More fallout from Texas, Turkey begins to reclaim the Ottoman empire, Greece taxes bank withdrawals: Links 2 on May 7 – 2015

1. Here is a pretty stunning video with Robert Spencer and a CAIR spokesman who makes it up with such wanton abandon for the facts that he puts a wry smile on Mr. Spencer’s face for most of the last part of the interview. He actually said, “The prophet mohamed taught tolerance and did not order people killed who insulted him” and kept a straight face as Robert Spencer recited the names of the people Mohamed had killed for precisely that. The host makes pretense to non-bias as a way of being exceedingly polite to the CAIR rep, while attacking Robert at every chance as well.

2. Greeks bring in tax on cash withdrawals from bank machines.

(They did vote in socialists, right? Daily Mail same subject)

3. 8 suspicious packages discovered, causing courthouse, office evacuations

(There are reports behind paywall sites that indicate more packages have been delivered to federal courts and buildings today as well in other jurisdictions)

4. Turkey, Saudi Arabia Join Forces to Help Anti-Assad Rebels

ISTANBUL (AP) — Casting aside U.S. concerns about aiding extremist groups, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have converged on an aggressive new strategy to bring down Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The two countries — one a democracy, the other a conservative kingdom — have for years been at odds over how to deal with Assad, their common enemy. But mutual frustration with what they consider American indecision has brought the two together in a strategic alliance that is driving recent rebel gains in northern Syria, and has helped strengthen a new coalition of anti-Assad insurgents, Turkish officials say.

That is provoking concern in the United States, which does not want rebel groups, including the al-Qaida linked Nusra Front, uniting to topple Assad.

5. Mosque Installed at Venice Biennale Tests City’s Tolerance

(And we all need our tolerance tested night and day by muslims don’t we? Funny they never talk about abusive and violent spouses that way. “He was just testing your tolerance honey. You need to learn to stop talking sometimes and for gods sake get an icepack for that eye!”)

On Friday, as part of the Venice Biennale, a former Catholic church in the Cannaregio neighborhood will open its doors as a functioning mosque, its Baroque walls adorned with Arabic script, its floor covered with a prayer rug angled toward Mecca and its crucifix mosaics hidden behind a towering mihrab, or prayer niche.

6. BNP candidate Reverend Robert West told pupils Muslims ‘worship devil’

Reverend Robert West, 59, who is the party’s parliamentary candidate for Boston and Skegness, made the comments during a history lesson.

The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) said his conduct fell short of the profession’s standards.

A BNP spokesman said the party would comment once sanctions are decided.

Mr West has no connection to the Church of England. In 2006, he set up his own church, based in a house in Holbeach, to preach “traditional bible beliefs”.

He said the comments had been made in the context of a lesson about the Crusades, was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

7. Edmonton judge allows release of Omar Khadr on bail

(Wow and absolutely no one saw this coming)

WATCH ABOVE: Omar Khadr’s lawyer says today is a wonderful day for justice

EDMONTON – Omar Khadr is expected to be released from prison soon after an Alberta Court of Appeal justice rejected a last-ditch government attempt to keep the Guantanamo Bay prisoner behind bars.

Justice Myra Bielby ruled the government failed to prove that allowing Khadr out now would cause “irreparable harm” to Canada’s international treaty obligations.

8. Turkey to send ground troops to Syria, opposition deputy claims

Thank you AK., M., Richard, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials. These are interesting times indeed.

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  1. Re Spencer, no 1.
    You may see me sitting next to Robert, just off camera.
    I’m with him.
    The end is priceless; i’m jabbing his ribs.

  2. 1/ It’s too bad Nezar Hamze didn’t peddle his bald lie about mhd welcoming criticism earlier in the segment so Robert would have had time to expand on the examples he could only mention while the jihad-enabling host was talking over him.

  3. The packages mailed to the Court Houses is disturbing (making a massive understatement) this probably means that the Islamic Conquest of North America has entered a new phase.

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