Facts, evidence and opinions on Islam and its effects: Links 2 on March 27 – 2015

1. Saudi jet downed

UPDATE: From comment,

— the video is in fact 6 months old and from Libya

story on this page :

Video shows Libyan Mig-21 Fishbed jet crash into downtown Tobruk

Video shows Libyan Mig-21 Fishbed jet crash into downtown Tobruk

2. Ben Shapiro. Obama’s faith in Iran

3. Geert Wilders in Austria: “Marine Le Pen is a hero

4. Graphic scenes from Aden Yemen of battles and dead

5. Islamic State video with the threats to the 100 US Soldiers

6. Washington says it would retaliate with all its power against whoever attacks Saudi Arabia – @AlArabiya_Eng

(You could write a whole rolodex of snarks on that one)

Indicative of same: Saudi airstrikes relied heavily on US intel

7. Daniel Greenfield, (Sultan Knish) on Glazov

Thank you M., Richard, Yucki and a host of others. More to come later on.

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11 Replies to “Facts, evidence and opinions on Islam and its effects: Links 2 on March 27 – 2015”

  1. Jamie asks Dan Greenfield what shaped his political outlook. Why didn’t he veer to the left?
    And there he goes again! Speaking my mind and doing it so much better than I could. 28:00 – 31:00.

  2. “We will defeat Islam”
    Geert Wilders, the leader Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), declared that ‘we will defeat Islam’, during a press conference in Vienna on Friday. The politician also lauded European culture, stating it was ‘far superior to that of Islam’. Wilders was speaking at the invitation of Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of the Freedom Party for Austria (FPO), who has previously expressed sympathies will the controversial Wilder

  3. @ 2 – Once again the clear reality of Obama being an Iranian puppet is shown to the public, and once again the public refuses to listen.

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