Geopolitics of Islamic State, expanding rapidly, attacks Saudi in small way and Jordanian border in larger one. Links 3 on April 25 – 2015

1. Very odd video of British police with dogs and horses policing a Reclaim England march. Its impossible to tell from the video what actually took place but typically its the ‘Antifa’ and far left groups that start real trouble and get arrested. Can’t say in this case. Comments are discouraging though.

2. Port city of Aden in Yemen experiences Saudi air strikes and ongoing intense street gunfights.

3. Three Islamic State car bombs hit Iraq-Jordan border crossing, four dead

(Reuters) – Three suicide car bombs exploded at a border crossing between Iraq and Jordan on Saturday, killing four soldiers, a witness and an Iraqi border police source said, in an attack claimed shortly afterwards by Islamic State.

The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the attack in a video, saying it had targeted a government complex, control point for the border crossing, and army patrol, according to monitoring group SITE.

4. UN: Myanmar Stability at Risk If Rohingya Issue Not Solved

(I agree with the UN. Just not their solution)

5. Saudi police murder suspect ‘was acting for Islamic State’

Officials said Mohammed Abdulrahman Abu Niyan, a Saudi citizen, confessed to the murders which took place in the capital, Riyadh, earlier this month.

He received instructions, cash and weapons from IS elements in Syria, the interior ministry said in a statement.

Saudi Arabia is keenly aware that it is a key IS target, correspondents report.

6. ‘Al-Shabab’ abducts and kills Kenyan chief near Mandera

(Islam is turning the whole world into a Middle Ages theme park except with real disease and weapons)

Suspected al-Shabab militants have abducted and killed a traditional chief in northern Kenya, a local elder says.

Chief Muktar Otieno was seized early on Thursday morning on the road to Mandera town, close to the border between Kenya and Somalia.

Assistant chief Abdinoor Dakane told the BBC that Mr Otieno was tied to a tree and shot dead by the militants, after locals failed to pay a ransom.

7. Syria -Muslim terrorists move into Jisr

Thank you M., Richard Don C. and all.


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