Explosion in Ottawa, Egypt stays the course and Maher seems to get it: Links 3 on April 11 – 2015


After backlash following a report by KHOU 11 News on a Texas high school teacher calling Islam an “ideology of war,” students worry the teacher has resigned.

Breitbart News earlier reported about the school district disciplining the teacher after it learned he had passed out a pamphlet in his class describing Islam as an “ideology of war.”

Students and community members have come to the teacher’s defense. A petition with more than one thousand signatures has circulated calling for the school to bring back the teacher.

Peyton Green, a student who is a senior at the Texas high school, was in the class last semester. She said he used the same handout then, but there was no backlash or scrutiny from any students or administration.

(It would have been better if he had included sources for his statements)

2. Egyptian court sentences leader of outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and 13 other senior members to death for inciting chaos and violence

(If they love death more than we love life, as they often state they do, then I expect the MB will be celebrating tonight. Yet something tells me they won’t be)

3. Ottawa April 10 2015: Explosion and resultant fire guts building on Bank St.

Michael Valenti was walking by the building on his way to Irene’s Pub on the same side of the building when an explosion occurred, sending debris towards Valenti and cutting his face and leg. The 26-year-old said he is lucky to be alive. “I heard a loud bang and a bunch of glass hit me,” Valenti recalled.

(There is a video at the site with an interview with a witness who heard an explosion and was hit with flying glass. Below, pictures from this afternoon)

Macs Milk at Bank & fifth

Bank and fifth 2

4. Hannity seems to share our opinion of Obama’s feelings about Christianity Vs. his feelings for Islam

5. A gang suspected of links to the Islamic State group planned possible kidnappings, an execution and attacks on Jewish shops and public buildings in Spain, an investigating judge said on Friday.


Authorities now fear the jihadists may extend their attacks into Europe.

“They were considering abducting a person in Spain, dressing them in an orange overall in the style of the group known as Islamic State, interrogating them and cutting their throat in order to broadcast it” by video, a source in the investigation told AFP.

Isis has frequently broadcast footage showing their execution victims wearing orange suits of the same style given to prisoners at the controversial US military prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Gang members had also discussed “abducting the director of a bank branch” for ransom, the source added. […]

Police investigations revealed that the suspected cell founder, Antonio Saez Martinez — dubbed “Ali the Hairdresser” — told other members he came close to launching an attack on a Jewish bookshop in Barcelona, Judge Pedraz wrote.

He allegedly proposed attacks with guns and grenades against synagogues, security forces and the Catalan regional parliament.

More from El Paiz

6. Turkish state TV bans opposition advert

(And who could find that problematic. Nobody, right? Signed guy at the gulag)

The opposition advert featured the slogan “we applaud as a nation” and criticised the “oppression” of justice, freedom and secularism in the country.

It urged voters to attend the party’s first mass election rally on Saturday.

The controversy follows a ruling by a court in Ankara on Thursday, which ordered CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu to pay damages for insulting President Erdogan in a speech in 2013.

7. Italian coastguard pick up 1000 Libyan illegals

(Italy seems also to have an issue with high degrees of enrichment)

Thank you M., JU., Maria J., Wrath of Khan, Tundra T., and all who contributed. There is more.

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4 Replies to “Explosion in Ottawa, Egypt stays the course and Maher seems to get it: Links 3 on April 11 – 2015”

  1. 2) Soltan: former campaigner for Obama…

    Egypt Court Sentences US-Egyptian Citizen to Life in Prison (abcnew, Apr 11, 2015)

    “An Egyptian criminal court sentenced a dual U.S.-Egyptian citizen on a monthslong hunger strike to life in prison Saturday on charges of financing an anti-government sit-in and spreading false news.

    Mohammed Soltan, the son of a prominent member of the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested in August 2013, when security forces came looking for his father at his house. They didn’t find the father at the time, but arrested him instead, Soltan’s family said. His father, Salah, was detained later.

    Mohammed, a 27-year-old Ohio State University graduate and former Barack Obama campaigner, has been on a hunger strike over his detention for more than 14 months, and his health is rapidly deteriorating, his family said.

    The court also upheld death sentences for 14 people, including Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie and Salah Soltan, and sentenced 36 others to life in prison, including three Egyptian journalists.

    Soltan’s brother Omar said in a phone interview that Mohammed is being held alone in a prison hospital where even the guards are not allowed to speak with him. He only receives outside news during court sessions, when he sees his father in the defendant cage.

    Mohammed has been refusing medical checks since security forces moved his father to a higher security prison two months ago. The father, a diabetic with blood pressure issues, has been denied any medication since then, Omar said.

    “Egyptian authorities are using my father to pressure Mohammed into ending his hunger strike, but he continues to refuse,” said Omar, adding that the family plans to appeal the sentences.

    The case is rooted in the violence that swept Egypt after the military-led ouster in July 2013 of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, a veteran Brotherhood leader, whose supporters set up protest camps in Cairo. Security forces violently dispersed the sit-ins in August 2013, killing hundreds. In retaliation, many police stations and churches came under attack.

    President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who as army chief had overthrown Morsi amid mass protests against the Islamist leader, issued a decree in November that allows him to deport foreign defendants convicted or accused of crimes.

    “We’re hoping that Mohammed will be deported from Egypt under that new law,” said Omar. The government has given no indication that such a move is under consideration.

    None of the defendants were present in the courtroom as Judge Mohammed Nagi Shehata read out his ruling. Shehata has a reputation for issuing harsh sentences against perceived government critics. Last year he sentenced three journalists from Al-Jazeera English to jail terms ranging from seven to 10 years, a verdict that exposed Egypt to widespread allegations of suppressing media freedom.

    The Obama administration condemned the sentencing in a White House statement.

    “We call for Mr. Soltan’s immediate release from prison,” the statement said. “We remain deeply concerned about Mr. Soltan’s health, which has suffered during his 20 month-long incarceration.”

    Since Morsi’s ouster, Egypt has faced international criticism for conducting mass trials with judges rapidly issuing severe sentences.

    Mohamed Elmessiry, the Egypt researcher for rights group Amnesty International, said in a phone interview that Saturday’s verdicts were “politically motivated.”

    “Egypt’s criminal justice system has proved since the ousting of Morsi that it’s not independent,” he said.

    Courts have issued hundreds of life sentences and death sentences, said Elmessiry, but “on the other side we haven’t seen any security officer held accountable for the killing of protesters or torturing in custody or death in custody.””

  2. 4/ It’s a little like Barry Humphries dressing up as Dame Edna in order to say things about his/her own kind he/she would be called on otherwise. Getting away with comedy murder. Hussein Obama the Muslim wears the mask of Barry Obama the Christian in order to attack his/(its?) own religion and facilitate real murder.

    But vanity was something Edna put on with her wig. Malignant narcissism is Obama’s essence.

  3. Obama is a Moslem communist who hates the US and Christianity.

    Communism is the name the progressives took when the majority of people decided Progressive policies and goals were evil, now people have decided communism is evil so they are going back to calling themselves progressives and depending on the LSM and the modern education system to hide what has happened.

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