A bucket of proof of Islamic and leftist detestation of genuine liberty and equality: Links 2 on May 2 – 2015

1. A criminal complaint has been filed against a newspaper in (I think) India for publishing  a drawing of the founder of islam, Mohamed. (Go to 2:30 in video for proper image)

On the complaint of MIM general secretary Ahmed Pasha Quadri to Additional Police Commissioner (law &order), Jubilee hills police station under whose jurisdiction Andhra Prabha office is located registered a case under Section 153(A) for ‘promoting enmity in groups on ground of religion’ and 295(A) for ‘deliberate or malicious acts intend to outrage religious feelings’ under the Indian Penal Code. Another political party MBT has also filed a similar complaint.

More video of muslims complaining about a drawing here

Apology and explanation by newspaper here

From 1 min. 20 seconds on you get the usual islamic behaviour with a sort of Indian flavor to it. Another article with the explanation/apology

2. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes surprise visit to Iraq to increase aid to assist in the war against the Islamic State and defend Western values.

(CTV news piece on it is actually a speculative oped worthy of a first year high school paper. Watch the video and listen to the assumptions and accusations)

3. BBC confirms: Islamic State: Militants ‘kill 300 Yazidi captives’

Several hundred Yazidi captives have been killed in Iraq by Islamic State (IS) militants west of Mosul, Yazidi and Iraqi officials say.

A statement from the Yazidi Progress Party said 300 captives were killed on Friday in the Tal Afar district near the city.

Iraqi Vice-President Osama al-Nujaifi described the reported deaths as “horrific and barbaric”.

Thousands of members of the religious minority group were captured last year.

4. Montreal enjoyed a day of the kind of peace communists bring to a city on May 1

(I’m not exactly sure how this is an improvement on the kind of communism we already have in Canada and especially in Quebec but there you have it)

5. Tundra Tabloids excerpted one call he liked from the Lowell Green show last week.

6. Bill Whittle busts another lefty using phony victim politics for profit

7. Israel warns of terror attack threat against Jews in Tunisia

The threats are connected to the Lag BaOmer Jewish festival, which will be celebrated on May 7, Netanyahu’s statement said.

It urged Jews not to visit Tunisia during the festival.

Thousands of pilgrims visit the tombs of famous rabbis for Lag BaOmer, including on Tunisia’s holiday island of Djerba, where one of the last Jewish communities in the Arab world still lives.

Several thousand Jews from France and Israel make the trip to the island every year, where 19 people died in an attack on the ancient El Ghriba synagogue in 2002 blamed on Al-Qaeda.

The Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau said it was advising people against visiting Tunisia in view of the “threats”.

(There is comfort in the denial of this threat from the Tunisian government. The threat being real or not, the fact that the government feels its a bad thing is better than one might expect from them)

8. One of the translators of the 26 minute debate on immigration with Geert Wilders at the Parliament of the Netherlands wrote an accompanying article. 

9. Jordanian cartoonist now under death threats from the Islamic State for satirizing the role of women in islam

The matter has attracted international attention. However, Osam will not let himself be intimidated by ISIS: “These cowards will not stop me. Freedom of thought and expression is a human right. “, he says.

10. To get a clearer image of current US immigration policies, who is desirable and who is being refused admission, have a look at this Iraqi nun who is being refused a visa for a spacing engagement for fear she will claim refugee status.

The single delegate whose visitor visa was denied happens to be the group’s only Christian from Iraq.

Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena was informed on Tuesday by the U.S. consulate in Erbil that her non-immigrant-visa application has been rejected.

Ms. Shea talked to Sister Diana on the phone and discovered that a consular officer named Christopher Patch gave this as the reason for her rejection: our Muddled East State desk (or their superiors) had decided she was an “Internally Displaced Person” and therefore a visit from Sister Diana would be a risky business for us because she’d claim refugee status once she got here. Sure she would, and would likely try to join the thousands of Christians swarming in?

11. Seattle Youth Organize Islamophobia Awareness Day To Lie about Islam

The sun was peeking through the clouds on Saturday, April 25 at Victor Steinbreuck Park in downtown Seattle, where a crowd gathered to celebrate the first ever Islamophobia Awareness Day.

The event was created by a group of Muslim girls from Rainier Beach High School.

They were motivated by what they see as misconceptions surrounding their religion and especially the way Muslims are portrayed in the media. That’s why they opened up a safe space to talk about Islam, and answer questions from the public.

Thank you M., Richard, DP111, Ox AO., Maria J., Tasha C., and all who sent in links today.

The Islamophobia meme, manufactured by the OIC as a tactic mirroring the success of the ‘homophobia’ one various homosexual lobbies created is quite stunning. It relies on the idea that people can be at least briefly distracted into thinking that people’s revulsion at seeing a woman in full islamic face cloth is an irrational and racist hated of the cloth itself, and not the ideology and history and detestation of non-muslims and supremacy that this cloth is in fact a uniform for. Much like when Mrs. Obama whispered to the president during a 911 ceremony that all the Americans there were idiots for showing respect to a piece of cloth. Like a true post modernist she wasn’t capable of realizing that most of us can abstract a symbol to its meaning. The flag, being a totem for the freedom so many people lost their lives to defend.

Imagine walking down a street this week in Baltimore in a KKK set of sheets complete with the pointy hood and after you get the crap kicked out of you, going on TV and claiming the coloured folk in Maryland are all Klanophobic. That they are racist against people who wear pointy sheets. And yet this argument gets made daily by the leftist apologists for islam.

The clothing that identifies people as religious muslims mean they believe in an ideology which is antithetical to liberal democracy. To equality for all before the law, and even the basic right to criticize and hold accountable religious or political authority, when it is authority by islam. To hold those in contempt simply shows good judgement.


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6 Replies to “A bucket of proof of Islamic and leftist detestation of genuine liberty and equality: Links 2 on May 2 – 2015”

  1. I’ve been known to coin phrases, and some have caught on pretty well. the Liberals started calling tea party members teabaggers, you can’t have one without the other, so on the opposite side, that means a liberal must be a tea baggie, that one even made it on the local news. the same thing goes with Islamophobia…there can’t be one without the other. so I made a the word to counter it. “Infidelophobia” and Muslims have the worst case of Infidelophobia there ever was, even worse that baconophobia <- just made that one up.

  2. 9/ Good one, but he is simplifying things perhaps to the point of oversimplifying them to make his point. It is not the nuclear family for these traditional Arabs. In reality, that is more likely to be a Western couple and their kid and a whole lot of Arab men and women and assorted children, and the Filipina maid who might be in the water with her charges. The Arab womenfolk are not just sitting there feeling left out, but busy organizing food and gossiping and dandling babies and haranguing the older children. Most of them don’t actually want to go in the water, and certainly not if it means making sluts of themselves like the Filipina they have to keep their eye on, especially since the last one got herself knocked up and had to be sent back, or that Western whore (who they will be very polite to if she joins them for mutton and rice later). There should be some garbage lying around for the slaves to pick up. If they think they can get away with it, the men will have built a fire for the women to cook on. And every hijabi should be wearing conspicuously expensive sunglasses and have a phone in her hand.

  3. #9. I have seen the exact seen on a river in Southern France. Anyone who thinks there isnt wrong in it is deluded. A muslim woman wouldnt shake my hand on introduction last week. I asked why and she said her ‘pride’ and her culture. I told her it was a shame and said in our culture it was a sign of respect and equality.
    She found it hard to look me in the face after that. There is no equality in her eyes. Just a potential rapist and a dis-respecter of her faith.
    Well done Tony Blair and all the other fools for bringing this nonsense to the west.

  4. RE: The single delegate whose visitor visa was denied happens to be the group’s only Christian from Iraq.

    Sister Diana though Chaldean opted to be with the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena.

    Saint Catherine was one devout and fearless nun. And if Sister Diana has even 10% of the attributes of Catherine, I’m not surprised that the Satate Depoeryment and the White House do not want her anywhere near the Congress.

  5. ” A criminal complaint has been filed against a newspaper in (I think) India for publishing a drawing of the founder of islam, Mohamed. “

    Easily refuted: “No, it wasn’t Mohammed, it was his camel driver, your honour.”

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