The lines get drawn and the conversation gains clarity on the facts of islam in the West thanks to the Draw Mohamed event: Links 2 on May 11 – 2015

1. Mike Huckabee: We are at war with radical islam and jihadism” (He doesn’t get that jihad and islam are inseparable but he is still better than most)

2. Al Qaeda’s Base at MIT

It is painful to learn that in the late 1990s, there were students at MIT who helped recruit for the Chechen jihad and raised funds for Al Qaeda-affiliated groups operating in the Tsarnaevs’ homeland. It is even more painful that the man who led this fundraising effort was still on MIT’s staff when Officer Collier was gunned down.

Suheil Laher had been MIT’s Muslim chaplain for almost 20 years. Today he continues to preach at the Islamic Society of Boston, the extremist mosque founded by MIT students near campus, where the Tsarnaevs worshipped during their radicalization.

3. Muslim Newspaper Publisher Says Pamela Geller is WORSE THAN ISIS!

(So to a muslim, even a ‘non-extremist’ like this one, a woman who defies Islamic edicts on what to draw and not draw is worse than an organization that works three shifts every day on committing genocide against multiple groups and establishing a totalitarian world order. Thanks for letting us know what moderate islamic values are sir)

4. Islamic State threat to wage cyber war on us all. The usual middle ages epithets for most of us like ‘cross bearers’ and so on, which make you want to laugh except that they actually decide who gets painted with what and then act on their fantasies of who and what we are, in a genocidal way. Someday, the US will have a leader thats on the American side of things perhaps and this issue can get solved in an afternoon. But till then, get a firewall at least and listen to Pete Townsend.

5. Saudi Arabia is trying to get the chair of the UN Human Rights Commission.

(The perfect way for the UN to move from irony to farce I should think. Article in French. Working on getting an English translation)

6. Various twitter accounts are threatening an imminent attack on London

(I dont normally post stuff from Infowars but I checked one of the twitter accounts and it was exactly as advertised and did not seem to be a spoof of jihadis or anything)

7. Muslim Newspaper publisher says Pamela Geller is worse than ISIS.

(In this moderate muslim’s cosmology, a woman who showed healthy disdain and defiance, something any vertebrate would show to totalitarian islam as they demand that they and only they, set the limits on all human discourse, are worse than a group of people who commit genocide against all peoples who are not the same flavor of islam as they. Yes. Pamela Geller who had a cartoon contest to show defiance on all our behalf, worse than the Islamic State. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more through the looking glass)

From Louder With Crowder:

Now, this guy isn’t some lone-wolf extremist. That was Osama Siblani, publisher of “Arab American News,” the largest and most widely circulated Arab American publication in the United States. He’s been editing/publishing the publication out of Dearborn Michigan since 1984. Dearborn boasts the highest concentration of Arab Muslims in the United States… and Osama Siblani is the editor of arguably their most emblematic publication in the country.

8. This Swedish muslim woman wishes to educate her fellow muslims about what is in the koran. Because she feels, when they know, they will leave islam.

9. An interesting follow up post on the attack in Macedonia. Serious terror attacks by “ethnic Albanians” was committed and worse was planned it seems.

Thank you M., Draculea, Dumbstruck, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki and many more and much much more to come. First, the speech from today’s demo in Copenhagen about sharia and women’s rights.

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  1. 7/ Crowder is right, he is no outlier, he is simply stating the position that pretty much all Muslims will have arrived at almost instantaneously as a matter of course. The position is fixed and comes from within Islam, reality doesn’t bear on it. Pamela Geller will always be worse than any Islamic ‘x’.

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