Did a Projectile have anything to do with Amtrak Crash?

An few questions by CB Sashenka for Vladtepesblog

Derailment and Crash of Amtrak Train from Washington to NYC, passing through Port Richmond in NE Philadelphia

The media is discussing possible causes to the crash. However, one possibility mentioned but not being discussed at all in the media, is this:  Did a PROJECTILE that hit a SEPTA Philadelphia commuter train traveling northbound to Trenton, and busting the engineer’s window, about 15 minutes prior to the Amtrak derailment and only 3.5 miles away, crippling the train, have anything to do with the Amtrak derailment and crash?

Amtrak and Septa trains run parallel to one another from Philadelphia to Trenton (see figure 1).

Waiting to hear more from the blackbox report.

So far, nothing more from the media on this projectile.

The “other” possible causes of the Amtrak train crash being investigated are the following: what was the track condition like? Do we know how fast the train was going when it entered the curve? Was the engineer conducting the train appropriately? We know that in 1943, a train derailed near the very same curve, killing 79 and injuring 117. So speed is a major factor, as it needs to be reduced in this area.

(Image from NYT and here)



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3 Replies to “Did a Projectile have anything to do with Amtrak Crash?”

  1. FWIW: On Fox and Friends this morning, a NJ Police Officer, Michael Keene, was interviewed. He was a passenger on that train and he is credited with helping several survivors off of the derailed train despite his own injuries. Not discussed further, this officer mentioned he was returning home from DC where he attended an affair dedicated to this nation’s fallen police officers.

    Begs the question…given the current politically charged ‘anti-police’ climate…was this event and it’s departing passengers mere coincidence?

    Partial transcript from video clip:

    FOx&Friends: ‘It’s My Job’ Heroic Police Officer Reacts After Helping Train Crash Victims

    2:57 Steve Ducie:

    I understand you had just gotten on the train at Philadelphia’s 30th street station. Why were you in Wa….why were you down there?

    3:05 Michael Keane:

    I was actually ..I was coming home, I got on the train at Washington DC. I was in Washington over the weekend. I took part in the Police Unity Tour. We arrived at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial yesterday morning and I was on my way home from there.

    FWIW: National Officer Safety And Wellness Awards To Be Presented At Chairman’s Dinner Event During National Police Week Washington, May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Late last year, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and BJA’s VALOR officer safety initiative, launched the Destination Zero Project to highlight agency-level achievements in the area of officer safety and wellness. The primary objective of the program is to drive down causal factors that kill and injure law enforcement officers, and to help officers live safer, happier, healthier lives. The result of this project will culminate with presentation of the inaugural National Officer Safety and Wellness Awards at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s annual Chairman’s Dinner on Tuesday, May 12, 2015.

  2. FBI Warns of Train Derailment Threat

    Washington, May 8 (by By Jason A. Ryan)

    Devices that could be used by terrorists to derail trains are being stolen from rail facilities around the country, the FBI warned today.

    Nine derailers, a piece of railroad equipment used to derail train cars for safety purposes in railyards have been stolen recently, sources said, citing the FBI’s weekly intelligence bulletin.

    The theft of these items is strange since they are of little use outside of the rail industry, according to the bulletin.

    Railroads have been targeted in the past by terrorists, the bulletin said.

    It specifically mentioned the Oct. 1995 derailment of an Amtrak train in Hyder, Ariz. In that incident, one person was killed and 78 were injured when parts of the track were sabotaged. The FBI located a derail 50 miles from Hyder.

    The bulletin does not mention a specific threat, and the FBI has no indication the derail thefts are related to terrorism. The bulletin is distributed weekly to 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies around the United States.

    The bureau has also warned in the past that railways and other mass conveyances could be terrorist targets.

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