Islam infects everything now from the arts to fashion: Links 4 on Paril 8 – 2015

1. Now this is one weird piece of musical theater. Im guessing the theater has lost all its insurance as well.

2. U of Michigan cancels “American Sniper” screening: “Made students feel unsafe”

(Exactly how many times can the students watch Bambi before they riot due to monotonous entertainment?)

A movie about an American soldier who fought against Islamic jihadists made students at the University of Michigan feel unsafe, and so the screening was canceled. Imagine if the people that Chris Kyle fought against showed up at the University of Michigan — would students feel unsafe then? Would they approach the jihadis and give them hugs and assure them that they were against “Islamophobia”? And if they did, what would the jihadis do in response?

“Paddington Bear” is the replacement film, which is fitting for these cosseted, coddled, comfortable, self-deluded children.

“Univ. of Michigan cancels ‘American Sniper’ screening: ‘Made students feel unsafe,’” by Derek Draplin, The College Fix, April 8, 2015 (thanks to Lookmann):

3. Turkey journalists face 4.5 years jail over Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Istanbul’s chief public prosecutor has charged Ceyda Karan and Hikmet Cetinkaya with “inciting public hatred” and “insulting religious values” by illustrating their columns with the cartoon, the Hurriyet daily reported.

The cartoon was a smaller version of the controversial front cover depicting the Prophet Mohammed that French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo printed in its first edition after the attack on its offices by Islamist gunmen in January that killed 12 people.

4. Blazing Cat Fur on RCMP islamic terror budgets and immigration figures which seem oddly linked

5. Story from Australia which is quite similar to one from Kingston Ontario a couple of years ago. CAUTION: Multiple auto play adds all over the page. Read and close ASAP!

6. Interesting short documentary on attitudes of various groups in Lyon France

7. Violence in Egypt’s Sinai Kills 11 Civilians, 2 Soldiers

The officials said a mortar inanded Wednesday on a residential area south of Sheik Zweid, a town in northern Sinai, hitting a house and killing nine of its residents.

Separately, officials said a missile landed on a house in another village, killing two civilians.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan and all. There are many more important links in the comments posts for each day and under these multi-thread posts as well.

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  1. 1/

    I have to wear a burqa, my burqa, it is blue.
    My mother wears a burqa, my father wears it too.
    We all wear now a burqa, you don´t know who is who.
    If you want to meet your sister, it can be your uncle too.
    You give me all your love, you give me all your kisses,
    and then you touch my burqa, but you wont know who it is…

    (I took the liberty of adjusting the rhyme in the last line)

    • (google translate)

      Hide and Show

      Hidden is usually the most interesting. The gold reserves in the safe. The scandals in secret files. The nudity in clothing. A hundred years ago hid in Europe’s rural women their hair with headscarves and men covered her head decently with a hat. 1200 years ago wore in the Caliphate only noble women veil as a privilege, easy women were unveiled. The veil comes and goes like all other modes, but he always draws the boundary of the public to intimacy on the body for religious, cultural or political power a. The burqa – as only one variant of whole-body veiling in the Middle East – lets the women only hands and feet as a public body part, everything else is wiped out and locked in the intimacy, reduced to the family and sexual function. According to this criterion would have to attest to the western world an almost desperate lack of interest in physical, the Afghan Taliban, however perverse lust, as they appear the female body so tantalizingly interesting that it must be hidden and taboo to nose. A sealed so worthy of protection and secret thing as the woman’s body in Afghanistan raises an immense curiosity and attraction. For what precious miracle is hidden under the blue plastic? The Afghan Girl Band “Burka” answers this question with gallows humor:

      • Hats and headscarves off to them.

        baazi, definition

        Given the context of Mumbay’s acting schools, the term dialoguebaazi is, I assume, referring to these students learning how to utter dialogues as scripted in much the same way as they learn how to dance according to given choreography.

        The term is obviously a neologism comprising the English word dialogue and the Persian-Urdu-Hindi word baazi. The latter term (a suffix) is used to make many compounds and it seems in the slang of today dialoguebaazi is just another one.

        BTW, dialoguebaazi also refers to the daily dialogue exchange between friends and foes alike. There are even websites where you can post your daily dialogues – and you become a dialoguebaaz! This too is slang usage! The terms baazii and baaz are being used almost indiscriminately these days!

        dagha baazi – jugglery, knavery, insidiousness

        It is not a proper word in the sense that it has come up with creativity in spoken language. You can add “baazi” at the end of a lot of things, to mean to say “of or related to XYZ”

        E.g. Patangbaazi => art of flying kites (in the sky)

        • Though it’s given as ‘playing with’ in bacha bazi, playing with boys, which would be what the theater is referring to and fits with everything else, too.

    • Bacha Posh: You Will Be a Boy, My Daughter

      In Afghanistan, an old tradition allows families without a son to transform one of their daughters into a boy. These little girls, known as bacha posh, spend their adolescence dressed as boys, assuming all the responsibilities of a son and being accorded all the privileges of being male.

  2. #6 Odd the narrator concludes the problem is the “poison of French history.”

    More like the failure of diversity ideology.

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