More infiltration, subversion, pornographic violence and really bad ideas from France: Links 4 on April 30 – 2015

1. Grover Norquist’s Alleged Islamist Ties Threaten Reelection to NRA Board of Directors

(Breitbart links are a war zone of auto play adds)

Here is the Wiki on GN and for a 10 part course on islamic infiltration in the US with more information on Mr. Norquist than anyone would ever want, please check Frank Gaffney’s site here

2. Canadian Liberal MP proposes we give up the right to face our accusers.

3. MTA Votes to Ban All Political Advertising After Judge OKs “Hamas Killing Jews” on City Buses

(And other groups gather momentum to ban advertising of hot people cause it makes those of us who don’t look like them feel bad, and then anti GM food people will want all vegetable adds featuring ‘non-organic’ food banned and global warming alarmists will want to get rid of any add that shows a place having a really nice day)

The nation’s largest mass transit system has voted to ban all political advertising on its subways and buses after a judge ruled that a pro-Israel group was allowed to display an advertisement containing the phrase “Hamas Killing Jews” on New York City buses.

The resolution passed Wednesday by a vote of 9-2 at the MTA’s board meeting after the finance committee approved it earlier in the week. The cash-strapped agency says such advertising only accounts for less than $1 million of its annual advertising revenue of $138 million.

4. Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia stops Houthi ‘border attack’

Saudi troops have repelled a major attack on their border by Houthi rebels from Yemen, Saudi state media says.

Air strikes carried out by a Saudi-led coalition have targeted the Shia Muslim rebels since late March.

But this is the first major assault on Saudi territory since the strikes began. The Saudi reports say “dozens” of rebels were killed.

5. Geert Wilders and some US congressmen get questioned by CAIR during a press conference in Washington DC today. This is a great video.

(Looking for the whole press conference still. There is a brief article about his day in DC here)

6. German police seize explosives in anti-terror raid

Officers raided a flat in the town of Oberursel and reportedly found a pipe bomb, an assault rifle and bomb-making chemicals.

Police confirmed that a man and a woman had been detained overnight.

Local media said the couple have been under surveillance since one of them bought a large quantity of hydrogen peroxide using a fake name.

(Pretty sure there is a blonde joke in there somewhere)

7. German lady meets Israeli students at Auschwitz

8. More tweets from Italian streets by alleged Islamic State members looking for targets

9. France plans rehabilitation unit for returning jihadists

(What a great idea! I cannot see how this will fail.)

Thank you Ox AO., BCF., Richard, M., and all and still more to come, Waiting for more translators to wake up.

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6 Replies to “More infiltration, subversion, pornographic violence and really bad ideas from France: Links 4 on April 30 – 2015”

  1. 9/ I had a disheartening conversation a while ago with a US Marine who told me that such programs were effective. He said jihadis in Afghanistan had been successfully rehabilitated by having imams in to talk to them about the Koran, that it had cut the recidivism rate in half. This was a fellow who has been coming and going from the Middle East for decades. The morning I talked to him, he had been quoting Koran at Arab Muslims to prove to them that Islamic State was not Islamic, and was satisfied that they had been convinced. A Marine! If he could sustain a delusion about the effectiveness of jihadi rehabilitation, I don’t imagine French bureaucrats having much trouble. At least until some bombs go off.

    • The current military goes through a very thought brain washing campaign that causes them to believe everything the left says.

    • That is because that marine had to become a Muslim in order to communicate with that extremist.

      There is only two ways you can communicate with a devout Muslim.
      He has to believe you are thinking of converting or you are one. For an on going dialogue you must be a Muslim.

      The reason he thinks he is listening is because that extremist knows the Marine was covered by him. That marine wouldn’t be a Muslim if it wasn’t for that extremist being devout Muslim. In other worlds who’s teaching whom?

  2. 2. Canadian Liberal MP proposes we give up the right to face our accusers.

    I wonder if the Nazis in the 1930s could have used our present day “hate speech” laws to legally stop any criticism of their ideology?

  3. 1 – As more people start to resist the Islamic conquest we are achieving more victories. The longer we fight the more ground the Moslems will loose.

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