Courthouse building in France trashed, files destroyed, building flooded and graffiti about the prophet written on walls

This is one of those stories that is highly significant and not distracting from reality, so of course it got little to no coverage anywhere.

Information on the event can be seen here:

…a judicial building has become the target of a sack, carried out in due form. It took place at the Administrative Tribunal of Toulouse, where four floors of magistrates’ and clerks’ offices were literally vandalized, apparently during the weekend of March 8-9.

Monday morning (March 9) around 6:30 a.m., the firemen were called in because of water damage. They were stunned. The building was flooded. Clearly, during the night, all the faucets in the building were deliberately left on. The water flowed for hours, destroying floors and false ceilings…

But the worst was yet to come: files were scattered, some torn apart, photocopiers turned upside down, offices broken into… and above all, on the four floors in the form of graffiti painted with spray paint appeared the same inscriptions: “The prophet will judge you” and “Warning”. The name of a Muslim magistrate was even written on the walls.

Click through to read likely motives and culprits on this one.

Oz-Rita was kind enough to translate the video for subtitles below:

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  1. *side tracking* – (or perhaps not, in view of the interconectedness of all things).

    The comments to the article are interesting.

    One of the comments mentions AFP (he calls it the “French Agency Press”) – who just recently received a satirical prize for “mis reporting” or something like it (a mock ceremony hosted by a brave little French Internet TV (*)station who so far, still have not been shut down, despite telling the truth). This “prize” was given for the AFP reporting that it was “Assad’s soldiers” who murdered that english taxy driver (the one who travelled to Syria with his muslim “friends” to help the alledged victims of the Syrian regime). I think he was the 4th hostage decapitated by IS, including orange suit and all, a decapitation that happened sooooooooooooo publicly that even the BBC (I think) reported it.

    The AFP never corrected their blatant mis-reporting and consequently, cynics like me, think that it might not have been a mistake, but an item on their agenda.

  2. @yucki

    I find twitter a powerfull medium for getting access to a huge number of people. Here is a link where the little slave to the dark side also spreads his not so well disguised poison:

    In case you cannot access this ^^^ link, here is my little twitter post in response to the brown-nose:
    (I hope you dont mind that I did not give you as my source ;))

    ” @JeffreyGoldberg There’s a nasty Judenrat who filters White House dirt to The Atlantic; do you know the name or are you just being “used”?

    • I just saw this “collaborator” has over 71,000 followers on twitter, including the conservative Australian Foreign Minister, my own Israeli Soldier (on whom I blogged during the last HAMAS atrocities) and many more, many of whom I actually like. Mind you, following someone can have as motivation also “know thy enemy”.

    • No, fine! I don’t do social media, one distraction ruled out.
      Yep, Judenrat’s the oriface, he’s got access. But that’s what they do, isn’t it?

      He’s interviewed Castro, King Abdullah of Jordan, Bibi, Hillary, Sisi, some of these more than once. But his speciality is anon-source mischief. “They” tell him what “they” want broadcast.

  3. Daniel Pipes: Islam Bulldozes the Past

    Pipes describes recent RoP demolition of world cultural and archaeological heritage, but then makes out that the scale of the destruction is something new in Islam (in ‘Islamism’):

    While the seizure and appropriation of other monuments began at the very inception of Islam (i.e., the Kaaba), the destruction that has reached orgiastic heights with ISIS is something new; note that nearly all the examples listed here date from the twenty-first century. Turned around, those recently-destroyed antiquities survived so long because Muslims had left them alone. In this regard, things are far worse these days than ever before – not a surprise, as Islam is in its worst shape ever.

    Hmm… Here is K. S. Lal on the progress of one Muslim invader of India:

    ‘Mahmud [of Ghazni] broke temples and desecrated idols wherever he went. The number of temples destroyed by him during his campaigns is so large that a detailed list is neither possible nor necessary. However, he concentrated more on razing renowned temples to bring glory to Islam rather than waste time on small ones. Some famous temples destroyed by him may be noted here. At Thaneshwar, the temple of Chakraswamin was sacked and its bronze image of Vishnu was taken to Ghazni to be thrown into the hippodrome of the city. Similarly, the magnificent central temple of Mathura was destroyed and its idols broken. At Mathura there was no armed resistance; the people had fled, and Mahmud had been greatly impressed with the beauty and grandeur of the shrines. And yet the temples in the city were thoroughly sacked. Kanauj had a large number of temple…some of great antiquity. Their destruction was made easy by the flight of those who were not prepared either to die or embrace Islam. Somnath shared the fate of Chakraswamin.

    ‘The sack of Somnath in particular came to be considered a specially pious exploit because of its analogy with the destruction of idol of Al Manat in Arabia by the Prophet….’

    Doesn’t sound like the contemporary large-scale obliteration of material culture is anything new under the Muslim sun.

    Pipes mentions India only once in the article, with regard to the Babri Masjid in Ayodyha.

    • Perhaps India is an anomaly. What happened to Buddhist temples, monuments and statuary in Iran, Afghanistan and Transoxiana?

      From Encyclopedia Iranica:

      (Encyclopedia Iranica surely would not distort history to make Islam look bad. But the effect of the ‘advent’ of Islam on Buddhism is plain.

      Short version of the short version: Buddhism was flourishing when Islam arrived. Shortly after, it disappeared. It was hard to get any information about it at all 300 years later.

      200 years after that, Buddhism briefly reappeared with the Mongols. 50 years on, the new temples were destroyed and the monks ‘allowed to go’ elsewhere.)

      BUDDHISM ii. In Islamic Times

      The Muslim conquerors of eastern Iran, Afghanistan, and Transoxania in the mid-8th century found Buddhism flourishing in a series of prosperous trading communities along the old caravan routes to India and China.

      ‘The Muslim conquerors of eastern Iran, Afghanistan, and Transoxania in the mid-8th century found Buddhism flourishing in a series of prosperous trading communities along the old caravan routes to India and China. Descriptions of rich monastery complexes have been preserved… Modern excavations have confirmed the existence and wealth of Buddhist communities along the Great Silk Route…. By the 5th/11th century, however, Buddhism had so thoroughly disappeared from eastern Iran and Afghanistan that Biruni, usually a reliable reporter on religious minorities, was able to pass on only the most confused and fragmentary information: “Before the establishment of their rites and the appearance of Budasaf people were samanis, inhabiting the eastern part of the world and worshiping idols. What remains of them now is to be found in India, China, and eastern Turkestan.

      ‘…lingering memories of Buddhist structures and idols…were paralleled in Persian poetry by an array of cliches celebrating idealized beauty.

      ‘In the Iranian world and its periphery the memory of Buddhism…seems to have been crystallized at the time of the Islamic conquest in the 2nd/8th century, and some writers seem to have been ignorant of the realities behind their references.

      ‘Although indigenous Buddhism thus seems to have effectively disappeared from the Iranian world shortly after the Islamic conquest, in the late 7th/13th century an imported version flourished briefly under the Mongol Il-khanids. Initially, at least, all faiths were tolerated within the Mongol empire (barring such practices as offenses against Mongol customary law), and the “religious classes”—Buddhist lamas, Christian priests and monks, and Islamic qazis and ?olama?—were exempted from the poll-tax, on the understanding that they prayed for the imperial family.

      ‘Representatives of minority religious groups, moreover, served as a useful instrument of Mongol rule over a hostile majority of the subject population: in Iran, Buddhists benefited from the il-khans’ favor, along with Christians and Jews.

      ‘The first il-khan (Hulagu; 654-63/1256-65), had been entrusted by his brother, the Great Khan Mongke, with the protection of certain Tibetan Buddhist sects while he was still in Mongolia and is known to have maintained contact with them after his arrival in Iran.

      ‘…it was Gazan who, with all his dignitaries, finally converted to Islam on his accession as il-khan in 695/1295 and began the suppression of Buddhism in Iran. The temples were destroyed and following unsuccessful efforts to impose Islam on the lamas they were allowed to leave the country for their original homes in Tibet, India, and Kashmir.

    • Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them?

      Sita Ram Goel, 1990

      from Volume II: The Islamic Evidence

      ‘Every pious Muslim aspires to do things exactly as the Prophet did. Aping the Prophet in the matter of destroying other peoples’ places of worship, and building mosques with their materials is no exception. A Muslim who can do this pious deed but does not do it, disobeys the Prophet.

      ‘There are very few historical mosques, particularly Jama Masjids, in the world of Islam which do not stand on sites occupied earlier by other people’s places of worship. Many Christian churches yielded place to mosques all over West Asia, North Africa, Spain and South-eastern Europe, even though Christians were People of the Book whose places of worship were to be protected once they agreed to become zimmis. Fire-temples of the Zoroastrians suffered the same fate all over what constituted the empire of Iran on the eve of the Muslim conquest. The greatest havoc, however, was wrought in the vast cradle of Hindu culture where hundreds of thousands of Buddhist Brahmanical, Jain and other Hindu temples disappeared or yielded place to mosques and other Muslim monuments.

      ‘Today there are no Hindu temples in the Central Asian republics of Russia, Sinkiang province of China, Makran and Seistan provinces of Iran, and the whole of Afghanistan, all of which were honeycombed with them before the advent of Islam. Whatever Hindu temples had come up during the Sikh and British rule in what are now known as Pakistan and Bangladesh, are fast disappearing. The same has been happening in the valley of Kashmir.

      ‘What we have proved beyond doubt is that destroying other people’s places of worship and converting them into Muslim monuments is not only sanctioned but also prescribed by the tenets of Islam, the same way as reciting the kalima, doing namaz, paying zakat, keeping rozah, and going on hajj. Anyone who says that Islam does not permit this practice is either ignorant of the creed, or has been deceived by Islamic apologetics developed in recent time. If a Muslim scholar or politician makes this statement, he is talking tongue-in-cheek, and stands exposed as a knave.’

        • Don, I love the way you destroy a shallow, sloppy piece of junk. As methodically as a professor writing a book review – that turns out to be better than the book. Your citations are masterly.

          Pipes isn’t used to criticism. He’s capable of better work, but he just coasts. His daddy’s the better scholar, but on his bio page he adds, “Father of Daniel Pipes”.

          • How nice of you to say, but all the real work of filling in Dr. Pipes’ omissions is by these Indian scholars I’ve just copied excerpts from.

            I really don’t get Daniel Pipes. It’s hugely apparent that he knows better (at the top of that list of Islamic destruction he links to Sita Ram Goel’s work, for example, though the links are dead). And he says in his article that Mhd is the model for all the smashers and wreckers who have followed. But on he goes with his ‘Islamism’ nonsense, as though what we we’re seeing now is some previously unheard of version of Islam. Very odd.

            • It is only odd if you expect Pipes to deal with reality as we all know it is.

              There is most certainly a top echelon layer of strategic thinking that feels that if you say the problem is islam you can’t win this thing and the only way to win it is make a false dichotomy, hoping that you can fool most muslims into thinking islam is what people like Obama and Trudeau and Blair say it is.

              It is my opinion that this creates jihadis more than people like me who speaks the truth and is openly contemptuous of jihad and islam. But that is a small minority position at the moment. For now, the elites pretend that there is an islamism and an islam, the former is problematic while the latter is wonderful and enriching and we can all learn so much from it.

              If you do not string along this tired, absurd and easily falsify-able claim you will not get access to the kinds of media, financing and think tanks people like Pipes gets.

              The good news is the Robert Spencers, the Andrew Bostoms, the Bill Warners who speak the truth are slowly but most assuredly working their way up the media ladder into main stream mass media as well as into public consciousness, aided by the fact that the false narrative of islam as peaceful is becoming increasingly harder to ignore, occasionally even by people merely looking out their own windows as we saw with the business of the eclipse yesterday.

              It is my theory that the Daniel Pipes and all who try to peddle that nonsense will be seen as anachronistic footnotes soon as people rush to the obvious conclusion.

              But they shouldn’t be. Without those guys who appeared reasonable at a time when no one thought islam was a problem, we wouldn’t have a push back at all. It takes a lot of people willing to work very hard to incrementally push public opinion back from the PC insanity which is now the basic operating system of our culture to something like reality.

              • That must be what it is with Daniel Pipes. He is far too intelligent and too well-versed in the history and scripture of Islam to think that Qutb, al Banna, Maududi and the rest were anything new, when everything they wrote was grounded in classical interpretation of the Koran and the Sunnah as reflected in centuries-old Islamic law. So by providing academic cover for the official party line he keeps his foot in those various doors and has a voice that people like Robert Spencer have so far been largely denied. At the same time, I remember him helping launch Spencer’s Did Muhammad Exist? as well as personally endorsing it. He has nothing in common with whores like Esposito and Armstrong beyond the pretense that ‘Islamism’ is a distortion of some better sort of Islam, which he maintains for distinct strategic purposes but which has by now, as you say, outlived its usefulness. I would like to see him reach that conclusion himself and bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to bear less obliquely on the problem, being as how, as John Guandolo observed in that clip a few weeks ago, the Islam/Islamism canard is only delaying the inevitable, and at a price.

          • yucki, didn’t anything about his father until your comment sent me to his Wikipedia page. Daniel was certainly born in the purple, Ivy-wise.

        • The humanities sure can’t be justified on grounds they bolster critical thinking, on the evidence of the idiocy of most graduates of these programs. Preserving familiarity with the canon is a good reason, if the cultural Marxism that undermined our confidence in its value and centrality can be exposed and rolled back. Rolled up.

          I might slant a defense of the humanities less toward personal enhancement or whatever and more toward a social responsibility to preserve and hand on what is best in the high culture, that helped to make us who and what we are, as the West, which for all its shortcomings is better in important ways than everyone else. But what is going on now is not only pointless but harmful.

    • Piling it on, deeper and deeper.

      Notice that J Street is described as “pro-Israel”.
      No it’s not! Its’a George Soros weapon against Israel.

        • No, no. No mistake, even the mostly clueless know that J-Street is Satanic Soros.

          And just to be sure, Dershowitz reminds everyone about what’s up, time after time. Then he circulates, corresponds and publishes every exchange. Everywhere. That’s one tough fighter.

          He’s somewhat older, but still close to the inner circle of Bibi, Krauthammer, Mort Zuckerman, a few others. Did you notice Dersh sitting on the other side of Elie Weisel for Bibi’s speech to Congress?

    • 6 Molotov cocktails found in bag carried by suspect in machete

      A mentally ill 63-year-old man who allegedly attacked Transportation Security Administration workers Friday night at New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport may have been planning to bomb the airport as well, police revealed Saturday, saying he carried a bag filled with six gasoline-filled Molotov cocktails.

      They also found an acetylene tank and other supplies in the suspect’s car.

      Speaking to reporters Saturday afternoon, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said that during the attack the suspect, Richard White, carried a bag with “six half-pint mason jars, with cloth wicks into a liquid that we now know to be gasoline, which you would commonly refer to as a Molotov cocktail.” Normand said.

  4. Good Lord.

    Rabia Balkhi, Afghan woman poet

    ‘Rabia Balkhi was a 10th c. poet, and the first Farsi-language woman poet. Her story is quite intense. She falls in love with her Turkish slave, Baktash, and as punishment, her brothers slit her with razors all over her body. She is left in a hamam, a steam bath, to bleed to death! Her last poem to Baktash is written in blood on the walls of the hamam. There have been many paintings of her last poem. She is only in her towel and desperately writing her last poem. ‘

    Nothing new under that sun.

    • Forget this self-satisfying nonsense from self-flagellation Muslims, this is what she actually penned:

      “Islam has trickled down our Brotherhood’s throat,
      Their image of Satan hidden from Man and from Groat,
      With darkness of heart and express of a goat,
      Leaves love on the sajj?da crimson and soaked.”

      • It’s grim that this could equally be the news from Islam from yesterday as from the second to last millennium. It’s a river of blood.

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