US appears to be headed for direct confrontation with Iranian war and supply ship to Houthi and a lot more items. Links 2 on April 2015

1. By Thomas Jefferson’s koran!

On January 4, 2007, newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison made history. He became not only the first Muslim to be elected to the United States Congress, but he also took the ceremonial oath of office holding his hand on the Koran that had been owned by Thomas Jefferson. Dozens of television cameras, including one from the Arab network Al-Arabiya, were on hand to record this historical event.

(The article is quite interesting. No doubt the congressman will be too busy to answer the author’s interesting questions)

2. Stranded In Yemen: Americans Left To Find Own Way Out

3. Israel Installing Revolutionary Tunnel Detection System on Gaza Border

(I wonder if that is the system where you detonate a small shape charge and then listen for the word “Ow’ from underneath you)

4. US warship heads to Yemeni waters to intercept Iranian weapons shipments, Navy officials say

U.S. Navy officials say the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is steaming toward the waters off Yemen and will join other American ships prepared to intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen.

The U.S. Navy has been beefing up its presence in the Gulf of Aden and the southern Arabian Sea amid reports that a convoy of Iranian ships may be headed toward Yemen to arm the Houthis.

5. FBI terror sting nabs 6 in Minnesota, California

(CNN)The FBI has arrested at least six men in what officials called an ISIS-inspired terror plot.

Details were scant Sunday night, but federal law enforcement officials told CNN the men were arrested in Minnesota and California in a sting operation.

(More here)

6. Courts sentence 22 Ikhwan, Muslim Brotherhood members, to death in Egypt.

7. Jersey police baffled by strange burka-wearing statue left outside gas station

FirefoxScreenSnapz086Police in Burlington City have recovered a strange painted statue of what appears to be a woman wearing a burka and holding a machine gun, after images of the statue outside a gas station were posted on social media.

The owners of the Gulf gas station at Route 130 South and High Street where the three-foot-tall statue was placed and his employees were not aware of the statue’s presence, according to Burlington City police, “and [were] appalled by what they observed.”

“They do not know why a person would place something of that sort on their property,” the police report continues. “In addition, where the statue was located was out of the view of the employee work area and not visible from the gas pumps.”

(CAIR is claiming its a hate crime, while claiming that actual muslims with AK47s slaughtering thousands of non-muslims across the world to make an area purely Islamic is not a hate crime)

8. Obama’s holy offering presented at Ajmer Sharif (Sufi muslim) shrine

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan,

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6 Replies to “US appears to be headed for direct confrontation with Iranian war and supply ship to Houthi and a lot more items. Links 2 on April 2015”

  1. Maybe the Mullahs of Iran figured since Obama and Kerry are such big appeasers, so why not send war ships to Yemen.? Who will stop them?. Now Obama decides to send US warships in response. Hopefully the result will the sinking of a few Iranian warships, which could lead to Iran not going along with the nuke agreement.

  2. #1 Oh the irony! It burns, IT BURNS!!!!

    #7 That was left at a gas station down the road from me on US Rt. 130 in Burlington. Someone floated the idea that it might be like the horses head from Godfather in that its a, no pun intended, thinly veiled threat of violence.

  3. 2. Stranded In Yemen: Americans Left To Find Own Way Out

    Yoiu mean like those Somalis the MSM tells us are really French, Swedes , Danes etc, who have been radicalised by some ideology no one knows which.

  4. 1 – I wonder how the Moslems think about the Congressman now that they know he took his oath of office on a book that says Islam is a fake religion.

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