The lines begin to sharpen. More of the West begins to resolve the real ‘root causes’ of Islamic terrorism. Koran. Links 1 on April 25 – 2015

A few days ago, I posted a notice about a volcano which erupted inn Chile. I mentioned, somewhat sarcastically, that it likely released more CO2 than all of humanity since the industrial revolution. Under that post a few people wrote kindly worded admonitions and corrections to that highly exaggerated statement.

Yes, this side of the debate does not have the luxury of these kinds of statements, it is true. While I personally do not believe that humanity is affecting the climate in the manner that the IPCC, a UN body which had as its foundational rules that only man-made CO2 could be considered as a cause of climate change and no natural factors were even allowed to be considered, if we are to argue against deliberate deceptions, exaggerations, and altered data for good science and bad, then we have to be meticulous. Thank you for posting the corrections.


1. Islam is Nazism with a God. Eric Allen Bell

2. Iran takes the classic Jew-hate blood libel mainstream

3. Turkish press release on the official reaction to Germany’s declaration on the Armenian genocide recognizing its Genocidal intent.

4. Hundreds of thousands gather to remember the Australian war dead of WW1 

5. Boko Haram renames itself Islamic State in West Africa

(It would be interesting to know the total square milage now of the Islamic State as a whole, including the Boko Haram territory, in comparison to nations or states we are more familiar with. Also the total population)

6. Video of Islamic State capabilities impresses military experts

(If there is one thing the US is good at, its training militaries)

7. CNN moves another inch and a quarter closer to the unmentionable truths

(CNN)Several of the world’s worst terrorist groups, like ISIS and Al-Shabaab, aim to create societies governed by strict, distorted versions of Sharia law.

(Neither the article or video explains what a non-distorted sharia law is, or how the Islamic State etc. are distorting it. But they are at least madding admissions that was anathema to them a year or more ago)

8. Somalia’s al-Shabab kills man for ‘insulting prophet’

Crowds watched as the man was shot by a firing squad in the southern town of Jamame in the Lower Juba region.

A BBC Somali service repoter says al-Shabab have previously killed people accused of spying or apostasy.

Last month al-Shabab carried out an attack on Garissa College in neighbouring Kenya, killing 148 people.

The Islamist group controls large swathes of rural Somalia.

Thank you Eric Allen Bell, M., Carpe Diem, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki, and all. More to come shortly.

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20 Replies to “The lines begin to sharpen. More of the West begins to resolve the real ‘root causes’ of Islamic terrorism. Koran. Links 1 on April 25 – 2015”

  1. People are starting to discover the facts and are having a hard time realizing they have been duped for so long, the media will take a long time to change is position because it has to be done slowly if they are to keep any viewers.

  2. 1. Once again, Don Laird’s assertion of M.A.I.D, Mass Arrest, Incarceration and Deportation of Muslims appears to become a humane solution and prevention of harm to the populations in The West… because Islam, emboldened by their increased numbers in ANY community, will kill or subjugate everyone weaker.

    Judaism is the direct competitor to Islam by also believing A One God has commanded and blessed them as The Chosen Ones, so Muslims will imperatively seek their global eradication, (and build a mosque on it).

    As for Christians, who have made themselves accept being second-best to their God, Jesus Christ; they will, as performing pacifists, infantalized dhimmis be initially tolerated and milked as aphids, just like the Socialist’s higher-bracket tax payers are, being held to ransom under Islam’s Jizya tax – to paralyze and sponge-off until all the Jews in that area are dead, and then turn upon, these who ‘love their neighbor more than their own kids’ because tomorrow is the look-out and gaining favor for Judgement Day.

    However, my continued criticism for M.A.I.D. is that the Red Army will be right behind, capitalizing and fermenting a revolution for their New World Order – for controlling the banks, (Occupy Wall Street), businesses, (Pensions, Maternity, Sickness), and political collectives, (Blacks, LGBTQ, Feminists and their whipping-boy Muslims), for one central government.

    This is worth fighting for:

    The First Amendment:

    “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.”

    Under this light of the law all comers with idols, fail.

    • Well, Christians are pretty committed to the idea that Jesus said:

      “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one gets to the Father except through me”.

      Buddhists call the teachings of the historical Buddha, “Dharma” or truth. Which could be interpreted as being that other teachings are not true, although I do not know a Buddhist who would agree to that.

      At the end of the day, I suspect that most religions as we know them make a claim to sole copyright on divine truth. The Jews, like the Muslims, basically made up their own god(s) as needed to their purpose, good or bad, evil or otherwise, as did the Romans both before and after Jesus.

      As for MAID, this will be a policy based on the cowardice of those who will not act when the cost of acting is low but still bears a cost. In other words, those who will not speak up now and for the last 10 years with reasonable demands to counter unreasonable policies such as unreasonable accommodation to islam etc. and immigration which is deleterious to the Canadian culture and frankly the list is as long as this blog has been in existence, these acts of cowardice will lead to policies in which great horror and injustices will be done because we will be out of options. They are a historical inevitability.

      How much better if they were not, but if you read the agendas and views of this site, the plan was to raise awareness of the threat to liberal democracy now (such as it is) and take simple action at the level of ideas, legislation and cultural re-inculcation against political correctness and so on and save our freedoms that way.

      Perhaps that delusional. Perhaps as Samuel Clemens observed, history doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme. Perhaps he could have said, “History has to rhyme as while a single person may see a new course of action, huge groups of people will always be predictable and therefore will always fall prey to the same circumstances in the same way, or in fact, even create the circumstances which require such abominations.

      I think it was Yucki who posted the writings of a Jewish writer at the time of the Armenian genocide by the muslim Ottomans who wrestled with his feelings and observations on it. I wish I still had that tab open. But it could have been written today. These are not modern times any more than anytime in history were modern times. Everyone thinks all before them were ignorant. Islam has institutionalized this idea to an industrial, lethal and destructive level.

      The hope was that our knowledge of history, our technology and the test of our values would protect us. It may still. But each passing day shows a greater threat from the combination of cultural marxism and islam and the pressure is building. By the time the masses are ready to act, the effective options available to them will be much fewer and more draconian.

      What was the hook line in that old Tetley’s Tea commercial?


      • Eeyor: “The hope was that our knowledge of history, our technology and the test of our values would protect us.”

        Christopher Hitchens, “Somehow if I could drive it [Religion] out of the world, I wouldn’t” to which he said, Richard Dawkin was incredulous.

        Commonsense informs that you have to know God to not believe in any man-created God that give the spirit a form. Otherwise, you’d be a fool to the first person that came along claiming anointing . The god in me testifies theirs is an imposter. And those without a god in them are identified with the world, believing and supporting sexsquirrels and any unnatural beings among them.

        Is this complicated?

        We can’t discern what is swearing without first knowing what swearing is. Otherwise they are just unfamiliar words. You can’t know Socialism is evil unless you know what real socialism is.

        Therefore, radicating the perception of god in every person will make them half-blind, which Christopher instinctively recognizes and Richard doesn’t.

        Muslims don’t know god, and so they accept an illiterate unmerciful thug called Allah.

        Socialists don’t know human nature, so they accept a pied piper race-hustler like Obama.

        • Watching the video above, someone edited and placed the “music of a whore” over his final words, the sound of the siren that leads men to their deaths upon the rocks and submerging under the ocean, the Islamic call to prayer for pity-sex in Heaven. Something Obama says he loves as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

          To see reality, you never close your eyes.

          • That title “Jewiest” is typical of the cultural imperialism of Ashkenazi Jews, who constitute the vast majority of the tribe in the West and thus tend to obscure the rest of us.

            It was a commonplace among medieval Jewish writers to refer to Muhammad as ha-meshugga, the very proper Hebrew word for “madman”.

            Maimonides (from my side of the family) used it in his celebrated Epistle to the Jews of Yemen (1172).

            I dug around in my books for the citation, gave up, the found it immediately in Andy Bostom, of course! Lots of places, but here’s the most topical:

            The Houthi ‘Motto,’ and My Limited Sympathy for War-Torn Yemen


  3. Here’s an interesting ‘did you know’ about CO2 – There are greenhouses all over the US that burn natural gas to release CO2 in the greenhouses to improve fruit and bloom on plants. This is huge, but you never hear a word about that – large scale greenhouse farming where they intentionally burn natural gas or propane to release CO2 and disperse that over the plants! oh the irony! It turns out that plants produce best around the 1400 ppm co2 to total air elements, and most natural air is about 400 to 700 ppm CO2. So wouldn’t more CO2 in the air be good for forests, food production, etc?

    • Actually making beer in the same closed space as growing plants is also a great way to improve plant growth and as a bonus, you get beer. Also making wine works.

    • What i find interesting in the past 500 million years the average CO2 levels have been around 2500 PPM. Under 200 PPM photosynthesis stops. at 250 PPM they are stunned.

      Flowering planets is a recent development in terms of geological time they produce CO2 because of the reduced CO2 concentration that we are in.

      During the glaciations in our ice age CO2 levels drop. which leads me to believe in our next glaciation it is possible we could be heading for another snow ball earth. We are in the middle of the present Ice age and the coldest part.

  4. said, ” that it(volcano) likely released more CO2 than all of humanity since the industrial revolution. ”

    You would be incorrect.

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