More geopolitics of Islam and impending totalitarianism by the left: Links 2 for April 18 – 2015

1. UK scrambles jets as Russian planes and ships spotted

London (AFP) – British fighter jets were scrambled on Wednesday in response to the sighting of two Russian military aircraft near UK airspace, hours after three Russian ships were monitored as they entered the English Channel.

2. Afghanistan suicide blast kills 33, targets government workers

(And who says islam impedes development? No one who values their lives thats for sure)

(Reuters) – A suicide bomb blast in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad killed 33 people and injured more than 100 on Saturday outside a bank where government workers collect salaries, the city’s police chief said.

Police were investigating whether there was a second explosion after people rushed to the scene to help, the police chief, Fazel Ahmad Sherzad, told a news conference.

(Video at site)

3. Serial sex attacker molested five women in Bradford within 45 minutes, court told

A SERIAL sex attacker, branded a public danger by psychiatrists, pounced on five women in Bradford city centre.

Haroon Rashid molested his victims, aged between 19 and 35, in daylight in the space of 45 minutes, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Rashid, 29, was wanted by the police at the time for indecently exposing himself to a bus driver at Bradford Interchange a little more than a fortnight before.

As he did so he asked: “Can you see my pass?” to the alarm of the male driver and a woman passenger who witnessed the incident.

The court heard yesterday that Rashid, of Harris Street, Little, Germany, Bradford, was a dangerous paranoid schizophrenic who had sexually abused eight women in Bradford in the past decade.

4. Melbourne terror plot: raids live coverage

5. Whatever else one may say or think about Snowdon, some of what he says is both factual and important in terms of the nature the preservation of one’s liberties.

(He is most decidedly correct with the point he makes about the ease with which a benign government can change to a malevolent one and use the power of the NSA against freedom. And some would argue this has already happened)

6. Australian police press conference on terror arrests.

7. And here is a rather stellar example of what Mr. Snowdon was speaking about, 2 items up, right now in Turkey

8. Daily Mail article on jihadi plot to attack people in Australia at ANZAC

9. Afghanistan homicide bomber attack kills a lot of Afghans.

Thank you Maria J. Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, and many more who sent in materials and there is a great deal more to go. Please stand by.

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  1. Snowden is both a hero and a villain, he has exposed a massive attack on personal freedom but has done it in such a way that it helped our enemies. No I don’t know of any other way he could have done this and remained free either.

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