A few articles from last night: posted April 23 – 2015

A few of us have been working most of the evening on translating a new session of the Dutch Parliament with Geert Wilders on the immigrant crisis in Europe right now. Its very good and quite dynamic. A couple of young Dutch parliamentarians puff themselves up with sanctimonious outrage and sling mud at Geert and act as if they represented the Libyan illegals and hold their actual constituents in contempt. Someone really needs to drop a dozen muslim refugees off at their actual homes and be told they will live off of their host’s fat government salaries instead of the working poor who usually end up with both the bill and the permanently changed neighborhoods.

I am hoping to get this finished and posted tomorrow. Its very good. And a great deal of work already and it isn’t even finished yet.

Meanwhile, here is a tribute to the Turkish Foreign Minister:

1. Five dead muslims in Arizona after a standoff with police

Police believed the shooting deaths late on Thursday stemmed from a dispute about a family business.

The three male victims were brothers from Morocco and the fourth victim was their mother. The final victim was the wife of one of the men, police said.

Four other people fled the home during the standoff, police said.

Police used a megaphone to try to communicate with the occupants of the home, addressing the family in Arabic.

The Arizona Republic reported that one neighbour said the family owned a transportation service, but another referred to them as “invisible” until Thursday

2. Here is an interesting looking organization.

3. Groomed to be a sex slave and branded a racist for bringing my sex abusers to justice: One woman reveals her horrific ordeal in a tell-all book

By Lara Mcdonnell For Daily Mail

Two of my abusers had already threatened to kill me. Even in the court, I feared no one could stop these depraved men, all in their 30s, from leaping out to attack me as I gave evidence against them. The court guide assured me I would be safe, but nothing was going to allay my fears entirely.


Mohammed’s defence was laughable: he claimed I’d forced him to take drugs and have sex with me. His barrister, a woman, implied I was a racist because all the defendants were Muslim. Of the men in the dock, my evidence directly related to five. One was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child (not me). The others were found guilty of rape, child prostitution and other serious charges.

I was in court to see the judge pass life sentences on Mohammed Karrar, 38; Bassam Karrar, 33; Akhtar Dogar, 32; and Anjum Dogar, 31. The judge told Mohammed he would have to serve a minimum of 20 years. Because the defendants were Muslim, the case had opened sensitive issues about race and religion. My view is clear: they behaved that way because of differences in how they viewed women.

(This article is worth reading in its entirety)

Thank you M., Maria J., and all.

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4 Replies to “A few articles from last night: posted April 23 – 2015”

  1. Great initiative, and all the best to them. My two cents worth:

    1. It is better to expose the supremacist rhetoric and inoculate hearers against it than to try ‘block’ it, if by that is meant preventing supremacist Muslims from speaking.

    2. If they are doing this on the street, they will be confronted by Muslims and leftist enablers no matter how much they do to avoid it, and they will have fights however hard they try not to pick them. Scenes and contentious arguments are inevitable, so they really do need to consider security.

    3. There is a reasonable argument that Islam is what Muslims do, not what is in the texts. A lot of Christians, for instance, are confused about what is in even the Gospels. They should be prepared to be challenged on this.

    4. Where is the research to support their contention that most converts to Islam leave Islam in one or two years?

    5. It is good to be able to point to the Koran, but Muslims will tell them they don’t understand how to interpret it. They aren’t trained, they’ve never been to Mecca, blah blah blah. They need to be ready also with commentaries from the respected jurists and with more than one source of Islamic law. (Muslims will say The Reliance is just one book and it isn’t their school of jurisprudence anyhow.)

    6. It is more than a little silly to say ‘We love Muslims,’ in fact it’s as patronizing and insulting as ‘I love Africans’ or ‘The Thais are beautiful people.’ With Muslims it is suicidal as well. Muslims spot and exploit weakness. Rein in the martyr complex. Take a page from Confucius:

    Someone said, “What do you say concerning the principle that injury should be repaid with kindness?” The Master said, “With what will you then repay kindness? Repay injury with justice, and repay kindness with kindness.”

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