Is there clarity yet in the forming new middle east? Or just the internecine massive civil war Islam always wanted: Links 3 on March 29 – 2015

1. Oxford Union invites Robert Spencer to debate Anjem Choudary. Staggeringly, Robert Spencer has been banned from entering the UK while Anjem lives large off of state benefits he openly calls, “Jihad Seekers Allowance

2. Muslim Judge Finds Christian Guilty in Britain

The first is that the judge who found Mr Overd guilty is a Muslim by the name of Shamim Qureshi who also presides over Sharia courts in England. Now, no matter how unpleasant the Leviticus quote might be, the idea that a Muslim activist can find a Christian guilty of quoting the Bible in Christian Britain must surely set some alarm bells ringing, one would have thought.

But apparently not. This outrage was reported by Christian Today several days ago and has been completely ignored by the mainstream media, which no doubt agree that prosecuting Christians is quite right if they dare to question the Holy Grail of progressive liberal orthodoxy. Clearly PC Plod thought the same thing too, as did the Crown Prosecution Service, which as an institution has not so much been long marched through than steam-rollered into a Soviet-style apparatus redolent of Stalin’s Show Trial era.

3. Assad interview on the state of Syria and Islamic State attacks

4. Iran Refuses to Sign Written Nuclear Deal

(And Obama already had the cake made and the party set and everything!)

Iran is refusing to commit to a written nuclear deal ahead of the March 31 deadline that American officials had touted for a general framework to be signed, the New York Times reports.

5. Night vision eyedrops allow vision of up to 50m in darkness

(Now if only they could make eye drops so I could see 50 meters in daylight. But at least these ones would allow me to live up to my namesake’s reputation in literature)

6. BBC video on the Houthis. The tribe that appear to have taken over Yemen, and seemingly for the Islamic Republic of Iran

7. Virginia State Bar appears to have joined the BDS movement in effect.

Thank you Richard, M., GoV., Buck, Yucki and quite a few others who sent in material to build this post and who made comments and worthy discussions today.


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  1. 1/ ‘Robert Spencer is of course a very unsavoury character.’ Or a greasy Islamophobe, as Mr. Spencer himself would say.

      • Thanks, you’re right. He’s a jerk.
        I’ve always believed one of the reasons America is “exceptional” is because [North] Americans don’t think like that.

        I’m afraid, though. What’ll happen after the race riots coming this summer? Will we all start looking at each other differently?

        • There is something more specific there in the racial tensions deliberately ramped up by Obama and Holder, but my sense more generally is that the combination of mass immigration, multiculturalism and political correctness has badly gotten on a lot of people’s nerves. It’s certainly gotten on mine. Canada has needed more melting pot and less salad bowl for decades now and instead just continues piling the diversity on.

        • I know what you mean, the coming race riots may end up being more then hate whitey riots, if the Moslems are joining them like has been offered then they will also become Jew hatred riots. Of course Sharpton already has one anti-Jew riot to his credit.

        • That’s it exactly.
          The goddamned Houthis are cursing Jews! IQ-89 tops and they’re cursing Jews! They’re up in the mountains with goats and they curse Jews!

          What’s gonna happen when the Jew-hate surfaces with the black-power scum this summer?

          We know how the “folks” around our administrative branch feel. They’re Hate-Crimes -on-the- Hoof. Who arrests them?


          • The sad facts of what Islam does to the brain.

            I worry about the high-IQ reverts, the Mark Hanson / Hamza Yusufs, the ones who converted not so they could marry some pretty Iranian girl or whatever, but because they saw what Islam is and they liked it.

  2. A blast from the past, what passed for taqiyya in 1968. Perhaps we could characterize it as Early Post-Modern.

    ‘Upon his return to Medina from a campaign, the Prophet Muhammad remarked: “We have just fulfilled the lesser jihad; it is now our duty to embark on the greater jihad.”

    “What is the greater jihad?” asked one of the companions.

    “It is the struggle to save one’s own soul,” replied the Prophet’

    The Greater War, by Majid Khadduri

    Aramco World magazine, July-August 1968, p 24

    (Worth a look at Khadduri’s Wiki page, he did major damage academically. ‘Dr. Khadduri has watched many of his students rise to positions of prominence in government, diplomacy and journalism.’)

    The essay is bookended by tropes and tactics that (like the titular deception) have become very familiar since 9/11. We have distorted history and false equivalence (e.g., that jihad resembles bellum justum), tu quoque, whatabouttery, evasion, deflection and hollow reassurances, minced words and bald lies, ‘balanced assessment’ over ‘gross exaggeration,’ sneer quotes, selective passages from the Koran and the duplicitous use of terms like peace and justice that have proprietary meanings in Islam.

    But in the body of his essay, Khadduri references sources that taqiyya-artists, post-everything that has happened since ’68, do not like to admit even exist. He quotes extensively from classical Islamic texts one is more accustomed to seeing in work by Robert Spencer or Stephen Coughlin or Andrew Bostom, and he makes in spades the case he is trying to refute.

    Khadduri writes, for example: ‘Since Islam imposed on the faithful the duty to work for the ultimate establishment of dar al-Islam throughout the world, there existed – logically – a state of war between the territories.’

    War – it’s only logical.

    Khadduri continues (after drawing an equivalence between Islamic jihad and Christian ‘just war’): ‘And in Islam the political instrument through which the faithful could discharge this obligation was the jihad: the exertion of power, either by peaceful or violent means, to achieve ultimately a religious purpose.’

    It was for this that the silly “infidels” (Khadduri’s quotes) originally got bent out of shape about jihad, and why they have misunderstood it ever since.

    But Islam can hardly be accused of inventing war, Khadduri argues, and besides, in shariah, plenty of rules and practices have always governed the approach. ‘No fighting could start, for example, until Islamic forces had first issued an invitation to the community to accept Islam or, if it could not accept Islam as a religion, to agree to accept political domination by agreeing to pay a head tax. Only when such invitation had been rejected or ignored could an attack be ordered.’

    Then Khadduri cites Shaybani’s Siyar! Exactly as Stephen Coughlin might in support of the same point making precisely the opposite argument.

    There is more and worse, it would need pages. Perhaps most egregious (and absurd) is Khadduri’s reference, at the end of his essay, to 14th c Hanbali authority Ibn Taymiyya on the distinction between defensive and offensive jihad, in order to show how tolerant is ‘the spirit of Islam.’ Ibn Taymiyya is particularly beloved of modern jihadis:

    ‘Seething anger at the presence of hated non-Muslim influence anywhere in the “Muslim world” or in those parts of the world once under the dominion of Dar al-Islam infused Taymiyya’s writings, including Al-Ubudiyyah. Being a True Slave of Allah and Public and Private Law in Islam: Or Public Policy in Islamic Jurisprudence. It is in part Ibn Taymiyya’s characterization of defensive jihad as a personal obligation (fard ’ayn) to fight “false” Muslim leaders (those who do not uphold strictly the obligations of shariah and allow Western/infidel troops on their soil) that has made him such a favorite source for contemporary jihadists.’

    Shariah: The Threat to America, p 50-51

    • Useful mnemonic: Mamma mia, it’s Ibn Tamiyya!

      ‘Critics of the “blame everything on Wahhabism” argument caustically refer to it as the “Mamma mia, it’s ibn Taymiya” distraction and argue in the alternative that the “extremist” view enjoys substantial support from Islamic law.’

      To Our Great Detriment, Stephen Coughlin

    • Don, this is pretty thin stuff. And imagine, this is the best they have to offer, their scholars. They’re the enablers and a few end-up getting cute with Ezra or Don Laird. I don’t take them lightly, but they don’t scare me.

      It’s the ones they bring in.

      I look at the Bangladeshis who’ll butcher just about anybody on a moment’s notice. And I see a dangerous animal. There’s nothing but impulse beyond the calves’ eyes. Even that has been twisted by whatever bit of Islam they understand.

      Belief in witchcraft or off-the-wall conspiracy stories – we can’t live in the same society.

      They walk from southern Africa, only a few make it through the Balkans to reach some unlucky EU country. But we can’t keep them as house-pets.

      • Aramco World should come with an Islamonausea warning on the cover, especially any issue from about the early 70s on. The infection is there in the 60s, but from the issues I have looked at, in that decade it was more lies of omission than commission. It’s unfair to expect the magazine to be critical of Islam, of course, that was never something it was conceived for – Americans and Saudis needed to feel better about each other, and I expect that on the American side, at least, there probably was an anticipation in many quarters that the bridge they liked to talk about building would be one across which cultural exchange would flow (both ways) to everyone’s enrichment in every sense. The more cracks appeared, the harder the magazine worked to paper them over until it got to its hyper-PC state today, with aggravating propaganda about ‘Jefferson’s Quran’ and the like. It’s too bad the issues from the 50s aren’t archived online.

        I agree, Khadurri’s ‘scholarship’ is laughable, but look how far it took him. Genuine scholars who knew better, or had no excuse for not knowing better, allowed this to happen, or couldn’t stop it from happening, and here we are, with people who tell obvious truths about Islam needing bodyguards if they dare visit North American campuses and anyone who speaks out at all becoming a target for lawsuits or worse. And as you say, all the enabling and cover the corruption of Middle East Studies has provided for disastrous foreign and immigration policies. And student clubs getting approval to send support to Islamic State. The universities have a lot to answer for.

  3. #3
    I have never understood why the US thinks that Bashar al-Assad should just give up and hand his country over to whomever happens to be shouting, “Down with the government!”. Yes, he does horrible things to Jihadist terrorists. So what!? That’s the way things work in the Middle East. The idea that Assad should just walk away because John Kerry or some Sunni Wahhabist “rebel” says so is absolutely ridiculous.

    And who gave these “rebels” the right to take a peaceful nation and turn it into a war zone with 200,000 dead based solely on the belief that they, not Bashar al-Assad, should be in charge? Why is that so OK? Why does John McCain seem so deluded on this? Don’t these idiots know that the “rebels” are the same guys who did 9/11 and the USS Cole and all the rest? They’re all the same evil, Allahu Akbar-chanting, Islamic supremacist guys!

  4. “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” – Leviticus 20:13

    “The complaint was brought by a woman who described herself as a devout Christian, ”

    “Overd was given a fine of £200, and told to pay £1,200 in costs and compensation. This included a sum for the emotional harm caused to the homosexual man, who is also a Christian, to whom he was speaking when he quoted Leviticus.”

    A public space. A Muslim Judge.

    These appear to be the facts of the case.

    Where does reason rest?

    Note the four stages of the cookoo:
    1. We are the same egg as you
    2. We are distinct and superior
    3. You will defend our excellence
    4.You offended and will be expelled

    At the end of this process of the takeover of the undiscerning, of their soul, body and mind to be remotely controlled by Islam, Homosexuality and Communism respectively, to swear allegence to the Trinity of Submission, can the light of truth still be shed?

    The above quotes lay it out.

    Leviticus inplies homosexuals can stop corrupting each other and vulnerable people because they will be held accountable. ‘Upon their head be it’. There is no comprehension of someone being born-that-way.

    The Devout Christian woman is a JIM, Jesus In Me. The Homosexual Christian a God Made Me. They have consumed their identifies for completion. Seekers of happiness and love, paving the way to hell with selfish intentions.

    The Muslim says she is one of them, and from within the folds of her burkha between pampered and manicured hands she explodes a bomb, the lovers of death greeting these lovers of life.

    Did the person quoting Leviticus know what it meant? Yes, for he was preaching the repentance and forgiveness to change your ways, not “Allah hates fags”

    Repentance and Forgiveness – the most dangerous message to be heard between the receivers of Approval in Heaven or on Earth that rule the UK.

    • Obama has roughly 22 months remaining as President, he is going to do as much damage to the US and Israel as he can in the time remaining.

  5. Free Fall in the Middle East

    The shocked silence of the foreign policy establishment, the absence of any statements of support from European or Asian allies about our Middle East course, the evidence that the President and the “senior officials” whom he trusts continue to be blindsided by major developments they didn’t expect and haven’t provided for: all of this tells us that our Middle East policy is indeed in free fall.

  6. DAILY MAIL – Catholic university officials caught on secret video approving student club devoted to raising money for ISIS, saying: ‘We’re here to get that done.’

    Honors student set to receive communications award at Barry University in Miami told college officials she wanted to start a club to support ISIS
    Student organizations chief told her she could get funding for group called ‘Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’
    ‘They are terrorists,’ she told him, ‘but we’re trying to help them, we’re trying to educate them and give them funding’
    ‘We’re not here to limit people,’ the university administrator replied, and agreed with her request to ‘pass out Islamic State flags’ at a school event
    The VP for student affairs told Daily Mail Online, ‘Barry University would not approve any group supporting a terrorist organization’
    Project Veritas, a conservative group run by guerilla filmmaker James O’Keefe, made the startling video
    Group previously filmed a Cornell University dean saying an ISIS ‘freedom fighter’ could host a training camp at the Ivy League school

  7. Fort Meade Incident: Men Disguised As Women in Stolen Car Spark Shooting

    Gunfire erupted Monday morning at the gate of the ( NSA )National Security Agency’s facility

    “The shooting scene is contained and we do not believe it is related to terrorism,” the FBI’s Baltimore office said in a statement. “We are working with the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland to determine if federal charges are warranted.”

    It’s not clear why the men were trying to enter the facility, but one senior U.S. official called it a “local criminal matter.”

      • well… I guess that could be an idea to have every morning an open thread for the links only and then later in the afternoon one or two main threads dedicated to the most important news and videos + the comments … what do you think ?

        • Works for me. Ill start making a sort of empty post for links in comments every morning and then all the news that Martin and others have can go there each day. That also leaves a lane clear for people who want to talk about specific things in other posts, under those posts in comments. Lets try it!

  8. Pakistan troops will join Saudi coalition against Yemeni rebels: Senior official

    Pakistan will send troops to Saudi Arabia to join the coalition against Yemeni Houthi rebels, a senior government official said on Monday.

    “We have already pledged full support to Saudi Arabia in its operation against rebels and will join the coalition,” the official said.

    Pakistan is a regional ally of Saudi Arabia, the main Sunni Muslim power in the Gulf. A Saudi-led military coalition is conducting air strikes against Shi’ite Muslim Houthi forces in Yemen.

    A Pakistani team, to be led by Defence Minister Khawaja Asif and foreign policy chief Sartaj Aziz, had been due to arrive in Saudi Arabia on Monday but delayed the trip at the request of the Saudis, the official told Reuters.

    There are already around 750-800 Pakistani servicemen in Saudi Arabia but none are combat troops.

    Turkish plane in emergency landing in Morocco after bomb threat

    A Turkish Airlines plane made an emergency landing in Morocco on Monday after a bomb threat, Turkish television reported.

    The Boeing 777-300ER plane bound for Sao Paulo from Istanbul landed safely at Casablanca airport after a note was found warning that there was a “bomb” in one of the aircraft toilets, the NTV and CNN-Turk channels reported.

    The passengers were being evacuated and a search underway to find any explosives, they added.

  9. To borrow from Lt. Col. Peters and Lt. Gen. Flynn we are watching the Middle East fall into chaos while the determine which is going to be dominate, a new Persian Empire or a new Caliphate. Both are forming but only one will become dominate in the Islamic world, whichever is dominate it will be an enemy of Western Civilization and freedom so we are facing a long term battle to remain free. The last time Islam went on the march to conquer the world it took between 700 and 800 years to stop them, pray it doesn’t take that long this time.

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