FBI is on the scene and they are trying to determine the motive for the attack!: Links 1 on May 4 – 2015

In about an hour, the Freedom for Denmark march is going to start. Leftist jackbooted thugs who have sufficient dishonesty to refer to themselves as ‘anti-fascist’ vowed to destroy this small group of mostly adult professionals marching for the preservation for basic human rights for us all in the face of growing sharia norms. I hope all who read this within driving distance of Copenhagen can go support these few brave men and women publicly asking for safety and freedom for all of us. Details here,

Also Grace just called. On the 9:30 AM news on CFRA, they cut out to live news from Texas where they announced that the FBI are on the scene of the shooting and are trying to determine the motive for the attack.

Don’t you feel safer already? Having a highly trained, equipped and paid federal police force on the scene who are the only people in the world who do not know why the two muslims attacked the building.

1. Former terror suspect well known to the FBI is named as one of two gunmen shot dead by cops after attack on anti-Islam ‘draw Muhammad’ art contest near Dallas

…Elton Simpson, who was previously the subject of a terror investigation, according to ABC News.

Simpson, identified in court papers as an American Muslim, had been convicted of lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Somalia five years ago, but a judge ultimately ruled it could not be proved that he was heading there to join a terror group. He was placed on probation.

After his identity emerged, FBI agents and a bomb squad swarmed Simpson’s apartment in north Phoenix, Arizona and used a robot to carry out the first sweep of his home, the channel reported. The second gunman’s identity is not yet known.

(The Daily Mail gave the drawing of mohamed the South Park treatment with this big black square over the image)

2. Raw footage from a drone I think or a nearby building of the area after the shooting in Texas

3. The warp-Drive nasa is testing seems to be moving forward quickly. (that word play was purely accidental and I didn’t notice it till after but decided to leave it up anyway) Here are two links for it.

3a. Mars in 10 weeks and accentual Warp Drive potential

3b. Related links

(What a juxtaposition. The non-Islamic world is on the cusp of the greatest adventure of all human history and a new chapter in learning, growth and exploration while the Islamic world is putting all its efforts into a total shut down of all innovation since the year 700)

4. UK – BIRMINGHAM -Problems of Trojan Horse scandal ‘have not gone away’: Headteachers say schools still face intimidation including death threats and dead animals strung up in playgrounds

5. Early clip of the shooting in Texas from FOX

Thank you Tundra T. M., Ox AO., DP111 and all who sent in materials. Please watch and send your best thoughts to the people in Denmark who are protesting tyranny for us all today.


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9 Replies to “FBI is on the scene and they are trying to determine the motive for the attack!: Links 1 on May 4 – 2015”

  1. “…FBI are on the scene of the shooting and are trying to determine the motive for the attack.”

    UhOh…..that’s faaaaaaaaaar too difficult, they will never make it.

  2. This attack will be difficult for the Obama administration to sweep under the rug, it is screaming “terror attack” and will remain in the news long enough to bring a lot of people around to our side.

  3. If the EM drive and the warp space drive work it is impossible to over state the importance and the changes they will make in society. They give us the chance to get some of our fragile eggs out of one single basket and spread them around the universe. The EM drive will also open up the asteroids to exploitation which will stop the necessity of buying minerals from third world dictators.

    • He may be right but three different groups did the experiment and had the same result, that means one of the following: 1) they are all lying, 2) they all made the same mistake, 3) all of the equipment was broken in exactly the same way, 4) the experiment worked. In the original article the man who made the initial experiment says that it isn’t a true reaction less drive, that the acceleration is due to the reaction of the microwaves in the Klystron.

      In the 1950s one of the top scientists said that we would never be able to put a satellite in orbit since we couldn’t build a rocket big enough to hold enough feul to reach orbit. The Fuel and the satellite would weigh too much.

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