If its darkest before the dawn, how much darker can it get? Quite a bit I suspect: Links post 1 on April 16 – 2015

1. Montreal Canada: Jamali El Mahdi and Sabrine Djaermane arrested over terrorism fears

The RCMP have arrested two Montrealers over fears they could commit a terrorism-related offence.

Jamali El Mahdi and Sabrine Djaermane, both 18, appeared at a Montreal courthouse this afternoon.

When El Mahdi appeared, he looked over to his family for support. His father blew kisses at him, and a friend nodded in support.

Sabrine Djaermane appeared soon after him and was very composed.

CBC’s French-language service, Radio-Canada, has confirmed that both are students at Collège de Maisonneuve, a CEGEP in Montreal’s east end.

Brandon Sun link here

2. Australians fighting with IS ‘a serious security threat’

Australians fighting alongside Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria and Iraq pose a “serious national security threat”, according to a new report.

However, the Lowy Institute for International Policy report said the government’s response could help lower the risk of an attack.

It suggested returning foreign fighters could be placed into deradicalisation programmes rather than jailed.

3. Apparently in Canada, next Monday is Jihad Monday. But Tuesday is RoP Tuesday.

4. BBC does 1 hour documentary on the plight of Christians in the Islamic world.

(I haven’t watched it all yet but its the BBC. They will find a way to show some of the truth while avoiding the fact that Islamic doctrine, history, scripture and the example of mohamed demands this behaviour from muslims)

5. UKIP promises to tighten up regulations on religious slaughter in the UK if elected.

Ukip has backed the continuation of religious slaughter in Britain after months of confusion over the party’s stance on the issue.

Its general election manifesto, launched by Nigel Farage in Essex on Wednesday morning, makes clear that kosher meat production would not be banned by the party.

But abattoirs would face new regulations, with Ukip pledging to oversee the training of schochets.

The party’s policy document states: “We can only regain control of animal health and welfare by leaving the EU. Ukip takes both issues seriously and we will insist on formal non-stun training and certification for all religious slaughtermen to ensure the highest standards are adhered to.”

There would also be the introduction of CCTV cameras in every abattoir, to be monitored by the meat hygiene service.

Ukip said it would also back increased labelling of animal products to show where the meat originated, how it was produced and transported, and whether the animal was stunned before slaughter.

6. As was expected, the murder of an imam in London was done by another muslim. Hence the eerie silence on the ‘hate crimes’ front.

7. North Korea supplied several shipments of missile components to Iran during recent nuclear talks and the transfers appear to violate United Nations sanctions on both countries, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

(Another Gomer Pyle moment for US diplomacy)

8. UN base in Mali hit by deadly suicide bombing

A suicide attack on a UN base in northern Mali has killed three civilians and wounded nine peacekeepers, the UN has said.

The bomber attempted to drive into a UN camp in Ansongo town when his explosives detonated, it added.

At least 35 UN troops have been killed and more than 140 wounded in Mali since July 2013

Thank you M. Don C. BCF, Richard, Maria J., Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials. More to come shortly.

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  1. 7 – This was going on while Obama and company were saying that Iran isn’t a threat and doesn’t want the bomb. Between Carter, Clinton and Obama the US doesn’t need any external enemies our internal ones are doing quite well in their quest to destroy us.

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