An excellent contrast between Obama and Stephen Harper’s positions on the Armenian Genocide of 1915: Links 5 on April 22 – 2015

1. ISIS Replace Injured Leader Baghdadi With Former Physics Teacher

The Islamic State’s temporary leader is a former Iraqi physics teacher located in the country’s second-biggest city, Mosul, the adviser to the Iraqi government on ISIS has revealed.

Yesterday, it was reported by the Guardian that the terror group’s caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was seriously wounded in a U.S. coalition airstrike in western Iraq in March, leaving him with injuries which allegedly rendered him incapable of carrying out the day-to-day duties as caliph. The revelation raised questions about the leadership structure of the group and reportedly led to frantic meetings between senior ISIS officials on life after Baghdadi.

Speaking to Newsweek, Dr Hisham al Hashimi, the Iraqi government adviser, confirmed that Abu Alaa Afri, the self-proclaimed caliph’s deputy and a former physics teacher, has now been installed as the stand-in leader of the terror group in Baghdadi’s absence.

2. Pat Condell: on the gullibility of the British electorate

3. Volcano erupts in Chile, nearly guaranteeing that we will have one of the crappiest summers in living memory. Probably for a few years. 


(I believe one volcano eruption is roughly equal to all the human carbon output since before the industrial revolution showing once again that global warning from CO2 does bony happen)

4. Nigel Farage: Only take Christian refugees. Send the rest back.

5. Some heavy artillery

6. Where do they get this stuff

7. Obama won’t call it Armenian ‘genocide’ on 100th anniversary of atrocity

(Another Gomer Pyle moment for Obama. Not a single bookie lost money on this one)

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama, wary of damaging relations with Turkey amid growing unrest in the Middle East, won’t use the 100th anniversary of the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire to declare the brutal episode a genocide.

Despite Obama’s campaign promise in 2008 to “recognize the Armenian Genocide” as president, the White House on Tuesday issued a carefully worded statement on a high-level administration meeting with Armenian groups that avoided using the term “genocide.”

An administration official said Obama, who will mark the centennial this Friday, would similarly avoid using the word. The term angers Ankara, which denies that Ottoman Turks carried out a genocide.

8. Update on the muslim who had planned to attack “one or two churches” in France

9. Interesting article on Spanish jihadists and what fuels their jihad in the Islamic State

10. Once again, Stephen Harper makes all Canadians proud, affirms the Ottoman muslim genocide of the Armenian Christians.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper affirmed Wednesday his belief that 1.5 million Armenians were killed in a ‘Genocide’ nearly a century ago during the First World War. For decades, previous Canadian governments refused to call it ‘genocide’ for fear of upsetting Turkey, which is blamed for the massacre.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard,  ML., and so many more. More to come as well.

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  1. #3 C02 output for volcanos. FWIW, just to get a feel for orders of magnitude and grabbing some data the yearly average output for volcanos world-wide is estimated at around 200 million metric tons. The official data for 2003 shows around 27 billion metric tons of C02 that year from fossil fuel use, or about 1/100th the output. Data is from the USGS site.

    • I believe that a volcanic eruption is a whole other magnitude of CO2 output. The number you gave is just average activity, is it not?

      • Eeyore,

        To release an amount of C02 ” roughly equal to all the human carbon output since before the industrial revolution”, the total mass of C02 would essentially result in (something on the order of magnitude) increasing concentration in the entire atmosphere by around 25%. Thats a HUGE step change. Its true that eruptions release a lot of C02 since the original carbonates (formed mainly due to ocean sequestration) are what is released again due to plate subsidence, but the amount released is tiny in relation to the total mass of all of that released since the industrial revolution, just by the numbers. While the intended statement you had is probably more tongue in cheek, it still helps to think in quantitative terms so we get a true feel for how much and how big 🙂

        While the left grotesquely blows it out of proportion for their own alterior motives, I still think its a long term issue. There is no free lunch, and everything has consequences if carried on long enough.

  2. 10/ The children are not responsible for what their grandparents did. But if they feel Stephen Harper has indelibly stained their honour with his remarks, they might like to consider rolling up their prayer mats and repatriating themselves to father Turkey.

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