Geert Wilders responds, Islam invents a whole new ancient cosmology: Links 1 on May 7 – 2015

1. The future of science, once muslims begin to get offended by classical physics

A Saudi cleric has appeared in a video rejecting that Earth revolves around the sun, claiming instead that it is “stationary.” His statements have incited a fiery response on social media.

(Gonna try and get this one titled)

2. Here is the interview with Mullah Krekar in Norway that we subtitled and posted Feb 28 – 2015. I think in the wake of the attack in Texas it bears another look.

3. The Pentagon is poised to begin, as soon as this week, a controversial program to train moderate Syrian rebels at locations in Turkey and Jordan to fight ISIS, according to several U.S. defense officials.

(For some reason I had the impression that most of the Islamic State fighters are actually American trained Syrian ‘moderate’ rebels)

The first of 400 U.S. military trainers have now arrived in both countries. Out of a list of 3,000 rebels who have expressed interest in joining the program, some 400 have passed the initial security screening. Once final approval is given, they will be training on small arms, radios, medical gear and battlefield tactics.

The plan is for them to return to their towns and villages and be able to specifically defend them against ISIS. However, U.S. officials are aware, they say, of the risk that some of the trained fighters could decide to take their weapons and fight the Assad regime which is not the goal of the training.

4. Megyn Kelly nails it again on free speech and the Texas event

5. Geert Wilders gives first interview since the Texas attack on the importance of defiance to tyranny.

Thank you M., Richard, CB Sashenka, the translators and all who helped out today. Its getting serious out there my good friends.


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  1. 3 – As far as I know they are, I haven’t talked to any operators who were involved in the training but your assumption fits the reports I have been reading.

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