Beheading at the Kenyan college and more: Links 2 on April 2 – 2015

1. Al-Shabaab beheading students in Garissa

Garrisa – There have been several beheadings in the terrorist attack on the Garissa University College in Kenya, survivors of the attack said on Thursday.

The revelation came in the midst of the attack on the university, which is still ongoing, with gunshots still being heard from the vicinity of the university’s hostel grounds.

Winnie Njeri, one of the escapees, told News24 Kenya that she saw beheaded bodies when she was rescued by Kenya Defence Forces personnel.

“We saw beheaded bodies when we escaped. It is very bad, they have killed many people,” an emotional Njeri said.

Omar Ibrahim, also a student at the university, said that there were several bodies which had been badly disfigured by the attackers.

“I was in a group that was saved by the KDF just after one o’clock. We saw many many bodies, some did not have heads. I don’t know why someone would do such a thing,” a visibly disturbed Ibrahim said.

More at the IB Times as well

(I think if Ibrahim read the koran he would know why)

2. Suicide attack in Afghanistan kills 17

(They have made it clear on many occasions that islam loves death. So, …. Congratulations?)

3. British MP Galloway Slams Anti-Houthi Campaign on Iran TV: The Saudis Are Treacherous Snakes

(Galloway is parroting the Iranian party line on this)

Thank you M, Richard and all. More to come indeed. There is lots of additional material on these and other stories in the comments under the daily stump posts for links.

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  1. Galloway : This critter! What is he MP. For whom? Who does he represent? What does he defend? Where does he live? Who pays his salary? What are his goals? Is he sunni or shiite or crap?

  2. 1/ The same ‘countering violent extremism’ bs from the State Department. I suppose it is too much to hope that Ambassador Godec at least has the decency to feel privately ashamed.

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