When a bearded wierdie is at your doorstep chanting Allah hu akbar and threatening you, will you believe it then? Links 3 on March 24 – 2015

1. Although this is from November 2014, its a pretty good MSM piece on sharia patrols in the UK and islamic ambitions for the West.

2. Odd little video with Egyptian pseudo-academic claiming rights to Australia because hieroglyphs have been found there showing ancient Egyptians discovered Oz. before the Brits. Of course even if this is true, it would mean the Pharaohs came and went and have no claim but it certainly would not mean the Arab muslims who conquered the then mostly Christian and Jewish and Animist Egyptians have any claim because the ancestors of the real Egyptians or ‘Copts’ were intrepid explorers.

3. Ebola Resurfaces in Sierra Leone

(Or Obama’s ebola tzar quit, Im not sure how to handle this headline)

4. Crooked sergeant exposed as a brothel boss has appeal against jail sentence rejected

(This might explain the lack of prosecutions of forced sex slavery of children in the UK)

A disgraced West Midlands Police officer who led a secret double life as a ringleader of a sex-and-drugs racket has been told by top judges he deserves every day of his seven years and two months jail term.

Osman Iqbal’s moonlighting as a brothel runner and drug dealer in London’s West End was rumbled when he turned up for his work as a sergeant at Kings Heath Police Station, responding to 999 calls, in a £170,000 Ferrari.

The 37 year-old, from Birmingham, appealed against the length of his sentence imposed last September, which he argued was too long, with his cousin, Talib Hussain.

(Acting in this manner from a position of trust I would think should septuple his sentence)

5. Norway: Police find torture clips on refugee phones

Norwegian Police have found video clips of torture, mutilation, and executions saved on the mobile phones of those seeking asylum in Norway, the Police Immigration Service has told the country’s Dagsavisen newspaper.
The Police Immigration Service confirmed to the paper that people connected to terrorist groups such as Islamic State, Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram had all tried to come to Norway to claim asylum.

6. Al nusra ( al qaeda ) with American equipment in Syria (Idlib ) March 24 2015

(Anyone out there able to confirm this?)

7. A muslim responds to Theresa May

(A bit hard to follow, but I recommend watching it)

8. Obama’s foreign policy fantasy land. Ezra Levant


Thank you M., Richard, Tommy R., Tundra T., and a good list of others. There are many items posted today so far which are of some significance I think. Items like that muslim responding to Theresa May, the kiddie parade of ‘allah is the greatest’ chanters, thinks like that need to be seen by others. Please find a way to get coworkers, friends, family to see some of these items. Send them the direct links if association with this site is problematic but send them.

Thanks again everyone for this truly collective effort. More to come.


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  1. 7/ Shaking your finger at somebody is impolite. So is talking with your hands. Didn’t your Mommy teach you manners? Do you know that’s a bad reflection on your Mommy?
    Ok. Well, now you know. So behave and show you came from nice people.

  2. Israeli Spying May Save The World From Obama’s Reckless Nuclear Diplomacy With Iran

    In what was obviously a targeted press leak by the Obama administration, the Wall Street Journal reported today that Israel spied on the Iran nuclear talks and used the intelligence it gathered to lobby the U.S. Congress against them.


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