Post modern deconstructionists at colleges are exposed (and not in the way they like) and more: Links 1 on May 11 – 2015

Although this story was linked to in the previous post, I thought it would make an interesting contrast to this other story about a girl who was made to go fully naked in a university class or fail her exam. I highly doubt she will get $6,000.00 like the muslim did for having to taste pork in a cooking class, but I hope her mom sues the school on the same grounds this woman did. More on the pervy prof here.

UPDATE! It seems the police have an interest in this prof. after all. 11 years to late but better than never.

Latino FOX link here

More on this prof who appears to be a serious left wing extremist who developed an app to help people safely break into the United States across the Mexican border

And the New York Daily News:

“No stranger to controversy, Dominguez once faced a congressional investigation and endured reports by then-Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck for developing a cellphone GPS that helps people cross the U.S.-Mexico border safely, his faculty profile page says.

Also there was some technical problems with the live stream at the Freedom Denmark march this evening (in Denmark) but this morning for us. However the video at the link is now a complete video of the whole stream and it works. If you want to see the Keynote speaker on women under the sharia, FF to 20 minutes.

1. The Who’s Pete Townshend: ISIS Makes It ‘Very Important That We keep Our Ammunition Ready’

In an interview published by Rolling Stone on May 7th, the Who’s Pete Townshend said ‘it’s very important that we keep our ammunition ready.”

He said this in response to a question about the Islamic State jihadist group — a question seeking his take on the state of a world in which ISIS and other terrorist groups play a growing threat.

Rolling Stone asked Townshend: “While we’re on the subject, when you look at ISIS and Boko Haram — and even what Putin has been up to, to some extent — do you worry about the state of the planet?”

Townshend responded by saying he hopes his answer does not earn him the label “neocon” again, by “Arianna Huffington… that dimwitted woman.” He then said, “I do think it’s very important that we keep our ammunition ready. I do feel there is nothing to worry about as long as we’re willing to protect ourselves.”

2. Arab men flock to refugee camps to buy little Syrian girls

3. Here, a college choir writes and performs an uplifting piece of music that all university students and recent graduates should hear

4. UN Watch, itself deserving of many awards, gives a Moral Courage award to the ‘Son of Hamas’, Mosab Hassan Yousef. Richly deserved I may add.

5. This appears to be the aftermath of the Kumanovo civil war launched by what appear to be the Kosovar Liberation Army yesterday.

6. Indonesian navy says it sent a boat of Rohingya to Malaysia

(There are dozens of muslim countries. Lets see if any of them want the ones in Burma who are trying to change an ancient buddhist culture into yet another ‘peaceful’ muslim one)

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Hundreds of migrants abandoned at sea by smugglers in Southeast Asia have reached land and relative safety in the past two days. But an estimated 6,000 Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar remain trapped at sea in crowded, wooden boats, migrant officials and activists said. With food and clean water running low, some could be in real danger.

One vessel that reached Indonesian waters early Monday was stopped by the navy and given food, water and directions to Malaysia. Navy spokesman First Adm. Manahan Simorangkir said the fishing vessel was in good condition and the people on board looked fine, but cramped.

Worried that boats will start washing to shore with dead bodies, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the United States and several other foreign governments and international organizations have held emergency meetings, but participants say there are no immediate plans to search for vessels in the busy Malacca Strait.

(Now that is a tactic the Europeans should try. Have the navy intercept boat loads of muslims on the way to Greece or Italy, give them a sandwich and directions to Saudi Arabia)

7. SYRIA – All-out battle in Qalamoun has not yet started

BEIRUT: An all-out military confrontation in the Qalamoun mountains has not yet begun despite the ongoing clashes pitting Hezbollah and the Syrian army against Islamist militants, a senior source familiar with military developments in the region said Sunday.

Although Hezbollah and Syrian troops have made major military gains since they began the campaign in Syria’s Qalamoun region last week, including seizing strategic hills and taking control of Assal al-Ward and Al-Juba, “the circumstances are not yet conducive for an all-out battle,” the source told The Daily Star.

The source pointed out that ISIS, whose militants are entrenched on the rugged outskirts of the northeastern town of Arsal, some 6 kilometers away from the theater of military operations, has not so far joined the battle.

Islamic State fighters in the Qalamoun mountains

Thank you M., GC., Nicolai Sennels, CB Sashenka, and all who provided comments and news links. Much more to come today, and lots more to come this week. There are things in motion which seek to destroy our will to self defend. We shall try and expose those forces to light as the week moves along.

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  1. Muslims from Myanmar remain trapped at sea in crowded, wooden boats, migrant officials and activists said. With food and clean water running low, some could be in real danger.

    • ANd this Rabbi clearly knew what he did was wrong and a crime. Which makes it a fundamentally different thing than when islam, a threat doctrine and hostile ideology to all others, uses things like this as an actual weapon to destroy our entire civilization.

      There is a difference between a crime and an act of war. All human nature is similar. Most if not all humans have the same impulses. Sex is powerful, maybe the most powerful impetus of all and people fail in their will to control it in socially acceptable ways. Technology and various laws can make it even harder to control those impulses. But this Rabbi clearly knew it was wrong and he had failed to control that impulse. Hopefully he will receive a fitting punishment for the form of betrayal he committed against so many.

      But then you cannot compare it to this:

    • Ethics and philosophy professors across North America have been tiptoeing out of the house late at night to dig holes for their microcameras and memory cards.

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