 – A schoolboy of African origin attacked a 12-year-old-girl at a school in central Italy because she was wearing a crucifix on a neck chain, police said Friday.
The boy punched the girl violently in the back at the entrance to a middle school in the town of Terni on Thursday and the girl’s mother caught the boy, who subsequently told Carabinieri paramilitary police he attacked the girl because she was wearing a crucifix, police sources said.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, many more who sent in links and interesting comments and observations as well today. Very possibly more to come. The train derailment in the US seems to be a lot more interesting  than it was yesterday. One more item to come, a partial translation from a few sites about the mayor of a town in France that wants to ban islam. Ultimately, that is what will probably have to happen but by the time enough people figure it out, it won’t be possible.


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  1. 3. This phenomenon is known as a “Bait Crime,” when someone deliberately offends a Preferential Group member.

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