Islam: More a prion than a virus? Links 4 on April 1 – 2015

1. There is a peculiar image that is appearing in some South American countries in newspapers and here and there which has an Arabic line in it.


The Arabic line reads, ““ The Support Network of the Bolivarian Revolution”.

Fausta’s Blog should be doing something comprehensive on this shortly. But at first blush it looks a lot like Iran is backing the former Chavez thugs and their death inducing grip on the population of Venezuela and other nations in Latin America as well. Some links on this below but in Spanish:

Hacer Latin American News

And some Fausta links:

Iran connections

Cuba Iran

Venezuela Iran aircrafts full of drug money

2. So who won Nigeria’s elections according to CNN?

(Video at article above)

3. Andrew Bostom has put in a request to our best people to see if we can find an actual fatwa out of Iran anywhere forbidding the use of, development of, or accumulation of nuclear weapons or other WMD’s. It will likely come as no surprise to any readers of this site that in fact, the oft quoted fatwa by the Obama administration simply does not exist at all. Not on the new supreme ruler’s new book of law recently published or on the government’s website anywhere. There is an essay about why they are a bad idea in one Iranian publication but by no means is it a fatwa whatsoever and carries no weight as law.

More on that later.

4. Spanish news item on the family of four, including 2 identical sons, arrested for Islamic State complicity. Thank you Fausta for the translation

5. Justice official reassigned after “ISIS is a Zionist plot” tweet

Yasmina Haifi has been conditionally discharged after her tweet that stated that ISIS is a Zionist plot to give Islam a bad name. The conditional discharge means that Haifi may continue to work for the Ministry of Security and Justice, but will be immediately dismissed if she puts another foot wrong.

Minister Ard van der Steur informed the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of parliament, about this decision in a letter Tuesday. Haifi will not be returning to her old post at the National Cyber Security Center, from which she was suspended after posting the controversial tweet, Omroep West reports. It is not yet clear where she will work from now on.

(Video to follow)

6. Bill Warner: Prayers for Kafirs

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Rita Malik, and many more who sent in materials. And much more to come.


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4 Replies to “Islam: More a prion than a virus? Links 4 on April 1 – 2015”

    • Yes I think it may.

      Daniel Greenfield in a recent interview echo’d my own feeling about the nature of our situation.

      He put it this way: (Paraphrasing) once the gap between reality and the state propaganda grows too wide people will ditch the state propaganda. Our job is to lay the foundation of reality once that happens.

      Naming and describing the enemy and our situation accurately is a huge part of that new matrix

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