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  1. Pamela Geller Battles CNN Host over Garland Shooting: Why Is Media ‘Targeting’ Us? FULL INTERVIEW ( 13 min 50 )

  2. Garland, Texas – Mayor describes attack on AFDI Draw Mohammad event : “We All Swear To Uphold The Constitution”

  3. SCOTLAND – Threat to bomb new hospital over prayer room

    Medics at a Glasgow hospital were terrorised by a frantic colleague who threatened to bomb the building.

    The man began shouting and waving his arms when he was told there was no prayer room where he could practice his faith.

    Police were called to the Southern General in Govan when he became abusive and threatened to blow up the hospital.

    It is understood the man is employed as a temporary porter at the five-storey laboratory building, part of the new £842m South Glasgow University Hospital.

    An eyewitness told the Evening Times: “The man was outside the laboratory building and was shouting and waving his arms in the air, drawing attention to himself.

    “It now transpires that he was a temporary porter and had asked if there was a prayer room.

    “When told no, he was to get back to work, he then became abusive to staff and was asked to leave the building.

    “Once outside he was shouting that he wanted to bomb the building. The police were then telephoned.”

    A spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed that officers were sent to the hospital on Friday, April 10.

    She said: “We were called to reports of a man causing a disturbance in the hospital. Police advice was given and there were no charges.”

    The Evening Times understand officers turned the man over to medical staff to be assessed.

    He was described by one nurse, who asked not to be named, as “very, very unwell.

    The incident has sparked fears that the new 1,365-bed, 14-floor, South Glasgow University Hospital could be a target for terrorists.e

    Medics told the Evening Times that they fear for their safety after details of the incident on April 10 emerged yesterday.

    One doctor, who asked to be remain anonymous, said: “At our breaks yesterday staff were concerned. We are all wondering how safe our building is.

    “There are no security staff on site. The new £842m building is due to open soon, and it could potentially be a target.”

    A spokeswoman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the incident on April 10 involved an “agency porter” who was not employed by the health board.

    She added: “This individual shouted and protested about his perception that there was not a prayer room in the hospital, however, we can confirm that both new hospitals have dedicated multi-faith sanctuaries which are accessible 24/7.”

    The NHS spokeswoman also moved to quell fears about security at the new building.

    She said: “The new South Glasgow University Hospital (SGUH) and new Royal Hospital for Sick Children both have extensive CCTV coverage which is monitored in a dedicated control room based within the SGUH.”

  4. 2nd gunman in Garland, Texas shooting identified as Nadir Soofi, roommate of the other suspected shooter

    Law enforcement officials said Monday afternoon that the second shooter in the Texas attack was Nadir Soofi, 34, Simpson’s roommate.

    The FBI does not believe the shooting was directed by an international terrorist group, but is still investigating.

    […]An officer who normally works on traffic was there as part of a heavy security detail for the event, and this officer shot and killed both gunmen using his duty pistol, said Joe Harn, a spokesman for the Garland police.

    “Both those men died there on the street next to their car,” Harn said during a news conference Monday morning.

    […]While Harn would not say if police believed the shooting was directly connected with the event, he said the two gunmen intended to get inside the center and shoot people.

    […]The inflammatory event was hosted by a New York group

    One tweet sent out on Sunday referred to taking a pledge of allegiance and referred to a #texasattack, but it was unclear whether the account belonged to either of the men involved.

    […]Following a bench trial, a judge dropped the terrorism enhancement, citing insufficient evidence. The judge, Mary H. Murguia, said in March 2011 that the government had failed to prove that Simpson intended to wage violent jihad in Somalia. Murguia reduced the charge to making a false statement to federal officials and sentenced Simpson to three years of probation. Authorities also returned his passport, which they had confiscated after his arrest.

    […]Simpson’s lawyer described him as a very religious man who had converted to Islam. “He didn’t seem to me to be any threat to anybody,”

    […]Soofi was a pre-med student at the University of Utah from 1998 to 2003, according to a spokeswoman for the school. He left the school in the summer of 2003 without having earned a degree, she said.

    Nadir Hamid Soofi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    pics on this page :

  5. Obama Potential Supreme Court Nominee Let Off Cartoon Gunman Because She Wasn’t Sure What “Jihad” Meant – Daniel Greenfield

    The Mohammed cartoon shootings did not turn into a massacre because of the quick actions of police officers on the scene. But if a massacre had occurred, much of the responsibility would rest with Judge Mary H. Murguia.

    Judge Murguia is a Clinton appointee and has been mentioned as a potential Obama Supreme Court nominee. Her sister, Janet Murguia, heads the racist hate group known as La Raza or The Race, which is closely tied to the Obama White House’s amnesty effort. Her brother, Carlos Murguia, coordinated the the Immigration Amnesty Program before Clinton also nominated him for a judgeship.

    The FBI knew that Elton Simpson, one of the Garland Jihadists, was a threat and had attempted to lock him up after amassing evidence that he intended to go to Somalia as a terrorist. They had him on tape stating “that Allah loves an individual who is “out there fighting [non-Muslims]” and “If you get shot, or you get killed, it’s [heaven] straight away.” Mr. Simpson then said “[Heaven] that’s what we here for…so why not take that route?”

    This was back in 2011.

    In another recording from May 29, 2009, Mr. Simpson told Mr. Deng “it’s time to go to Somalia, brother…we know plenty of brothers from Somalia.” Mr. Simpson and Mr. Deng then discussed their possible contacts in Africa. Mr. Simpson then said “It’s time. I’m tellin’ you man. We gonna make it to the battlefield…it’s time to roll.” Mr. Simpson and Mr. Deng then discussed “jihad”.

    Simpson’s lawyers suggested that Jihad was a spiritual struggle.

    Thus far, the Government has failed to show even one instance where Mr. Simpson mentions “violent jihad” in Somalia. That phrase is one made up by the Government, likely because it is aware that jihad in the Muslim religion does not necessarily imply violence. Instead, jihad signifies a struggle between two forces. Muslims use the word “jihad” to signify one of three types of struggles: 1. An internal struggle to maintain faith, 2.The struggle to improve the Muslim society, or 3. The struggle in a holy war.

    Judge Murguia appears to have accepted some of the defense’s arguments, writing that, “It is true that the Defendant had expressed sympathy and admiration for individuals who “fight” non-Muslims as well as his belief in the establishment of Shariah law, all over the world including in Somalia. What precisely was meant by “fighting” whenever he discussed it, however, was not clear.”

    “Neither was what the Defendant meant when he stated he wanted to get to the “battlefield” in Somalia.”

    You can tell Murguia is a Clinton appointee. She’s probably also unclear on the definition of what ‘is’ is.

    “to reach this conclusion, Agent Hebert must make a number of inferential leaps –from Defendant’s expressed support of “fighting” of non-Muslims and his support for the establishment of Shariah law, to his sending a video regarding the permissibility of martyrdom operations, to his statement about going to the battlefield in Somalia and his statement that school is a “just a front”.”

    Murguia chose not to make any inferential leaps about battlefields or fighting non-Muslims. Instead Elton Simpson got off with a slap on the wrist because Murguia chose not to find that he was lying about being engaged in terrorism.

    Now a man has been shot and a serious terrorist attack was narrowly averted because Judge Murguia refused to do her job.

  6. Somalia’s government ban al-Shabab name from media (BBC, May 4, 2015)

    “The Somali government has told media houses to stop referring to militant group al-Shabab by their name.

    They instead want the group to be called Ugus, an acronym for the Somali words meaning “the Group that Massacres the Somali People”.

    Al-Shabab responded by saying the Somali government should be referred to by the same acronym, Ugus.

    In this case, Ugus means “the Group that Subjects the Somali People to Humiliation”.

    Al-Shabab, which is affiliated to al-Qaeda, controls many rural parts of southern Somalia.

    The head of Somalia’s Intelligence and Security Services Gen Abdirahman Mohamud Turyare told journalists that al-Shabab, which means the youth in Arabic, was “a good name”.

    “We should not allow this good name to be dirtied. This enemy we are fighting is called Ugus.”

    Gen Turyare was speaking at the headquarters of information ministry in front of journalists and information ministry officials.

    However, no mention was made of the punishment for anyone who flouted the ban.

    The government-controlled Radio Mogadishu and SNTV have already been using the term for a while.

    Ugus is an acronym for Ururka Gumaadka Ummadda Soomaaliyeed…..”

  7. Boko Haram freed Nigerian women tell of captivity horror (BBC, May 4, 2015)

    “Former hostages held by Boko Haram militants in northern Nigeria say some fellow captives were stoned to death as the army approached to rescue them.

    The women said Boko Haram fighters started pelting them when they refused to run away as the army came nearer.

    A group of nearly 300 women and children was brought out of the vast Sambisa forest to a government camp.

    The military says it has rescued more than 700 people in the past week in an offensive against the Islamist group.

    The women said several were killed in the stoning, but they did not know how many.

    Others were killed inadvertently by the military during the rescue operation, they added.

    Soldiers did not realise “in time that we were not the enemies” and some women and children were “run over by their trucks”, said survivor Asama Umoru.

    The survivors said that when they were initially captured, the militants had killed men and older boys in front of their families before taking women and children into the forest.

    Some were forced into marriage.

    One woman, Lami Musa, 27, said she had avoided that fate.

    “When they realised I was pregnant, they said I was impregnated by an infidel [her husband] and they killed him,” she said.

    Ms Musa quoted the militants as telling her that “once you deliver in a week’s time we will marry you to our commander”.

    “I delivered at night and we were rescued by the soldiers the following morning,” Ms Musa added, in tears.

    Other survivors said the militant Islamists never let them out of their sight – not even when they went to the toilet…..”

  8. Australia and Europe ‘contact’ over migrant crisis (BBC, May 4, 2015)

    “Australia’s PM Tony Abbott says there has been “contact” between Australia and European officials over the Mediterranean migrant crisis.

    Mr Abbott said contact was at an “official level”, however an EU spokeswoman said she was unaware of it.

    Europe has recently seen a sharp increase in deaths among migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

    Mr Abbott has said Europe should follow the Australian example and stop boats before they reach European waters.

    Under Australia’s controversial Operation Sovereign Borders any migrant boat approaching its territory is intercepted and sent back.

    Migrants who reach Australian waters are detained offshore in centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. No-one is given asylum in Australia.

    After touring a maritime security operations centre in Canberra, Mr Abbott was asked by reporters on Monday if Europe had approached Australia for advice.

    He said that “there has been some contact at official level between Australian people and Europeans,” without giving further details.

    European Commission spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud told reporters in Brussels that EU officials had not contacted Australia’s authorities and had no intention of following its example.

    As the EU applied a principle of not sending back victims of persecution to countries where they might be threatened, “the Australian method can thus never be an example for us”, she said…..”

  9. IMJ’s Cyrus McGoldrick discusses the shooting at the “Draw Muhammad Day” event in Garland, Texas

    IMJ = Islamic Movement for Justice

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