A couple of thoughts on the attack in Texas and Copenhagen in March.

Some regular readers may remember this video from Quebec on April 6 2015 where a father is considering suing a Quebec school for teaching his child about Islam in a non-academic way and for forcing that same father to take down his negative comment about this program from his own personal Facebook page. I repost the link to the video here because there was an interesting moment in it.

The money shot is below:


The children are being instructed to draw mohamed but in a flattering way, on horseback or whatnot. My guess would be that this was part of an approved program by an authoritative islamic group in Montreal somewhere. Its hard to believe there is a school in the Western world that wouldn’t think drawing the pirate Mohamed would present a risk to the students and faculty, so its a safe assumption that this was a pre-approved islamic dawa program for the K to 6ers.

Meanwhile, people who are drawing anything islamic in a way that exposes the truth of it, or in a non-flattering way are getting attacked. Thankfully not always successfully like Copenhagen and Texas, but sometimes they are like Paris. I wonder what the Islamic State might say about this program at Quebec schools. I wonder why the school isn’t terrified.

More and more this appears to be a function of sharia enforcement of the islamic concept of slander. Essentially it is not based on damage or or truth, but on how a thing is presented. There is no prohibition on drawing mohamed but there is on mocking him.

This supports a more general thesis on how sharia is implemented. It is not a replacement for courts and legal systems as we understand them. It is not voted in. It is simply that thousands and thousands of armed and violent thugs are ready to enforce sharia norms on the population of an area until they submit to them. It doesn’t matter if that region has passed legislation to not use foreign law in its judgements or procedures or not. Islam skips all that. It goes right to the punishment phase of the legal procedure where all believers are licensed and authorized executioners of sharia as well as people who violate it.

In the next few days, we will see all kinds of islamic organizations make moderate condemnations of the actions of the two muslims who attempted to attack the building in Texas where the cartoon event took place. But you will never hear any of these organizations claim these were not true muslims, or more accurately, that they are apostates. Islam has a procedure for that and they won’t use it. Even the Egyptian and Saudi clerics under pressure from the current governments there, will not declare the Islamic State as apostates and not declare that they are not acting as muslims should act, even if their English apologetics creates a vague, Michael Moore like, impression that is the case.

We cannot fight the growing influence of islam and its effects of limiting freedoms and transforming our rights and sense of what our own culture is like by the means we usually use. This is not a law and order issue. This is a war. Our failure to recognize that is tantamount to surrender. Drawing Mohamed and using our rights and freedoms is compulsory if we are to win this thing and thats only one vector. Making political islam illegal and monitoring the mosques and acting against people who preach sedition etc. is also compulsory. The US did this in WW2 with political Shinto. So we have a precedent. But even if we did not, freedom of religion was never meant to mean people could simply run roughshod over other people’s rights and threaten the security of all of us by claiming a religious right to do so.

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*~@:^{)>   <— The Pirate Mohamed after a day of looting caravans and raping captives.

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4 Replies to “A couple of thoughts on the attack in Texas and Copenhagen in March.”

  1. The left is helping the stealth jihad, people are starting to fight back but it will take a lot of time to reverse the damage done.

    • And Muslims are even more entrenched in the West now than they were at the time of the violence ginned up using the Danish cartoons almost ten years ago, for comparison. But many more resources are more readily available now to help anyone who wants to understand it figure out what’s going on.

  2. The thousands of thugs are there and necessary to ensure complete success in the end, but in a society made vulnerable and self-hating by decades of cultural Marxism, multiculturalism and political correctness, apparently thousands don’t need to be activated. There can be hundreds of thousands of Muslims in an area, and in response to a sharia violation, just two or three are randomly activated. Then via the three-step process perfectchild summarized as:

    1. It wasn’t us. (the 599,998 passive Muslims)
    2. You did something to cause it.
    3. You are the terrorist

    we get enhanced enforcement of sharia norms. And don’t make me hit you again.

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