More on Khadr, Texas, Pamela Geller, geopolitical events, Islamic attacks on schools, a cornucopia of islamic misery upon the world: Links 3 for May 8 – 2015

1. Ezra Levant does 18 minutes of clarity on the Omar Khadr press conference yesterday

2. Pentagon: Syrian Forces Start Combat Training

(What could possibly go wrong!)

3. A comment was posted earlier today about propaganda made in the US concerning the Japanese and Nazi threat. It has some great links. Here is one of the videos referred to in it. If only we were allowed to be this truthful and make this kind of propaganda today.

4. US Military Bases Raise Security Status Due to ISIS Threat

Military bases and installations in the United States have been ordered to raise their force protection condition status to Bravo (FPCON Bravo), due to general concerns about ISIS related threats, but not because of any specific threat or plot.

U.S. Northern Command’s Admiral William Gortney ordered the increase in the force protection condition from FPCON Alpha, which is the standard for U.S. military bases.

The order will result in some visible increases in security, though there will also be other not-so-visible measures that will be taken. It is unclear how long the order to raise the force protection condition will remain in effect.

Force Protection Conditions essentially set a baseline for U.S. military facilities to follow for their security. This would include military recruiting stations and offices outside of U.S. military bases. The Pentagon has also been at FPCON Alpha, but with an enhanced security posture for quite some time.

The last time the force protection status was raised to the Bravo level was on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The higher levels of force protection are Charlie and Delta.

5. Here is an interesting clip from the same building where the attack in Texas happened, except this was a muslim gathering to try and figure out how to navigate around US freedoms and implement a more sharia friendly system.

6. Pakistani heli crashes with 2 ambassadors on board onto a school

7. Video on the raised security level at all US military bases within the US

8. 12 seriously hurt in attack on northeast Nigeria school

Kano, Nigeria (CNN)A gunman wearing a suicide bomb vest attacked a school in northeast Nigeria’s Yobe state Friday morning, leaving 12 people seriously injured and the attacker dead, according to a police source and students who witnessed the attack.

The man opened fire on students as they underwent security checks outside the College of Administrative and Business Studies (CABS) in Potiskum at 8:10 a.m. local time, and rushed into the school firing sporadic shots while being chased by students and residents, a witness said.

“We have evacuated 12 people with serious gunshot wounds to hospital from the scene of the shooting attack,” a police officer said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the incident. A paramedic at the Potiskum General Hospital said the hospital received 12 people with serious injuries.

“The gunman died after he set off his suicide explosives as he was being chased inside the school, but no one was hurt,” the officer said.

(Yada yada yada it was Boko Haram)

9. Geraldo Rivera, real name Gerry Rivers, reminds us all that the thing we take for granted the most is our sense of smell. No one but no one before him and up until Al Sharpton, has made more money race baiting and exploiting humanity’s lowest common denominator than Rivers. Anyone else remember his show where he had genuine KKK on with a panel of black people who started a fight in studio during which Rivers got his nose broken? For him to speak about Pamela Geller that way is such profound hypocrisy even were his claims true, that he would have to be a kind of a sociopath to get any sleep tonight after the things he said in this clip.

10. Former Bedfordshire police officer charged with sex offences

(I wonder if there is a clue in this story that might help explain why the police are so non-responsive to the largest and most destructive criminal activity against the British public since the Vikings)

A former police officer is due to appear in court today charged with a string of sex offences against teenage girls.

Mohammad Arshad, 35, of Ferndale Road, Luton, will appear at Hatfield Magistrates’ Court charged with 17 counts, on recommendation of the Crown Prosecution Service.

They include 10 counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, four counts of grooming, two counts of sexual touching of a child and offering to supply cannabis.

Thank you M., Perfect Child, Wrath of Khan, and all. Busy news day. more soon.

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24 Replies to “More on Khadr, Texas, Pamela Geller, geopolitical events, Islamic attacks on schools, a cornucopia of islamic misery upon the world: Links 3 for May 8 – 2015”

    • I wish college kids so eager to sign petitions – about everything, if wreathed with the right buzzwords – paid as much attention to the questions as these wary Mohammedans do.

  1. Let us review the present state of the war.

    Our interventions in Islamic countries is seen by most Muslims as a new Crusade by Christians. This is justifiably increasing anger among Muslims all over the world, including Muslims resident in the West.

    To this effect they will retailiate. When they do, we will retaliate with even greater force, and so on..

    As more “cartoon” events take place, Muslims are required to defend the honour of Muhammed. They will act in the usual Muslim way, and then we will act, and so on…

    Both the above will escalate. In fact to get to the state that Islam is banished from the West, we need to carry on ….

    Now it is clear that the Left does not want such a situation to develop, as Islam are their allies, to be used to break the Christian West.

    I posit, that this is why the left is condeming Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer.

    • But Cultural Marxism wants that great uprising, doesn’t it?
      Isn’t that what Critical Theory is all about?

      [I ask because my own knowledge of the Frankfort School, et al. is so shallow, limited to a few pieces here & there, and in context most here.]

      • They want massive turmoil in the West, the more turmoil the better the chance we will embrace a strong autocratic government that stops the violence. The don’t want a new crusade since that would unite the west and strengthen Christianity.

  2. 9/ Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory & The Scapegoat

    ‘Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory is based on the principle that human beings are mimetic creatures. We imitate what we see in others. In fact, our desires are not actually our own, but desires we have copied from others. The more we imitate each other, the more alike we become. Increasingly, we vie for the same desires and we become rivals. The more human beings imitate each other, the more individuals become alike. Distinctions between individuals are blurred as they mirror each other. The boundaries between individuals which keep order, begin to disintegrate. Increased rivalry creates increased violence and the blurred boundaries threaten to destabilize the social fabric.

    ‘In Girard’s theory, primitive man stumbled upon the solution to this threat: the scapegoat. By placing the blame for all the hatred and distress on one individual or group of individuals, the community’s violence becomes polarized toward the ones being blamed. These responsible individuals become the scapegoats for all the bad feeling in the community. By expelling or killing the scapegoat, order is restored and the community becomes peaceful again. The single act of sanctioned violence, becomes like a vaccination against the disease of chaotic, out of control violence.

    ‘It is critical that the members of the community be completely convinced that the scapegoat is guilty for this mechanism to restore order. That is why the scapegoat must be accused and slandered before he is killed…’

    • The talking heads of the media elite proffer envious models of sanctimonious political correctness. The sheep aspire to the status of their moral superiority, vying with each other. Moral superiority is a zero sum game. No one could have more of it than everyone else if sanctimony were equally and infinitely available. Geraldo says he needs a shower. What does one say to top that? The sheep are consumed with their PC-envy, each in rivalry with every other. Sheep turns on sheep. Who is to blame for all the ill-will and spite? Pamela Geller.

      But they don’t kill her themselves. Muslims are the agents of this sanctioned violence that restores order. A New Order. Afterward, many convert. A kind of justice is served. There is a kind of peace, for a time.

  3. Geraldo should take a shower regardless wether he sees Geller or not. Its considered a good thing to do in a civilised society.

    • That cowardly yellow streak down the back of one Jerry Rivera (aka Geraldo Rivera) cannot be bathed away any more the brand of ‘yellow journalism’ he is known for.

  4. 3. So many Hate Crimes and offences in that video, that if it were redubbed about ISIS, in would keep the Law Centres in farmed-caviar for years and Western governments able to foister the blame onto victims of terrorizm.

  5. 1/ It will be interesting to see what comes next. He could probably get away with abusing more infidel women than Jian Ghomeshi, if that was his thing. But he seems more focused.

  6. 3 – For the benefit of those who don’t study the history of WWII the only reason that we got away with making cartoons like that is that Hitler ordered the invasion of the USSR. Prior to the invasion the far left fought tooth and nail to keep us out of the war and to make Hitler into a good guy, after the invasion they fought tooth and nail to get us into the war and send all of or personal and weapons to the USSR.

  7. Concerning the first clip. Dennis Edny and his ilk are more dangerous to our freedoms than Omar Khadr. Barring a revolution in our lands, we are finished.

    • Given what the current leaders of the western nations are doing it is almost a given that there will be a large number of revolutions.

  8. 1/ Omar Khadr provides us with a master’s class on taqiyya. Ezra Levant does a wonderful job in exposing the non-answers Khadr offers the fawning reporter scrum.

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